How To Build A Beginner Mountain Bike Dirt Jump

– Woah. Wow! Man, this location is sick, the dirt is perfect for digging in. Today is the day where I show you how to
build a progressive jump, one that you can progress on, and like, just get all your skills
up together, but first, you need one of these. The spade. The perfect tool for digging. (jazz music) Right, it’s location, location, where you’re gonna build this jump. You want a super-easy run in. You don’t necessarily need a slope just like this one behind me, but in the future, when you’ve progressed
on this little jump, and you want to go bigger, you’re gonna need more speed. That slope is definitely gonna come in handy. But you don’t really want to be building in a location where there’s a foot path, a lot of foot fall from the public, ’cause it might just get knocked
down and all your hard work is gonna get destroyed
and thrown out the window. But yeah, this spot right here
looks like the perfect spot to build a jump. It’s easy run in, and the dirt is perfect to dig with. So, the base of this jump is a little bit of a
civil-engineering thing going on. Basically, the wrong way
of building a jump is going from this, straight up. It’s gonna topple over. It’s not gonna be structurally strong. But, on the other hand,
when you build a jump that’s let’s just say four foot wide
on the bottom of your base and it works up to two foot,
it’s a bit like a pyramid. It’s gonna be structurally strong. It’s not gonna fall over. Best thing for me I’ve worked out that you get your bike, to mark it out and that wheel base is
the perfect base layer to your landing of your jump. Okay, so now the second dimension is how big are you gonna make your jump? Well, for a beginner, your bike is the perfect length and gap for the jump. Right, so you’ve got your dimensions, the length, the width, the everything. Now, to start building. That’s gonna take awhile,
but a little pro tip from me, is you’re in the woods, and there’s a lot of
dead logs laying about, putting them in the jump and covering them with dirt, safely, is gonna cut down the lot of work. But just don’t go and put like an old bicycle or
whatever’s laying around that’s metal in the jump. It’s not gonna be safe. And you don’t want to cut
yourself on that horrible stuff. So, yeah, let’s go find some logs. (whistling) Oooh-hoo! (whistling) Oooooooh, lucky day! Look at that, it’s like digging for gold. (whistling) Ah man, so long digging. What? (gasp) (whistling) I needed you; you were the
last one I was looking for. Alright. Last one, in. It’s pretty easy to go overboard when collecting loads of logs. Building a jump just with
logs is not gonna be safe. You want the dirt to
cover all those logs so, if they aren’t, you know, the
odd thing happens and you fall on a log, it’s gonna hurt. You wanna make it safe. So that’s the perfect amount of logs. Now to cover it with dirt. (slow rock music) A little tip here, don’t tend to dig deep holes right near
where you’re building this jump because that hole’s gonna be an obstruction and if you fall in it, it’s gonna hurt or do some damage. So try and dig around, or scrape the ground,
instead of digging deep holes. Scraping is the same
as digging a deep hole, you probably get more dirt,
for scraping a whole area. (slow rock music) Okay, so you’ve got the rough shape. Now it’s to carve that little sand castle jump out of that dirt you’ve
just stomped in, so, best way of doing it is
walking down the landing, making it not so steep,
’cause you want to land on it, don’t want to land in another take-off. So walk down, make it a little bit hard, make the dirt compact. Push the dirt down. Another question you’ve been asking, whilst
watching this video, is how tall are you supposed to make this jump? Well, for this one, in proportion
of the size of the jump, I recommend two foot is the pretty much optimum height to build it. If you’re gonna go bigger,
you wanna get more higher, so you’re gonna build it taller. (slow rock music) ♫ Heeeey, hey ♫ Heeey, hey – Right, when it comes to the lip end, aka the business end, you don’t want to just carve
out that lip straight away, ’cause it’s gonna be super soft, and a super soft lip can send you over the bars. So what is a good tip get it real solid, whilst building it, give it
a good stomp with your feet, with a spade, walk up and down it, like the landing, walk
up and down, get it hard, and when it’s hard, really hard, then you can think about carving it up. Stand on top of the table, just carve it. Doesn’t need to be super steep. ‘Cause it just, it’s
gonna give you enough, enough air time and not kick you. You don’t want a kicky lip. There. Done. Solid. That is a table top. That is a basic way on how
to build a jump to progress your jumping skills. You can spend hours through the day, through
the weekend, after school, progressing your jump skills. But yeah, I think now I need a bike to guinea pig this thing. We’ve got one right here. (rock music) So there you go. My basic tips on how to build a jump just like that table top behind me. Didn’t take me that long at all, an hour, an hour and a half, but if there’s four of you dudes out there in the woods, gonna take you no time at all. Subscribe and you will not miss another video, just like this one, how-tos, whatever. If you want to know how to
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show you how to do that. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like, and leave a comments in below, and I’ll get back to you.

100 thoughts on “How To Build A Beginner Mountain Bike Dirt Jump

  1. Do not use rotten wood because it will not pack and settle and it will just make it dangerouse and make the jumo sink in.

  2. 4:07 who else noticed the guy in the background freeze? He needs up his 2G internet to 3G at least come on it’s 2018 there shouldn’t be no connecting to server freezing issues

  3. Is it a good idea for to build the jump, shape it etc, then add MORE logs and make that same jump bigger.
    I just got a new dirt jump bike which is Better for jumping than my XCM bike

  4. my first jump was 6 meter long tabletop i didn't fell but landed nose heavy multiple times :q
    glad that i have good adjusted suspension 😀

  5. Hello i am praveen pavithra i am a mtb rider you can chek my chanel but there no mtb videos but there is a jump video

  6. Hi Blake, in the video it seems that you take the ramp with very slow speed. In that case are you doing a sort of bunny hop? Regards from Argentina.

  7. struggles of living in the desert where the dirt is hard yellow rock that takes about 15 minutes of digging to even get enough dirt to build an anthill, and not having any logs around to make your work easier

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  9. I think we should use bricks instead of logs.🤔🤔🤔Because the log will decompose after many years.😁😁😁

  10. It’s extremely hard for me to build jumps. My first obstacle is my location. I live in the desert and there is a lot of sandy areas and it’s not good when the time comes for packing and building a sturdy jump. Secondly, the dirtbikers and quad riders, every time I build a good jump they try jumping them and when they can’t they ruin the jump we spend days and hours on.

  11. not trine seem like a know it all but a spade shovel is not a flathead shovel , spade shovels are used for digging with a spaded tip , just trying to offer a little knowknow

  12. Great video!
    I keep hearing that your not meant to build jumps with logs in them because they rot?
    Never had a problem, what about you guys?

  13. I started building small trail in my yard before few months and i had only one berm and 8 months later i have 3 berms and 2 gap jumps

  14. Man, as a Mid school BMX dirt jumper i have to say this. For a beginner jump that probably wont be used long, the logs are fine. For trails you want to use for a long time just use dirt. The logs break down over time and leave you with issues. Thank you for the vid. I just bought a dj mtb and plan on learning how to use it.

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