How to Build a Bat House : Build the Base of a Bat House

In this step we will be installing the top
of our bat house and the bottom of the bat house. To install the bottom of the bat house,
you take your bottom piece that you have cut to size, you slide it in until it’s flush
with the top panel then drill and screw it into place. You do not need to caulk this piece into place
as weather will not get to that joint. There won’t be any rain or snow or anything like
that getting into that joint. And again when we draw the screw down flush
with the wood. That there is a small gap on this side of the joint, to close that up you
just squeeze it tight with your hand, hold it in place and drill and install the screw.
When you are finished installing that screw, the gap should have disappeared. And we will
add one more screw in the middle for good measure. As you have undoubtedly noticed I
have not measured any screw locations that I am putting them in. They are not that important
other than making sure that you put them approximately in the side of your center side walls and
in the center of your bottom piece and the center of the ceiling piece. So as long as
you are within a half an inch of the edge when your screws in they will go in without
splitting the wood.
That is how you install the bottom piece.

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