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  1. Yeap I would love one of those places. They do look cool and would make you feel like you're living native style. I don't know how well they hold up over time. Regardless of the bugs. I don't know how much maintenance you need to keep one looking like that. I guess you would also be living green…as bamboo is considered renewable…

  2. Yah, I've been looking at some of the nicer Nipa-style homes and floating restaurants.. that bamboo is considered as strong as steel. Treated properly it holds up really well when lacquered. Many quality hardwood floors are made from bamboo. It's an amazing plant.

  3. The first picture, I've lived in before with my tito and tita many times back then when I was a kid. The second picture looks really nice, If I planned on moving there I would build that kind but a lot more bigger/more space!

  4. I couldn't say exactly, but considering a same-size concrete home would cost about $30k.. I'd say maybe in the $15k-$20k range. (USD) Possibly even less.

  5. Great insight. Nuff said. My sis nipa hut got wash away by the waves and the neighbors brink house was destroyed too. It took about 10 yrs, before the tides changed and ate all the houses and outrigger boats along the shore lines. Now the edge of the water is about 100 yards away from the houses where it was. The 10' high sea wall is now 2' high. The sand reclaimed it. Built a house further inland. It's better to walk to the beach. A good long term investment. LOL..

  6. I built a concrete foundation with coconut and germilina timbers, amakan (like woven mats for wall panels), and nipa for the roofing for around $1000.  This was eight years ago and I also did not have to purchase all of the coco timbers.   Eight years on and the only problem has been with the germilina wood, some timbers have been infested by "agay agay"  which are similar but more slowly destructive than termites that north americans see.  So that building is truly a "nipa" house, because the roof is nipa.   Balay kubo (bahay kubo in tagalog) means bamboo house.  These native houses look cool and are cheap to construct, but do have maintenance issues and pest issues.  Good topic

  7. looks nice, but my worry with these Nipa huts are insurance, don't forget typhoons do hit the lower pacific very frequently pushing water against the coast line of Philippians so if water hits land guess what floats into the sea? That hut!  

  8. In the cordilleras (especially in Baguio) in northern philippines, Nipa hut is rare, instead – they have the Cape Cod bungalow style houses… also, Nipa huts don't exist at all in Batanes, the northernmost part the Philippines… instead, they have stone houses like the ones in Ireland…. but they're made of limestone.. 

  9. my nipa hut is in my rooftop, measures 8 feet by 7 feet,, cost 8000 pesos,,constructed on site in situ 3 days

  10. If I was to sell the condo I have now and build a new house in Cebu area ,, I would build a Nipa Hut in the back yard for a Guest house and a place to sit relax days

  11. Henry,
    I should have posted this question here….instead of on the 'Carbon Market' video.
    What about flush TOILETS…..in the Philippines ??
    And indoor plumbing….such as bathroom SHOWER stalls.
    I have also heard that you need to carry your own supply of TOILET PAPER with you.
    When you go out to various places…..because there usually is none.
    Can you shed some light on this subject….please  ??
    I assume that if you BUILD a house…..you can have FLUSH toilets installed ?
    Also….they probably use SEPTIC tanks…..because there are no sewer systems there.

  12. What is the estimate price for Nipa huts 120 X 90  where can you get the house plan. I really like nipa huts that were in the in the pictures. I am planning to build one in Asluman beach in Antique. Can you give some information on the price and house plan to build on

  13. I like your videos their great !! lot off learning here haha.
    Well do you know what I mean by big frigde walls,there be using in the supermarkets and freshfood industrie,they exists about thinsteel walls with foam in it,and they about 20 up to 40 cm thick.tell me if you know what i mean,beceauce when its availble there then you can really build a cheap house,and finished with ainy material,ok best regards Bjorn keeeep moving ok hahah,ciao

  14. at 3:52 you called that a nipa hut? even for the modern standards, that's not a nipa hut. that's entirely a different kind of house.

  15. The house shown at 3:51 is like one of the designs we are looking at for our lot in Batangas. The contractor has told us about treating it for bugs, and says (if properly done) it can last for many decades. The price is not bad either (less than P1M for a 3 bedroom house).
    Todd P.

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  17. My girlfriend and her family live in a very basic one. I don't like it because when it rains heavy or moderate rain for a long time, the roof leaks and when it is windy rain, the rain comes through the walls so the end result is they have to cover everything whenever there is heavy or windy rain or constant moderate rain. Oh and also of course the mosquito problem.

  18. Hi there. I am heading to the Philippines this summer to start the process of building a bamboo/nipa hut to live in. Can anyone direct me to a company or person who is familiar with designing and building these types of homes?
    My email address is: [email protected]

  19. I want a huge Nipa house with 3 bedrooms and a sala Kitchen area and Shower and Toilet thats about all . $20,000 should cover it ?

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