Housing in Marseille: Special Student

We’ve been to many parties, I mean… Sorry I mean several visits. You’ll cut that. Right in the Old Town, in the City Center. Because it’s really convenient to go out at night. Prefecture, next to metro Estrangin is really nice. It’s close to public transports, to Castellane to take the bus in the morning. Castellane, Perier, Notre Dame Du Mont, etc. Are the places where most of the students live. It’s the best compromise to go to universities And also, it’s not far from the Vieux Port and the lively places. But the districts around Luminy are also really beautiful. So if you have a car and you prefer to be in a more natural and nicer setting, And also if you’re sporty, it might be more interesting for you to live there. I’m sharing a flat with a friend. My first accommodation in Marseille was a student resident nearby Baille, entirely renovated. My parents wanted something really safe. Are you sharing a flat? Yes, with two people from Kedge. Rents are around 300€ and 400€. If you want to live by yourself 500€ is fine, If you share a flat, 400€ is enough. I’m living by myself I’ve set a budget around 400€, including charges. Thanks to a real estate agency. With a real estate agent, really nice man. Just saying! leboncoin, simply. I prefer to deal with private individuals. It’s easier than real estate agencies. Thanks to lacartedescolocs, it’s a website. Via leboncoin. There are plenty of ads, I’ve found my place via leboncoin. I found my place through friends and family so I was pretty lucky in that way. It was not especially difficult, there were lots of ads. I guess it depends of the period of the year But considering the amount of students here, there are lots of movements So it’s pretty easy to find a place. As usual, you need guarantors, all the paperwork, etc. And then, it’s quite easy. We just had to deal with the deposit and then we’ve sent the missing papers. I’ve handled it last minute and still I found my place pretty easily. Honestly, there are so many ads that it’s easy to house in Marseille as a student.

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