Housing Application – How To

In this video we’re going to show you the
steps necessary to complete the on-campus housing application. First
thing you want to do is visit myhousing.unc.edu from there click on this icon and using your ONYEN information and password please enter that in and select
sign in. Now that you’ve logged into the my housing portal please click on the
housing application tab. From there you’ll see the term selection options in
this example we’re going to use academic year 2020-2021 and we’ll choose apply.
This is the undergrad welcome page please review this information is very
important as this gives you the information regarding the cancellation
terms that you are entering into at the time of completing your housing contract. Please note that as soon as you submit your housing contract you will be
responsible for a cancellation penalty minimum of $300. This amount will
increase during varying times throughout the year prior to moving in so please
make sure to review this information carrier carefully and considerate when
submitting the housing contract. Once you’ve read this information press save
and continue. On this page you’ll find your personal information please make
any edits that you need to be for information needs to be updated like
your personal mobile cell phone number your emergency contact information the
missing person contact and then take a moment to review the Clery Act
information. Once you’ve completed this page press save and continue. On this
page you’ll find medical needs and dietary requirements if you have a
document in medical need or some medical accommodation needs to be reviewed
please click this link here to complete the self ID form through the
accessibility resources and service office. If you have dietary requirements
you think our staff should know about please enter them here our staff will
use this information when purchasing food for hall programs so it’s very
important to share so our staff can provide food for all of our students. Once you’ve completed this information hit save and continue. On the room renewal page this page will only apply for students who are in a
room that is eligible for renewal if you’re currently a first-year student
the space that you’re assigned to at the moment is not a renewable space. If
you’re part of an RLP, a student-athlete or other special programs on campus your rooms will also not be eligible for room renewal. If you select this you’ll
automatically be renewed for the space you have for the current year for the
upcoming academic year. If you would like to pull in roommates or suitemates to
the space that you’re currently in skip this and come back to it a later time
after you’ve created your roommate group. If you want to skip this down right
because you’d like to look further spaces simply click skip renewable. On
this page you’ll find your personal profile this is the information that is
used in the roommate search tool. If you would like to create a profile that is
searchable by other students please enter your profile name here and a personal
description of whatever you feel is relevant that someone who wishes to live
like you would need to know. Just below that you’ll have several profile
questions that are used to match you up in the roommate search tool please pay
close attention to these questions and fill them outs of the exist will
determine possible roommates for the upcoming year and help give you the best
match. Once you’ve completed this page scroll the bottom and select save and
continue. Here you’ll find the roommate groups page on this page you can create
a roommate group, join a roommate group, search for roommates by their details, or
their profile, find suggested roommates or simply skip this page because you
don’t have a roommate at this time and you want to come back to it. All that is
done on this page. Please keep in mind that roommate groups cannot be larger
than 8 students additionally you can come back and edit this page at any time
during the application process so don’t fret if you don’t have all the
information you need at this time. When creating a roommate group you’ll create
a roommate group name and password this is the information that you would share
with any individual that you wish to live with and you want them to join your
roommate group please make sure you have all of this information
precisely as the way you’ve entered it because if you would give the wrong
group name or password those individuals would not be able to join your roommate
group. There’s also roommate group status to see any pending roommate requests that
you have here that you need to confirm and then in the final section that
preferred roommates name and preferred roommates PID. This is only used in the
event that housing assignments has to make your room assignment so this
information is not important but the roommate group is extremely important as
it required if you wish to live with a specific individual once you’ve
completed this page please press save and continue. Next is the room
preferences page on this page you can list up to 10 building preferences and
room type preferences within that building. You are required to list at
least one building preference and room type preference as seen here in this
information will only be used in the event that you do not select your own
room during the room selection process. Simply click here and you’ll see it the
buildings that are listed that you’re eligible for choose one of your liking
and then select a room preference type. We’re going to go for the more super
sweet. If you wish to add a preference you can do that here. You can delete the
preference and then you can save and continue once you’ve completed this page.
Now you’re agreeing to your housing contract and the cancellation penalty. Please take a moment to review the housing contract that the link provided
here, the community living standards that the link provided here, and once you’ve
read through those click here and then in addition as we spoke about earlier
please review the cancellation policy. Once you’ve reviewed that information
you can click here. You have the option to print this page if you want it for
your records once you’re ready to go click Submit contract. On this page
you’ll see that your housing application is complete. If you wish to apply to a residential learning program you can do so at this time by simply clicking
here choosing RLP application and then choosing save and continue. If
you’re all done and completed with your application you can go also
– back to the homepage and you’ll be taken to the main page of the housing
portal. Once your housing application is complete if it’s before the room
selection process you’ll have to wait until you receive your room selection time
slot. From there you’ll go to the room selection process in such a room for the
upcoming year. A couple things to note about the housing application before we
in this video – please be sure to review all the contract terms and conditions
before you submit your housing contract. Please note that at any time you can log
back into your housing application and make changes to your room preferences,
your roommate groups, or the option to renew your room.

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