HOUSE WITH CRIME SCENE GETS RENOVATED TO SELL! Bunker Sold For Stacks – House Flipper Gameplay

all right let's let's retrace the steps of the murderer so it looks like you came in through here don't rip these down open up the door okay walked in through here own Oh No a little birdie Krista plays we're back with more of the only game where stacks are made and lost in the blink of an eye it's house flipper also I was looking at the comments on uncle's bunker versus the garage and it was pretty much split right down the middle there maybe a couple more people for uncle's bunker I think what we're going to do is we'll keep the uncle's bunker and the reason why is because it is kind of cool having a full legitimate upstairs with all these different rooms I'm pretty sure someone mentioned about that to it I had forgotten that there was a random killer bunny just laying over there there's a lot here that we can do with this house now someone else had said and I don't know if that if this is the thing or if they're trolling me but we're gonna have to check it out that there is some awful secrets to be found over where the hell is it over here in the family house some air quotes I don't know if this is real or not so what we'll do is we've got some cash but we need to sell one of our current houses but are we only on – yeah we need to sell some of our houses so we're gonna go over to the garage which bunker we're gonna fix it up real nice and then we're gonna go ahead and sell it to one of the doomsday people welcome everyone to garage with bunker as it is so so lovingly called it almost sounds like it would be a UH like some sort of meal or something like that you know like spaghetti with meatballs its garage with bunker I gotta tell you man ever since I upgraded the doors and stuff like that I really like this place you definitely get more space in the other place but we did it up pretty good you even got your yourself a little area over here to put together your zombie killing Spears made out of like street signs that you've illegally ripped out of the ground at the corner but what we really need to do is we need to fix up this area I need to put something here like I said I want to make this like a living room and I think right about here would be an OK spot for it because that's the front door we have a front door sort of so this is gonna go down and let's go ahead and start messing ah hold on okay I'd like to say I don't know we just had like the silencer installed in two Oh God there we go so I think the sound effect happens the minute that you touch this thing and it doesn't matter whether or not the animation completes the sound will go all the way but it was weird because I made it move for a second and we didn't hear anything ah a classic TV cabinet it actually matches the walls like impressively well right over here I'm gonna have this right over here we're gonna have like a couch and maybe a loveseat setup it's kind of actually how my house is because like I said the way our Florida houses are they're always like big-ass great rooms so there wouldn't even be a separation from the kitchen to the main living room area throw down a king-sized TV up in here oh yeah that's the stuff now can we can we put a DVD player up in here and now I've always wanted to do this and supposedly you can yes good oh can I shove you in real soft and slow right about like that there we go okay a little bit of surround sound up in here that's how you do it and now I don't know maybe it needs like a little a little decorative stuff hanging out over here maybe like a nice plant or a painting or something ah oh wait a minute did I just get freaking Burger King I don't know what they call it MacDonald you know how like you see the picture of the hamburger and it's like a mountain of meat and delicious fresh cut vegetables and they're everywhere and like this fern is like glorious and and overpowering green leaves and every single hippie love person loves it and they're all impressed by it and then you click on it and it's all set oh there's an auto rotate function I didn't know this existed oh is it that adorable I had – okay hold on we figured out hold on I got a right there we figured out the key delete you just can't see the leaves from the ankles like a chameleon plant whatever flower plot our flower pot blugh if you would and a lot smaller than I had thought it would be there we go the plant looks a little bit more impressive when it's on a nice night stand like that I gotta tell it looks pretty good we've got we got the picture completely upside out I don't have it we've got cat guarding the night I think it's called we need one more painting on the other side too kind of like level things out what we got over here what are we looking at okay yep lovely Cupid creatures some horses running we got like a friggin Pegasus or something that looks pretty cool lovely a wool is it just me or is this the exact same picture like this is the exact same picture it's just one slightly farther away than the other one I'm gonna pick this waterfall that looks very very homely Yeah right there there we go a little bit lopsided and everything it's got like the derpy eyes going on now you boys know I love my leather sofas holy crap that was way bigger than I thought it was gonna be okay maybe I can get a nice leather sofa that's like half that size how about this orc sofa the Lord of the Rings would be friggin proud dark leather that's better that's better that's what I wanted right over here actually we don't need anything probably about this sofa right like that and then maybe a nice coffee table alright the coffee table set up and we put down maybe one of these right over actually you know what let's put down like a nice pair of them because everyone from the apocalypse loves some guns you'll see every once in a while their interest is going to shoot up now and again a nice knife there we are it's almost like we're it's almost like we're creating a little a little modern art piece now we're gonna have to have a generator and someone mentioned that we definitely need a generator I feel like there's still like a lot more space we can have like something as you enter oh we did a nice welcome man you know what we haven't done in forever a frickin carpet ooh oh man I love white and blues together but this one looks kind of interesting as well how big is it ah it's very potent I wanted one that was powerful and impressive so let's go ahead and do that one right about there there we go just to give a a little bit of a difference between the darkness and the and lightness and the guns and everything else throwing down some window blinds with my powerful DeWalt tools red over here there we go that looks lovely one over here is well throwing down some pickled cucumbers had some delicious looking soup and maybe a maybe a pack of macaroni here something over here can you stack this stuff to the sky I feel like you get oh can you put stuff on top of the refrigerator I wish you could in my house we have we have all kinds of crap hidden on the top of the refrigerator I'm gonna put one another thing of macaroni just kind of down over there this painting is called the power of the sea so I decided I freakin want it to the downsit oh you know we need to change this door this door scrap if this is going down into the bunker we're gonna need the appropriate bunker door where at all yeah one of these right one of those right there there we have it no one will know it it blends right in that beautiful silver on blue baby this is actually a pretty good space for a little food thing over here I kind of like this so I'm throwing down a bunch of emergency food so everyone's happy we're gonna have to put down a crap-ton of water in here that'll make everyone happy I don't think that you can have enough food for these people like no matter what the more food I put down here they're always like that is enough food this is what you call a real food supply look our buddy there with a hat on he likes it I don't know any of their names like any of these characters name sadly like I remember Chang choy I remember Donald trusk or whatever the hell his name isn't all that these guys I don't really know them all right we need a ton of water because these guys love their water look at how angry they are water I need more water okay this water is not so much you know what you shut your mouth okay I'm working oh we can put this is actually a really good water stash it's out of the way no one knows us here it doesn't clutter up the immediate living area this could be perfect I may even be able to shove a generator back here this is a sufficient supply of water now we can wait until it's safe okay everyone appears to be happy this amount of water so that's good how about to generate a lot a turbine power generator or there was there was the other generator – the bigger the bigger more expensive generator but it's mass oh my god it's huge ah let me see how big is this one oh I think we get this to fit perfect right there oh it's glorious having one own source of energy is the basic people and what the hell a few first aid kits back here as well because we could fit them in and everyone seems to enjoy it you can see everyone's very very satisfied with us putting down first aid kits they're gonna need a nice selection of firearms against the zombie apocalypse there we go kind of hang them right over there next to this is a very this is a very quaint little area see you got your you got your your candy pickles or pickled cucumbers whatever it is got them hanging out over here there's an area for a light in here – where is it like way up here alright let's just put our own light switch in there we go now we have some legitimate light in here there's a space for a an air conditioner as well so mountable air conditioner I don't know how the hell this would work inside of here ah has to have an appropriate space alright no way see for you guys yeah I definitely don't like this bunker as much compared to the other one the layouts a little bit wonky because I'm trying to find a good place to put a nice bunk bed down but it's gonna be like in this corner or something because this is so small like look at this little area leading up to the hatch it's so tiny I can't fit anything in there I got to tell you this it's starting to look pretty legit it's just kind of like disorganized enough that it looks like it's appropriate like it's kind of lived in you know what I mean I bought some of these panels down here because I thought about paneling this bottom area but I don't think we're gonna do it I think I'm just gonna leave it this kind of brick formation this brick looking area cuz it doesn't look that bad I think it's appropriate for a bunker style I thought I'd put down a little a little office area over here for our people again it feels a little cramped but I kind of wanted it here I don't even know if they're gonna use it these scumbags little mouse right there there we go that looks good put a couple of fans downstairs call it a day and want a little air circulation down here man I'm gonna tell you these guys are gonna be getting lit up because of how hot it is well I don't really know where these houses take place in but I think we're okay I think we're probably ready to sell this turn a tidy profit and then we can check one of the other houses out where the other house that we got a lot of work to do on uncle's bunker for sure and on top of that I think there's another bunker that we still have to deal with but time has come for the stacks to roll in maria kowalski says not many canned food but at least it's something why are there guns I don't know how to use them anyway lone wolf 37 says guns more guns and I can protect myself a bathroom it doesn't need it here I don't know about that lone wolf hold on what else does lone wolf like let's take this out real quick first aid kit okay he likes that fortunately there is no TV actually there is food is enough to survive sofa there is none I'm glad there is none I mean this guy doesn't like anything there isn't any gasp mass oh I have gas masks maybe I need more this bed occupies precious bees it's great that there's a gun in here even my daughter knows how to use it two beds are perfect okay there's a first-aid kit more rice and pasta more canned foods okay so you really like the canned food all right so I got to start putting more gas masks in time to do some negotiations we're gonna what the hell oh this must be me all right Ted Aaron about about we go an extra 6 grand how about that how do you feel about that your offers too low you scumbag I hope we'll be safe here oh is that are we accepting it yeah yeah yeah we accepted it okay good accept the offer 83 extra grand now that we have stacks on deck it is time to go over and Wow and we don't have 400 grand it is time to go over and check out that one potentially troll tastic house and then maybe work on this bunker I definitely like this bunker more I can already feel it I like this layout a lot more all right so the family house now there's also the old house with bunker wrap check that out eventually and there's a whole bunch more over here that we have to do as well but let's go ahead and buy the family house I'm ready to do this make it happen you ponder house yes let's let's up crap I meant to go welcome everyone to the family house let's get a little look-see before we go home my god what is this it's been boarded up alright well we'll check this on a minute oh we have a nice garage over here let's go ahead and open this and see what it looks like okay the garage looks lovely look at all that space plenty of shelving as well as we roll around back I'm just looking for wow it's even got a pool can you go in it oh we're swimming on the job I don't know if that's appropriate what the hell oh I think I just walked through a friggin crime scene there's bloody footprints going out to the shrub is there anything over here am I allowed to clean this up have the police done everything they need to do Oh Mother of God oh no okay alright alright let's let's retrace the steps of the murderer so it looks like you came in through here don't rip these down open up the door okay walked in through here own oh no it's like the frickin else from clue or something this blood man's everywhere I look at the spatter there's blood spatter on the walls blood on the carpet blood on this sofa oh that's actually a very lovely kitchen except for all the viscous juices and giblets and freaking hypothalamus is laying all over the place gotta close down all these uh all these cabinets and stuff like that more spatter all over the oven great nialaya is a sweet frigging fireplace how much does fireplace cost Oh 280 bucks alright I thought maybe it was worth something special all the footprints go upstairs oh wow let's check all this out wow this house is freakin amazing look at how cool this house is I mean I love the fact that there's like dead bodies laying all over the place this thing it's awesome what goes back over here uh why uh why is there just one single rocking chair sitting in this lonely sad little room how many rooms are in this house was a lovely study man the deck or on this house is fantastic let's follow the footprints why not I actually hold on let me check something out real quick what room is what room is this right here ah it's the garage he's making sure there's no weird hidden rooms like we had that one time upstairs we go just following Freddy Krueger as he goes and slowly slaughters the entire family Oh a lovely bathroom it's actually absolutely lovely looks like he turned around this way wait what happened his footsteps are gone oh there was no one else to kill up here I'm guessing yeah all the rest of this is clear we're all clear here people got a couple of these outlets we got to fix though this is the strangest down it's a fantastic looking house don't get me wrong it doesn't have a bunker though so the killer came in slaughtered everyone went out the back door and then I guess he got to the grass and got away cuz that's where the footprints end hold on can we I kind of wondered if we would see like a bunch of dead bodies laying over there or something in the the neighbor's yard okay so this is more like welcome everyone to house flippers you know frickin goo cleanup crew the crime-scene cleanup crew we're gonna have to make this place livable again but everything else looks fantastic like there is nothing that we have to do with this place realistically yep there goes all the blood clean it up like it's no big deal man all the footprints all the the pieces of skull and brain material and brain matter and and all the DNA laying all over the place it's very dirty in here yeah I know I'm trying to take care of it alright this guy Michael Myers went on a freakin killing spree up here so I've got a lot to do give me a break there's always dirt by the windows over here this is probably where the family was trying to claw their way out of the house while they were being freaking hunted down oh you can change out lightbulbs it's such a simple thing I had no idea don't mind me just a few more light bulbs I love how easy it is to it's so fantastic it's like all you have to do is press your mouse twice and the light bulb goes in I kind of appreciate that I feel kind of bad if it required an act of Congress to change these light bulbs where is it isn't any one of the like in Australia or something like that you technically need a professional electrician to change out a light bulb like you have to legitimately hire one or something I can't remember where I heard that but I feel like that's a thing I can't imagine what this house is gonna sell for we're gonna friggin kill it on this house if we sell this house no doubt there's something hidden back here hold on there's a little yeah they're like a little outlet back here that's all jacked up we go ahead and clean the windowsills window sills always need to get cleaned right over here sad little outlet singular we don't have these where I'm at like I don't know where these single outlets come from where I'm at I I don't think I've ever seen a single outlet they're always double outlets where I live all right we cleaned everything up I feel like there should be one of these carpets right over here you know how sometimes they do that I want one like right there that looks nice okay so now we have that I think we have legitimately cleaned up this entire house this is so odd I feel like we I like I must be missing something like there's an attic like a hidden attic or something like that that goes up to wherever you guys ever seen wills it called Black Christmas where the killer was hanging out in the attic or what I feel like that's the issue right now someone's like gray you just spoiled black Christmas for me don't you tell me that you were never gonna watch it anyway now that we've cleaned up all the delicious karo serie playing all over the ground we can finally start to fix all the various chairs and everything that got knocked over while everyone was running for their lives speaking of Caro syrup that brings me into it a little thought process of mine where I remembered something horrible for my childhood which means that it's time for some storytime with grey let me tell you more about the things that you probably shouldn't do as a young lad because it'll end up getting you hurt or worse but I've done it because I I'm dumb and he used to have like this this really I mean you know at the time it was high-class but now it would be considered like a friggin antique like a video camera but it actually recorded on VHS tape so it was a camera where you put the VHS in the side of the recorder I know I'm dating with them everyone knows I'm all doing and that's how you recorded stuff so what we were gonna do was we were trying to learn how to make fake blood and there wasn't really the internet back then so you had to you had to kind of like test and read magazines and stuff like that we found out that you could make it with karo syrup and food coloring blue food coloring and red food coloring so we made a bunch of it and it looked really good but we wanted to see how lifelike it was so we decided to test it on my mom so the plan was I wore like an old white t-shirt like when I didn't mind getting all stained up and I was gonna throw out and what it was was I was gonna have a bunch of the blood in my mouth and then my buddy for the purposes of anonyme and anonymity will call him Joe Joe was gonna bring me over to my mom and say oh my god look at what happened he's terribly injured and we were gonna see if we could get her to worry so we made like a whole cup of this blood and I had it in my mouth I have to sell all this crap I think or does this get immediately fixed when I pick it up oh it's kind of oh it did get fixed okay nevermind we could keep all this so we had a whole cup of this blood and I put it in my mouth and I kind of like spit a little of it out where we were my mom was in the backyard so I spit a little bit out like just on the grass and stuff like that it was no big deal and then Joe brought me over and he's like oh my god grace Bob look at what happened and I just started like gurgling the blood out of my mouth I was like it was all spilling out out of my shirt and stuff like that and this is what you know that something like that heads has gone too far my mom looked at it and she went and immediately she ran into the house to go call 911 one and I was like oh my god and my buddy Joe was like oh no no you know mrs. mrs. gray it's fine it was it's fake it's faint and my mom was like it's fake and I'm like yeah mom mom it's it's it's just Caro syrup that we were messing around we learned how to make fake blood it's not real it's it's fake and she's like you're not kidding it's 100% fake you're not hurt I'm like no no I'm fine if you have never seen a middle-aged woman chasing a young child around a house while technically apartment you needed to see this because with the speed of an NFL friggin wide receiver my mom tackle it crap out of it sake don't you ever scare me like that again so should you ever get the opportunity to prank your parents just make sure you don't make them think that you're dying or anything cuz that might be going a little bit too far all right man we have fixed everything up this place looks legit come on there we go this place looks friggin fantastic you can use this I had no idea I want a bookcase over here I feel like this would be a fantastic spot for a bookcase not all of my documents will fit in there well I'm sorry Dolan give me a frickin break a nice book called the secrets of murder this corner cabinet is cool but I can't close this damn thing over here so you got to get Jack Kate put a couple plants down for a little bit of greenery we'll take care of this lonely plant this sad broken lonely plant you do that small family I think it's the small family one plant for me and one for my husband right I'm glad everyone enjoyed that all right so this death house where apparently people were murdered viciously it does have a pool though but it doesn't have a bunker what do you guys think in this house should we do more to it is there anything else that we should mess around with this house should we just sell it as is and make stacks of cash I'm pretty sure this is a big money house no joke I think we're gonna make a ton of money from this house and then we get the opportunity you know what let's um I actually want to work on our bunker a little bit more yeah see there's still some dirt and stuff in here I like to y'all is cleaned plaster this place up we can really start getting to work on making this place the the beautiful apocalypse safe bunker that it really should be how the plaster hand doesn't move anymore the plaster hand got like all HD if you look it looks like so much more clear of a hand but it doesn't go back and forth anymore when you're cleaning everything with plaster now remember you guys said keep this top part and T and the bottom part modern what's a good antique paint color anytime we think of like antique I think of like a dark blue or maybe like gay the yellow just isn't yellow enough like a dark blue let's do this Azure bliss how about this one over here let me see what this looks like you see how this looks on the wall go ahead and pick oh yeah there we go that's or the wallpaper actually would be even better oh I found it hold on yes oh this is it but it's gonna take me forever but I don't care oh it's awesome this is the awful wallpaper that this house completely deserves especially if we're gonna make it look antique oh I think I have to clean that window we'll do that in just a second clean the window side to side mr. miyagi taught us well there we go alright we've got a good start going it's definitely gonna look appropriate I like that look that's perfect for the antique style alright what do you guys think that we should do with our our Murder House like I said just sell it and make a tidy profit and maybe check out the last bunker I eventually want to get that just married home too because that one looks like it's gonna be freakin huge feel free to let me know what you think about it the comment section below until the next time folks stay foxy and much love you

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  1. for Gray's fake blood story, i had to get a small pox shot for my job due to where i traveled, as soon as it was done i called my mom and told her i had attracted small pox and she broke down crying….. i chuckled a bit and told her i had gotten the vaccine for it

  2. I live in Florida and he isn't lying about the houses. there is no separation from the kitchen and the living room

  3. The crime scene is at my house because of how much you move the camera all different directions over and over for no reason. My brain hurts and my eyes feel like they popped out of my head. When you point to a certain spot you dont have to do circles with the mouse like you are having a seizure.

  4. I told my mom that I fell of the swing set we had, but really I almost die by falling off our garage.

  5. Omg I live in Australia and only today found out about the electrician lightbulb thing, but apparently only in Victoria(a state)

  6. Found your channel yesterday….
    Subscribed xD You are SO FUNNY!!!! Thanks for making my day a little better 🙂

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