House Hunters Renovation – Two Dads, One Tough Renovation ( February 23, 2019 )

Green we are currently living in a 760 square foot bungalow it's tiny it was fine for us when it was just the two of us but Theo needs a lot more room no matter what the kitchen looks like to start I'm always gonna want to take everything out Josef tends to be more the financial guy the money man and I tend to be more the design guy I mean what if we like took this wall down you know it would be open to the to the living room I mean but this is this could get really expensive we got the house with a whole bunch of renovations ahead of us wasn't this possible sweet black oh that's not right here we have a problem guys because it's not as fast as in it that requires asbestos abatement how are you gonna stack we've been together for years we have a son who was a year and a half his name is Theo and he's the cutest thing in the whole world and we have two dogs that have been severely neglected since we're better than that good dogs we love our house but it's just 2-bedroom 1-bath it's really small it was fine for us when it was just the two of us but Theo needs a lot more room for a one-year-old he takes up a lot of space wait who's this who's that we currently live in Atwater Village and we loved it it was a nice Main Street it's a small town you know your neighbors yeah so we definitely want to stay in something similar to where we live now check out that that's killer that's the dream right when we have up to 750 thousand there's always bidding wars so we're gonna have to look for houses between six and seven hundred thousand dollars Josef tends to be more the financial guy the money man and I tend to be more the design guy I wanted to look beautiful but we just needed more aware of what we spend where I'll spend a little more to make it look good and that needs everything to be perfect so it's true every time that the cleaning lady comes matt has to go through and like reorganize everything exactly exactly how it was this is my curtains you know look at that Spanish house I just love the old bungalows like this yeah I love the curb appeal I love the historic aspect of it the molding the dark the sexy not too dark I mean I don't want it to be too oppressive you know I would like something light and bright and open if it could look like it was on a design magazine or blog that would be really awesome it's snack time Hannah that's a big cook and he spends a lot of time in the kitchen he loves it so I want to have a concept that's open so I can be engaging with him with our son that we can all kind of be together cuz the kitchen will definitely the center of the house check this out this tub awful Joseph is very particular about the bathroom I do not want to share a bathroom with guests and I need the bathroom to be totally new I need a clean brand-new bathroom if it's old and gross I don't know if I would like it over it when we walked into this house Joseph scrubbed the tub for probably I can't handle dirty things Friday night to scrub the tub night at least he's serious I think the biggest challenge is gonna be dealing with the LA market I don't want to have to find something that's too overwhelmingly dumpy we don't want to have two mortgages we want to move into the house so it needs to be somewhat livable with a child yeah something that needs a little bit of renovation but manageable renovation I mean this is a busy street very hot knee perfect it's not long to chain-link fences it it is but keep an open mind okay it's a bungalow style though style you like Joseph and it has one bath oh just one bath well it's 1,200 square feet so it's a big house you can always add on and it's 599 do you think we can get it for that well it's a very hot neighborhood so we will have to go a little bit higher and be more aggressive in order to give this house right well this fans to be the first thing to go but if we put a nice wood fence maybe it's getting really tall bushes and get it like a nice gate for so safe for Theo that would be great Wow I mean it's really bright that's great these ceilings are off one of these like 90 yes it is these moldings are really cool unique I like the floors – these are nice no but you're not hog the floors these windows aren't the original these are pretty janky yeah these blinds are pretty gross well you can easily change them yeah so is this gonna be the master I think for Te'o because it's smaller yeah it's twice the size of our old bedroom I know I mean definitely it's the same thing with the window we'd have to change the windows immediately these are super janky I mean it would block some of the noise from that busy street – yeah so here's the other room the other one there behind here actually bathroom is on the other side of the wall okay so what is this this is so much bigger than your current closet yeah this kitchen grows yeah I mean somebody probably just redid these countertops but they are not Matt looks someone took the old cabinets and just put tops on them on top of this yeah I mean what if we like took this wall down you know it would be open to the to the living room I mean but this is this could get really expensive and it looks like the ceiling is lower than the rest of the house yeah yeah that's funny let's check outs in here I mean this is where all the space is what is this that is a laundry room I mean you need at least you have space yeah and there's the toilet so to be clear to go the bathroom you got to go through the living room through the kitchen through the laundry room to the bathroom you got it that's weird so the bedrooms on this side of this wall the master right okay so there is a possibility to open that space and make a door entry I mean yeah that could be door move the toilet over here you know yeah but this whole bathroom master redone the staff tubs pretty gross yeah you hate that and so this space hmm maybe you can add a bathroom here I'm sure you can cuz the plumbing is already in place it's looking like a lot of projects yes but it's a good investment yeah this house is gonna require a lot of work the kitchen the bathrooms the windows it's gonna get really expensive and I don't know if we could really cover it all and then what's this room it's a bonus room currently used as an office I do need an office this could be good for an office oh this is nice oh this grass is awesome see it would love that yeah this is great play ball here well I'm part of it's in the shade too which is really nice yeah I mean I really like that it's a nice open living room dining room but that kitchens really closed off I mean that walls gonna have to come down I mean I love the floors I think the floors are beautiful yeah I think we could do a lot with this house yeah I just think it's a lot of work it could be really cool with that wall down and with like two nice new crisp clean bathrooms would be awesome $5.99 Highland Park is really cheap I doubt that it's gonna go anywhere near that price and so we're gonna have a bidding war for sure and when all is said and done I just don't know how much money we'll have left over to do all the renovations so you found us a house of the view have of the freeway right here but we are not having a clawfoot tub there's no way huh thank you thank you okay so you found us a house of the view half of the freeway it's an upcoming neighborhood this is a bungalow style home three-bedroom three-bath over 1500 square feet this is 1,500 square feet here yeah it doesn't look like that's 1,500 square feet no and it's listed that's 685 okay look at all those bars so you have to take that down take the stucco off put some siding yes but you know it leaves you $65,000 so there's something to work with oh yeah let's check it out I mean this little entryway is kind of cute and this is the living room okay the cove ceiling is nice the arch the moldings nice yeah they're holding on the ground as well yeah the carpets kind of gross and then this is just like a laminate wood but maybe like do you think there'd be wood underneath I don't think so but you do have money to install a new flooring this room is actually big this is a nice dining room and I also really like this beautiful maroon bench do you think that the curtains could come with the deal okay so what's this room this is the first bedroom this is a big row it's a lot bigger than what we have today and it has its own bathroom yes oh that's awesome it's not the nicest I don't want to go back no Joseph this is like this is your nightmare look at the grout you have to look at it touch it touch the ground all right so we'd got the whole bathroom yeah everything's would need to come out in here but it's a good size it is a good size it's nice to have a bathroom off the bedroom yeah I mean this is a big kitchen it is but Matt right here at the entrance is a toilet yeah that's your first this your first visual you walk in the house and there's the toilet oh this is huge okay I mean no matter what no matter what the kitchen looks like to start I'm always gonna want to take everything out like this is like fine for someone but like it's just not my style like this is not my color of cattle like I don't like dark kitchens I would I would like it to be like crisp white open airy I know the kitchen isn't his perfect style but there's no reason to tear the whole thing out at this price we wouldn't have a ton of money for projects so you might have to live with it for a while and then there's the maroon carpet so this bedroom is fine these bedrooms are big I mean this is spacious I mean compared to what we have now so maybe what we could do is actually break down a wall and have the entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom that would be nice and you don't have to see this toilet when you first walk in the door this whole thing has to be redone this is pretty gross it just needs all-new fixtures so for the shiny floor we have to keep and there is one more might be a better one what is this well it's currently used as a dentist's it can be a walk-in closet I mean that would be nice really nice another really getting three bathrooms yeah it's pretty bad it's big though yeah this is like fine layout but again we'd have to get this whole thing so it is a lot of work maybe we could even put the like the doorway here to the bathroom so that's the new bathroom entrance and then this would all be master closet giant bathroom they have a lot of space to work with here it's just a lot of renovations yeah I understand this master suite could be amazing I just need Joseph to get over the price tag that's your backyard maybe we could like bust up some of this concrete and like make this take this out and then this would be a grassy area for Theo kind of the cement might be a little expensive yeah but all-in-all I could look really good the square footage I like that it's three bedrooms three baths that would be awesome and that master suite could be really cool yeah I mean it's got good bones yeah and I think that there's a lot of opportunity there's a lot of work do you think they'll negotiate on the price or I think there is some room you do yeah so it's something to think about wow this is really small flipping houses in German it's an easy fix yeah easy fix what do you think about the garden my yard is tiny it's tiny I could make it a little more lush you know we could yeah hey guys hey so what we have is a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom Atwater Village we're kind of looking for two about two baths at least totally understand most people are looking for that what a lot of people have been saying they've been talking about converting the garage into what's called an accessory dwelling unit okay oh that may be an option that's promising and the list price on this is 699 and it's the only two and one and out water village in that price range so that would give us like $50,000 if we got at that price yeah have a great showing let me know if you have any questions just lock up when you're done okay Wow it's yellow oh it's very yellow arches are the characters the arches are nice what do you think about these floors the floors are they're really yellow as well they're kind of orange right but they're really beautiful yeah they could be nice if it's not florist yeah if we refinish them and made them up maybe a little manly or they look like more solid Oh check out the kitchen it's a lot bigger than what we have now it's nice it's not a galley kitchen oh and there's like a laundry space back here I mean that's nice to have like a separate laundry is really good I don't know about this countertop I mean I know someone did it but this is not my style we could probably figure out the layout a little better we can lose this wall open it up and I mean that would be cool I don't know I think you would keep the arch cuz that's the character of the house and keep the kitchen the size I mean the kitchen is nice and big and we can even keep the and just redo the countertop so maybe it wouldn't be that much I don't know I don't know maybe I would open this and then you could keep like a little Peninsula here and then maybe put like barstools on the other side of it and we could just make like a new archway keep the feel of the house but make it our own but it's not a one buck kitchen which is nice we have three bucks in here there you go so let's check out what's back here this would be Theo's room it doesn't really feel like a bedroom it doesn't look at this door it's like the outside it's like the back door of a house yeah it might have been an add-on at some point yeah the room is cute the windows are cute I think it's I think it's great for him it's bright I don't know it's I mean there's enough room for his stuff so that's the positive but I know that like yeah I just I don't see we'd have to make sure the space is safe for Theo but replacing the light he's not even two yet I don't think he's really worried about signature style so we'd have to secure this door I mean Sophia can't like sneak out and go to clubs at night wow this is tiny really small I mean where would feel play cuz there really wasn't much out in the front either no no it wasn't yeah and there's not there's too shady to even have a garden back here yeah where would you plant anything like just along here I mean we could make it work if we had to so this is what he was saying we've maybe you could turn into like a bedroom and a bath oh it's kind of leaning a little bit I think it should be a lot of work this would be a lot of work so you know when was this house built it was built in 1924 same year as our house today Oh is your bathroom what would you do in this bathroom I would leave it there is nothing I would want to keep except for the window which I really like the bathtub insert just grosses me out we just would have to change that I know I don't like a plastic shower for only one bathroom this is a little bit of a disappointment yeah now I love that window oh it's beautiful do you think this was always a bedroom I think so yes it feels like the layouts a little weird like in a house is small you don't really need a hallway you know like maybe we could reconfigure take over this hallway just like a walk through space and then make the bathroom bigger get feom out of that weird porch room I'm sure you can do it it just depends how much money you are willing to yeah sure overall this house is really charming and the location is great yeah we love the location it's it's got a lot of character which I love I love a spanish-style house we've been looking at redoing the kitchen redoing the bathroom possibly reconfiguring the house yeah it's a lot of work and then where would we add about exactly well maybe you can use the laundry area I'll convert the garage yeah we could maybe turn the laundry into a bathroom and then move that laundry to the garage I mean that makes more sense if we have all these projects what do you think about the price I think it's priced fairly and I think that you need to act fast you pick the location or the house guess you have to weigh your options you know you know when you walk in a house and you can kind of tell if it's the right fit yeah only one house felt that way for me you'll finally went down to a nap nice he played really hard today we should really make a decision on this house I mean feels just getting bigger and he's getting more stuff yeah so what'd you think of the bungalow with the red door and how to park well that one was listed at 599 but Eva said that was gonna go fast and that it was gonna probably go for way higher than that I mean it was super charming the floors were nice and the ceilings were tall I like that and it had the backyard oh I loved that backyard that would be great for Theo to play in it was on that busy street though yeah and that kitchen was small yeah it had that weird flow right like where you had to like walk through the kitchen through the laundry room to get to the bathroom and then only had one bathroom too Oh in those windows – you didn't like those windows then when is it really bad as well it needs a lot of work but then it could be nice and open and airy you know and in the inside we just have to pay for it yeah we do so let's talk about the three-bedroom bungalow in West Adams it was the biggest it was also next to the freeway yeah had that freeway view on top of all the renovations on top of three bathrooms that we'd have to redo we don't need three bathrooms I mean it would be nice I had the biggest kitchen that we saw and also had a something that we could turn into a really big master suite that was really cool that is true I also think that house is priced a little high for what it is true we could go in under what did you think about that cute little Spanish house around the corner well it was listed at $6.99 and in this neighborhood it could go for a lot more although there were certain to be said about staying in the neighborhood where we knew everyone and we know the neighborhood is a really good neighborhood it had the nice master bedroom in the front it was very charming and that would be nice to wake up to all that light in the morning oh yeah and the kitchen was kind of big the kitchen was a good size but remember we were gonna like open that up to the dining room and where were to put a second bathroom yeah it's an area that we love but also we'd be going from a small house to another really small house yeah and I don't know if that's the right fit for us I don't really think it's that much better for us so you know when you walk in a house and you can kind of tell if it's the right fit yeah only one house felt that way for me you spray I'll spread got the bungalow there's a lot of work to do but we got it because we love the outside got the nice tall ceilings the wood floor and we have a pretty creative vision of what we could do with it yeah the house is the simplified ne9 we as expected got into a bidding war it was more than I would have liked but we end up settling in 720 but I think if we dip into our savings we have about $50,000 we can work with for renovations the first thing we did was to clean the bathroom Joseph really needs the bathroom to be sterilized for the first time where no one wants to take a bath or put their child in a dirty bathtub it's true our plan is to try and turn the current bathroom into a master bath it would be nice not to walk around the whole house to get to the bathroom through the kitchen and laundry room to go to the bathroom we also want to turn that laundry space into a guest bath and maybe a hall closet but the biggest project of course is the kitchen we're bringing back our friend Rosa who helped us with our last kitchen she did such a great job combining both of our styles that I really think we need her for this one the good news is that we figured out that we can remove this wall open it up here and have sight lines all the way through from the front door into the kitchen right so much better now if we get rid of this wall we're gonna have to match the ceiling heights and raise the ceiling in here which is great but we've got to add a beam across the top so that the ceiling joists the framing up in the Attic the joists have a place to attach to the beam okay it's gonna be a little costly how much about $6,000 I mean it makes sense it's probably a lot of work right that's a little bit of work yeah but it's gonna look so good it's gonna look amazing so don't want another galley kitchen we'll probably have to do it I trust you I totally agree you guys I think you're making the right call okay so once this walls gone then what's this gonna be what I'm thinking is that a big and can go right here about four feet wide seven feet long it'll seat stools on the other side of it is awesome with the kitchen sink right in the middle over here I'm suggesting that we do a whole lower Bank of l-shaped cabinetry all along these two walls we have like lots of more storage space yeah I mean ice to have a counter right into the window and then over here where the sink currently is I'm suggesting replacing that with the range we have the window in the back so I would like to cancel that window put the range in the backsplash here and a narrow window on either side that'd be nice so I like the idea of the two windows but it just sounds really expensive how much is it it's gonna be about $1,500 to take this window out and replace it with two new windows depending on the cost of the windows we select yeah $1,500 easy but that was really pretty though Josef's the money guys so he he always worries about the budget also the ceiling in here right now is much lower than it will be in the end and this window is very short so by adding two windows on either side of the stove that are taller it's gonna be in better proportion and scale with the space once the ceiling is up I would like to do an accent wall here where it's tile from the countertop all the way up to the ceiling right what the tall ceilings would be really cool it's a little expensive but it's probably the right thing to do yeah I totally agree yeah there's like a hood or something above her I'm thinking yeah definitely you have to have a hood above the stove I mean the exhaust fan I mean it's got to be a sexy hood I'm thinking that Woking clad it in a really pretty kind of wormwood and element and then what I'm thinking is I know that the laundry room and bathrooms were changing all of that this wall will no longer be there that'll be all opened up awesome so right here would be a tall floor-to-ceiling pantry right next to the refrigerator okay so then we'd get like some some like upper storage since we don't have any over here exactly I'm excited I'm really excited to see it cabinets I'm suggesting white shaker style cabinet doors classic clean yeah you can never go wrong with it yeah this is nice what do you think Jessa yeah be simple yeah okay all right moving on countertop that's great what is this that is man-made that's a quartz that looks like Carrara marble oh that looks real it's pretty high five but I'm not suggesting an all-white kitchen Joseph I know you don't want an all-white kitchen I mean I love it so far doesn't want an all-white kitchen there's more this is what I'm suggesting for the backwash that's the entire accent wall you'll see a lot of it right when you walk in the door I mean blues they're like it matches your eyes look [Laughter] all right to add just a little bit more visual interest for you I'm suggesting what if we paint the island in a deeper slate blue like the Calvinist aha the cabinet's on the island back contrasts off the tiles a little bit oh that's great with the cabinet hardware I'm thinking something a little bit different I've never done this before but I think wood knobs and poles against the white shaker cabinets would be really beautiful and bring in a warm tone that we need in this kitchen I mean that's killer I don't think I've ever seen one like that I love that that's awesome I think it's gonna be beautiful so what do you guys think do you like this I love it this is great you're on board yeah dude let's go yeah so we're going to need a stock construction what I'm lien for it and this is my brother's see all new restored by the port construction what stop your property is on a historical preservation zone what does that mean it just means that we have to go out and get a special permit I mean look there any way we could have known this before I mean there's no way of really knowing it was a simple permit process it wasn't until I got to the window to pull to permit that they distinguished that your home is in a historical preservation zone okay it means for now the renovations gonna have to stop indefinitely yeah well at least we have a half a kitchen for now no put you to work so we're gonna tear out the geraniums and we're gonna plant the hibiscus okay all right yeah sake Oh dad smells nice all right dad the father could sell that at the local farmers market no one is buying this geranium you want to hold him yeah all right naturally now that you got me going I'm gonna want to finish this today I just finished that little one here we go get out of here all right you're such a good helper my suggestion to turn this into a great master bathroom for you is to relocate the toilet from right here to where you're standing Joseph and then to wall off the current doorway I put the doorway right here into the master bedroom Oh that'll be creative that makes perfect sense right yes and we actually have enough space out here for the second bath my suggestion is relocate the washer and dryer stacked to the small office yeah and relocate the hot water heater and dedicate this to an second bathroom that would be great what do you think I think it's great yeah the idea here would be to put a pocket door that recesses into this wall you walk in you have a pedestal sink a toilet and a walk-in shower I love that I think it's a great way to utilize the space cuz it's kind of a dead space just on your feet who is it Marisela oh he's based I mean Hey hi oh yeah playing in the staff what's up good awesome deal has his dump truck he's ready to go it's ready for concise you need one he's ready I'll get your shirt you come on we can't really stay here without a bathroom so we're gonna head to a friend's house while our master bathroom gets finished here you go Theo so we have two bathrooms to design from scratch I'm thinking this hex marble tile for the floor of the master I love this this is yeah well I love that I love a white bathroom yeah okay on the walls of the tub I'm thinking this white subway tile mm-hmm and just to give it a little special touch I'd like to run the subway tile partway up the walls of the rest of the bathroom and then cap it with this natural marble to tie it in with the floor it's really white we'll be bringing in a wood element on the vanity and I'd like to do black hardware faucets and hardware for an accent okay because you know how much I love like dark and sexy right right that comes in the next bath so my thought is to use a natural black marble tile on the floor of the guest bath laid in a herringbone pattern and I'd love to run the black tile up the back wall of the shower and then the other two walls in the shower could be this natural marble subway and on a bench we could build in a little bench in that step in shower I mean this this I love everything you do but this black really makes me nervous does it yeah this is like my spa bathroom so that I mean I guess we can try it let's be real I will go use the bench shower all the time and you will use the master perfect bathroom all the time his in his bathroom a mighty Silla I want to verify if this property has been tested for asbestos yeah well we uncovered the the same vinyl throughout the whole kitchen when we're doing the demo so we drop so what's going on in order to have a level flooring transition from the living dining room into the kitchen we would have to tear out this floor but because it's not asbestos in it that requires asbestos abatement which is another three grand probably and another couple of weeks of work is there an alternative yes the alternative is for us to just run the wood floor from the dining room right over this old vinyl flooring into the kitchen you'd have a little bit of a flooring transition between the two spaces it would be a tiny bit higher in here than it is in there I mean I think we should do it like we should just get it done save the money I'm always on board for saving money so if mat is too this is a no-brainer my tea seller said as long as we don't disturb the asbestos when we cover it up it's totally safe for Thea so we'll just live with a little bump on the floor let's just keep going forward we need to get you in that kitchen as soon as possible and then look at all this space look how big this is check it out I mean I'm crazy so what's this space can we use this yeah Mario show them wait you can you had a wall here right we uncovered it when we demoed it you can actually use this area for your vanity I think that's really cool because you're taking a rectangle room and you're adding yeah a little recessed alcove that gives you I mean that's I mean it gives the house a little more character you know then just like tiny bathroom Ock's bathroom yeah I'm excited about it okay it's already looking so different already it's awesome let's talk about the paint colors for the front of this house it's a little like kind of cutesy I want if he nice it was like more earthy masculine yeah we've talked about changing out the front door to be a natural stained wood tone so I've brought a couple of options I brought a white and a gray because I'm thinking with the light gray siding and the black accent that will have on the windows I think we want to add a third color in the mix so let's put up a couple samples what do you think okay yes my take on it is that with the red door the charcoal is looking good but we're not gonna have the red door we're gonna have a brown door and at that point against the black windows I think it's the way rose I trust you if you think White's better than til let's do it it looks great easy what do you think he's very opinionated he's asleep oh wow check it out this is beautiful or looks so good I love this marble – looks so good well Matt you got your white bathroom it's awesome hey now we can move back in yeah this is where we're gonna be doing dishes right here this is Manthey are out of town visiting family which means I'm in charge of the design process which makes Matt a little nervous but I have some good ideas for the guest bathroom and I really think he's gonna like I love the black but I think the white would look better up the wall and I think Matt would like that more really okay yeah we can do it I'm totally fine with making that switch I think keeping the black on the floor and doing white on all three walls in the shower will still look cool now that we're talking about the white tile on the wall I'm there I'm wondering if we want to just run that white marble tile all the way up the wall on the back of this niche yeah I think that would look great nice I'm sure you don't want to swap out the sink and put in a urinal yeah you guys are working late what's going on finishing touches on the cabinets the cabinet's look great yeah I'm just curious we have the island then we have the dining-room table I feel like I'm coming out of the bedroom directly into the dining-room table I feel like it's all being pushed a little Joe yeah I have an idea that I've done before in previous projects that works really well in this situation we could do a built-in bench pushed right up against the island that became seating for one side of your dining room table which scoots the table back to this position I would save us like three feet it does what would that cost for a custom bench with this design could probably cost around $800 and then we could even play around with some fun fabrics and put some cushion on the bench put some back cushions there and make it look really cute yeah I think they'd be great for Theo as well I don't want to bother Matt so I'm just gonna make the executive decision I think we need to do it yeah okay all right yeah good call it's gonna look great yeah so wait to see everything that's happened in the house Oh check this noticing different than what we had planned wasn't this ma supposed to be black yeah so we decided leave it white because we knew that's what you really wanted oh this awesome yeah this looks so nice no the black yeah I does it turned out really well shower don't you turn that more countertops more cue say more once everything's all put together it's look I know just think like the blue tile up the walls looks so good no tea oh here comes the last piece oh it's looking good we have a problem guys a big problem yeah that is a big problem something doesn't look right there it was all going so well huh we have a problem big problem yes something doesn't look right there it was all going so well Theo huh I think I have an idea of what happened here we added this filler here so that the windows can be symmetrical with the range and that's what gave us the four inches right over there yes I'm sorry Theo I promise we can fix it I promise it's gonna set us back we have to get the slab and then we have to fabricate it so it'll take us back maybe about a day and a half or so bad yeah it's not too bad nonetheless we got to fix it so good to come home after work and just like put our feet up and just relax yeah it's totally asked to when we first got the house the layout was really weird you had to walk through the kitchen like through the laundry room to get to the only bathroom but now it feels really good it has a nice flow and feels it feels like a home I mean it's true cuz the square footage is the same but it does feel a lot bigger it does we set aside about $50,000 for renovations we end up spending about 80 I think we didn't really anticipate how much stuff is gonna cost that you don't see yeah things like the permits I mean we even expensive yeah to take down a wall and add a beam and add new windows the city requires a lot for that but I really think we were kind of crazy to think that we could get it all done for $50,000 a kitchen and two bathrooms and then of course you know matt has nice taste so we have to get the nice furnishings [Laughter] all right it's better than I could have ever imagined I love how when you walk in the front door you just see the blue tile and the dark wood and there's no cabinet so really creates a flow to the windows which I think really makes the house welcome you guys has the dining table banquette working for it's so great we loved it it was such a good idea yeah it makes so much sense like just just to have Theo eating here at the end and we can just like I'll sit here as a family is really nice yeah and then we all have all this storage under here to these open up and then like we can just store can never have too much storage right between this storage and then all these cabinets that weren't here before and then this whole pantry wall we really have so much space which we never had before I look at us just three of us in the kitchen are y'all fit and we have room for like ten more thank you so much yeah thank you yeah we couldn't have done it without you I'm so happy that we got conflict everything that we did besides the kitchen the next biggest project was the new guest bathroom that space before it was just like a pass-through that had like the washer/dryer and it was dull it was just a dumb weird dumb space and we made it crazy beautiful I'm really happy Joseph and Rosa made the decision to keep the white tile on the walls it's really beautiful and feels like a spa in there and I think that the black tile on the walls would have made it feel really dark in there I love everything about that bathroom the way it turned out something really happy with that yeah every decision was the best decision turn it off get that one [Applause] we treated ourselves to a nice master bath too we did we gutted everything but the tub down to the studs so we redid everything essentially yeah it's just the layout is the same and the tub stayed believe it or not but we got it really clean yeah we scrubbed the tub and it's nice to get up and actually go take a shower and have to walk outside in the living room or Theo can potentially hear you and wake up so that's really nice that's nice all we really need to do now is just fix the outside we got to do a fence and there's a little bit of landscaping but these are all things we can do on the weekend and that we really enjoy doing ya know we're really looking forward to these planning a wedding you know we've been renovating and that's where all our funds have been going so I have a big hoopla officially got engaged a year ago but we kind of parked it and park the wedding plans so we'll help you focus on that next you can relax

10 thoughts on “House Hunters Renovation – Two Dads, One Tough Renovation ( February 23, 2019 )

  1. Okay their old house is pretty…
    I'm so wanna live there!!
    And their son is the cutest!!!
    But their new house is so overprice… Can't believe they spent so much on a house with 1 bathroom…

  2. Nice guys, and the house looked very beautiful, even though I'm annoyed with the shaker cabinets at least their kitchen had some color with that blue backsplash.

  3. OKay but what this show needs is an indian agent because trust me – we are A+++++ in Haggling. We'd save them from spending a few thousand dollars for sure!

  4. So far the coolest couple I’ve seen. They were quite open about everything and there was a less of a moaning thank god for a change. 😆

  5. At first glance I thought that they were brothers, LOL😂😂😂 Love the renovation and so glad that the kitchen wasn't all white. I really like this episode. Great compromise, and fantastic results.

  6. I just dont know, this kid is gonna grow up seeing that two men kissing each other this is not normal ,natural and it is not healthy for a child's psychology.

  7. "we have to make sure the space is safe for Theo" LOL! Then get rid of those two rescue pit bulls.  This isn't about what the dads want but about not taking risks with their child's life.    What do they know about their genetic background?  A one year old and two pits bulls is almost child neglect per se. That child is adorable. I wish they would rethink having those pit bulls around him. Pits don't warn you ahead when they turn on and attack unprovoked. They just do. On a lighter note the reno is fantastic.

  8. I know Matt and Joseph, they are amazing people, Theo is just adorable and ez and molly are the most loyal loving dogs. Congrats guys, enjoy it. 😀

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