House Flipper – FULL RENOVATION & HUGE PROFIT! (House Flipper Gameplay)

he gets the crowds will come back everybody to house flipper just a back relax and enjoy and if you do enjoy make sure you smash the like button and leave some less feedback in the comments section and ladies and gentlemen I did a few videos on this game a few months back when I was in the early better stages now is due to release on Steam tomorrow the 17th of May 2018 so do check out the link the description because this game is super addictive and stuff has changed previously I had a house now they gave me a shack like the neighbors they're just gonna hate my guts look at all the beautiful houses in the neighborhood and then whop whop whop beautiful houses the neighborhood whop whop whop but it doesn't matter you know what I've come on in they're like MTV Cribs come on in house tour BAM is that a chainsaw why do I have a chain so maybe that's a leaf blower nope that is definitely a chainsaw I'm getting all jason voorhees on this but it not close the door it's simple but it's got what I need you get the computer get a look kitchen corner I do have a little bad from here open oh I've peed on the floor maybe not I don't know you that's disgusting it doesn't matter this is my little abode en I'm I'm proud of it I did it grind up some boring missions so now we could do if I just get down here in the computer we can buy our first house renovated and flip at them and then we're gonna see what what's changed because I know for a fact there's a like an auction system now when you sell a house like those few people just bidding and stuff and it seems super awesome so we can either buy abandoned house a burned house or a camping bungalow those guess a little bit more on the expensive side so let's start here what is this a barren house oh look at is it even come loose like pictures now on the inside okay okay so that is that that is 41,000 it's a house from the 1950s very original layout of the rooms for general renovation a large plot okay then we have the burned house and how does that look inside oh my goodness oh my goodness ah the house two rooms a kitchen and a bathroom number floors one you know what the thing about this is like this is this actually looks pretty decent this is just a clean job right I think if we would buy if you would buy this one like we will notice the most of the difference because look how shabby loose on the inside should we I'm gonna regret it okay do it do it I'm gonna buy it this is gonna be my house and I'm gonna go go go go let's go for it what possibly could go wrong here okay look at this buyers on the left you can see families or buyers from time to time they will comment on your actions pay attention especially to those on the top the higher they are the more they are willing to pay for this house who came alright and ladies and gentlemen that this is this is what we gotta this is this is what we gotta I don't even want to go inside lattice looks shabby all my goodness I have a flashlight that's amazing okay mistakes and mistakes have been made public crap okay open the doors oh you know what this is kind of you in the game as well we can now clean the windows and I did it can advance them somehow on some perks over here so now I have a bigger like window cleaner look at this it's got like one of those electric ones I get one of those that's amazing and bam look how clean and beautiful dad looks now but oh boy you know what I have second thoughts about this because now the exterior I'm just thinking do I need to I need to clean this as well oh my goodness can I go can I return to office okay I'm gonna stay okay you know what we can do this like I think that the first thing we need to do is just maybe just clean every single crap out here like just sell all the furniture and whatnot how much is that 12 bucks I paid 12 bucks $1 2012 for the sink I take it anything else anything else we can sell lamps okay sell the lamps but wait you didn't light switch is work now in the game what's the one light switch oh yeah look at that okay dad is actually fabulous they didn't do that before I mean did know when I play this previously I didn't know they kind of works as it can I amazing but hey cell cell dad lamps Aldo's lamps and I guess that's about it Coover this door cell at him and then we're gonna maybe just demolish this wall here for example I'm not sure this is the wise choice to go about it by the way I bother okay don't worry we've we've got this under control do we know I don't know we will hopefully we will obviously we will do I have a plan for this no i don't but i just came the ceiling and look what a transformation is already like it's a whole new house we can just close the bathroom door because it loose a little bit shabby so the idea is maybe we can have the kitchen the same place as they did over here and have this as a semi open plan living like i mean the space on this house is non-existent but i think this is gonna be the way to go so let's do this let's go into the shop and what is me over here we have bathroom beds better rewards carpet ceilings lamps chairs cupboards all my goodness installations what is that there's some lights which is air-conditioned units it's a little bit of expense aside for me now but and good to know that it exists some pictures plants oh my favorite category but I was so seeing this before floor over or tiles there we go so let's tile it up here in the kitchen a bit and you can do small ones we can do big ones ceramic tiles green what a thing I wanted to go with Doc first me me oh okay let me see her so I click yeah oh oh this is amazing is this how it operates it's just 20 bucks for this whole area you gotta be kidding me these gentlemen dad is now amazing okay just clean this dirt didn't know we can see it perfect also I'm gonna do I'm gonna sell this door don't judge me what I'm gonna buy a new door I seen doors we're gonna buy doors and I'm gonna buy white doors this one yes please and please put it in maybe spin it a little bit like so and put it in yeah I mean can you guys see this oh it's gonna be beautiful just believe and then we're gonna do here in the backstages and there's gonna be like a backdrop right so I'm gonna do maybe then let me see here it was a shop shop shop shop do we have wall ties which is the same as the floor we do okay this might be a better decision but are we gonna give it a go let's see boom okay this is gonna take some time but bad hammer okay you know what this might be a thing we will see mistakes might have been made bad but who knows and then paint over here quite and have the hope you know what I live in Sweden I've said it before I say it again Swedes are known for their white houses on the inside and I cannot you know what I kind of like that I do like the wonder white because it's so it just feels fresh and clean so I'm gonna be I'm gonna be I'm gonna be very sweetness and we're gonna have white on inside all over the place the thing is you know what it's kind of good as well because at the end of day is gonna be neither beholder right for the person who we sell this to it's better to have neutral calls than like just screaming red or or pink in the kitchen or a yellow or whatnot white I mean what is a neutral color everybody likes white well kind I guess I don't know and lives in them and look at this oh you know what I've seen where about was dad cut some blinds blinds we have two versions of blinds we have this one if we have this one I'm gonna do closed I'm gonna reopen one and how does this do assembly oh man like look at this who's the best handyman around it's corrals obviously boom and done and just put does in perfect and then just clean behind here the people liked it like this I think they liked like this do we clean this oh man okay what a transformation also installations and let's get a radiator up and running as well in your kitchen let's prepare assembly this is this is like a real life but but a little bit different like I wish this stuff was this easy in real life when assembling stuff but it's never that easy okay you know what it's it's it's a right lookin it's not the best house we've seen but it's decent oh by the way as thinking about a little shop how about data floor panel still they do to the floor work at the same okay this is a complete GameChanger like the convenience level on this is it's super high so now when we did this you can see all the dirt up out here as well so we can just easily clean that off with no hassle whatsoever so now I'm not going to bore you yesterday of doing like all the clean job on camera but I'm gonna do I'm gonna do the kitchen so I guess first I'm gonna do home appliances what do we even have you we have Duchin cooktop electric cookers refrigerator stacks okay I know what that's a nice color and then we place it here in the far end because there's no like outlet it would have been that matters to be honest it's simples everybody but it's it's a thing okay then the cupboards no no no no no it's kitchen right Kitchener Rangers results food recipe we need however oh man this is actually not bad what serve like this is a complete kitchen but it's just too big for the project over here so let's not do that what is that that looks shabby might be just modern maybe we should just go for for those is we have a think you know we have doors here which is a little bit of an open issue okay no let's do call her hem oh it's just a little like you know let's do black and white because they're free is black right let's do black and white or maybe drawer black old oh no no too much just the black down there perfect done it and oh crap how do we even place it can I just put it down just next to the fridge that is the question there we go so we could do this with drawers like down the bottom it's it's it's not bad is not bad what sir I like that so we could have one more of those guys I guess like this or you know what to make the kitchen because I mean it's a fairly good size already right so we could do this we could do this get over here do that black dome and then maybe knock this off this wall a little better it's all in the eye of beholder I cannot like that because then we could do is maybe place let me see here home appliances can place for Gasper for example can place one of those guys like just in between hmm I cannot wish you could flip their lawn like your handle fingers over here and you know what I think we might go for this and then if I would break look this over here that's gonna leave us a little bit of a gap and then maybe even getting it I'm sorry I'm just a little excited because I like this I like this so much give me place one and two of those guys on the same level are they leveled mmm interesting maybe not can I just okay I guess it works this should be level dried I mean you know what let's do this let's add a little plants a fern in a white flower pot let's just add a novio not too shabby not too shabby I like this by the way those shelves leveled that is the question you know what it looks pretty decent you know what I've seen as well let me see whereabouts was dead address I believe there was a night stand before there's a fork there is a connive stand let's get this get in here abouts like so perfect and then what else was there a teapots you know what not too shabby let's get that just this is just for this is like Home Staging right this is just to make the place look a little bit more I don't know what you're gonna call it we're respectable before people cannot buy it I'll hopefully buy it that is not bad and in the ceiling let's do spotlights lamp Meany should we go for me nice let's go for me nice yeah okay okay ladies and gentlemen this is this is actually pretty fabulous can I have a plant is a little bit overexposed however in the kitchen but can I have a plant in the window yeah can I have this one I can't change the flower part but it looks pretty nice I can yeah I like this oh by the way can we do we're about that I see them over here the small crew represent lights can I just put one of dole's underneath the rain shield over here I know it's can I not made for it by de he's gonna give us a little bit of line extra light not that we need extra light in the kitchen because holy crap it's self exposed like look at this why does happen with this door it's all wonky okay fix that like me yeah look at this is my eye is my eyes at the end of day it doesn't matter let's move out this let's get rid of deadlift let's call the kitchen down for a moment okay we might move there rain shoot a little bit or whatnot but for the moment it is s as beautiful as it gets the whole room here is gonna be wide so let's start with painting it and also cleaning some of the windows and there's gonna be a little like living room and we will have a dining table a couch or flea a TV and you might be like but where do you squeeze in that and I don't even know it's a tight space but we will obviously make something happen we will need to squeeze that in because we just sell this house to a huge profit and that is what we're gonna do look at the difference you see the neighboring house now no you can't can you see it now yes you can what the difference like so just beautiful ladies and gentlemen look how clean it looks is just crazy however I want to sell this door I want to sell this door okay we need to clean more that's crap all over the place okay Anna is outside however so it's not worry about that we also need to paint this little part of whyever I guess and this side of here could replace the dark doors with white doors I'm not sure that's gonna be the way to go by the way butter I mean it looks pretty nice should we go for it ooh painting upgrade you know what future plans faster please do amazing and what was I saying yeah yeah doors doors doors let's go to the store and let's get those white doors so this is gonna be front door with a knocker and also one more interior door that guy goes you know what I'm gonna go actually like this maybe nada how does this open this open this inwards and how does this open this way perfect yeah yeah so it opens this way now we can just go around the corner convenient subcommittee but it's closed that door because that room is really shabby now ladies gentlemen it looks pretty darn amazing we're also gonna have some installations here we're gonna have a radiator so let's set that up yeah my wife would absolutely kill me if she saw me doing this because she's been at me for doing stuff in the house which is pretty similar to this and I'm like I can't well I can't honestly like a game is a total different story right but in real life no and also you know what those outlets I would change them to new ones but I can't because I did want an older job before I will just earn the cash and they are bagged for the moments when you pull them out you can't you can't you can't do anything with them well you can but you can't really see because it's kinda like an awkward angle so you can't connect the wires because something has changed they're like previously it was a very simple you cannot like just exchange it but now we need to assembly some wires and stuff and you can't as of yet at least maybe that's just gonna be fixed with more as a release version but in my version that is not possible at least it wasn't yesterday butter I don't know I don't know and blinds blinds or plenty do I need blinds in every window I guess because blinds are amazing let's sell this and let's think about it we wouldn't need a table not a big table those tables there's a kitchen that is that uh yeah that's a little bit oversized now isn't it that is definitely oversized simple table simple tables actually decent size so we have simple table which we could totally use a table slim comes in white as well okay dad is actually not bad okay how does the window crap is you know what I don't know why but my OCD is gonna kill me if it's not centered on the window over here and I want to have it like so it's something like you get it get to be mine this is like a two bedroom or two room house right so this is not gonna be a big family buying this because that would be just wrong and how was the people silica a couple is in the top the top of their of their ever the people's gonna buy the house is the Kapil the old capital and well I guess they have demands but now I'm making a little bit of modern installations when I'm like so can I pass here yes I can amazing done it and we can have like all lamps Lambs lambs lamps looking for a good time not sure about that lied but for the moment let's keep it and just behind that we're gonna have a coward I've did that in the previous video I did of this game and it looked pretty nice I mean the camera wasn't this one maybe not sure it was this one but I think it was at least something similar jump on the kitchen table and poop it in I mean it does add a little bit and then we can just do a painting in the backstage just like I mean it doesn't have to be like super amazing but maybe this one like this then we can have a flower or plant say the cat picture it's gonna be like the crazy cat lady house but hey boom okay that is not too shabby and how about carpet can we squeeze in a carpet in here to put it there we go I think now ok ladies gentlemen that is a definite keeper boom flower is back and dad that looks like a beautiful kitchen corner in a very small house like honestly hands down there is a transformation by the way is this lamp on now it is man you know what I like this like when we flip the light switches it freely comes to life the kitchen however is very overexposed but hey that's what it is and then let's do a little couch where's the sofas sofas are here and let's do the orange ones yeah it's not a design I'm proud of but you get a thing about the space I mean the space in this house is it's tiny it's looks ridiculous but you never the lamp we can have a lamp on this yes yes yes lamp lamp lamp and have this one just because we can't and turn it on perfect oh yeah Miro Miro there we go ladies and gentlemen look at this we come and meet and greet that is perfect we could even add another spotlight up here ceiling lamps or even they miss your spot that's a pretty brand that is them they're just down side of them okay open the doors we have a little bit more vision I like this even though this flowerpot is gonna smash into the floor very very soon let's just place it like this okay it's not a bad however I think this needs to go perfect its orgy but see we have all wired and then we have those like little color splatters here and there I like that I like to toss spit in the kitchen I'm super happy with that like for the space we have which is pretty much non-existent I think this came out really nice keep it yeah we could use some more flowers we can maybe put some pictures here in there is there something you want to have I don't know oh can we sell this nope no can do you know what I'm happy with that yikes so I guess now it's his bedroom time man this looks so shabby but no one like a look of color here and there and we can transform like this is kind of a super easy ceiling done right so that is no biggie what goes for flooring and that is gonna be super easy as well because we just do did you where is the floor panels let's do let's do brown floors in here so from this corner to this corner like so perfect and then we just scrub it scrub it all over the place I do like the graphics I mean there's something like just look at outside a window from time to time it just looks realistic like super realistic it's clean it looks nice so now let's see here bedrooms better as better as beds the best I really wanna go for is those guys double bed war me oh man this would be amazing but it's it's it's a little huge where the crap do we even have this that is the question like I could have no it's just a big road no but it's honestly too big crap okay so we can't go with dad what else do we have that's the same size Teddy Teddy Teddy the same size teddy is the same size but crap well I it's a thing can I pass here Avella indeed I can okay amazing home electronics we're gonna have flipper TV hanging TV on the wall please do maybe not like that' but okay let's see here do it oh yeah okay that is by my wife my mom my wife told me no I come I'm not allowed to have a TV in the bedroom and mainly because I always fall asleep two TVs I love it I don't know how you guys are but I just loved listening to like voices and then just fall out falling asleep it's sounds strange but I just I just love it oh it's beautiful what is that even looks like a town a town in prize prager case up a photo of pride I've been to Prague it is a beautiful city actually what could we do here a Bonnie a laundry basket I mean that is usually found in bedrooms maybe or maybe not no classes at least descends in this color wiki just maybe have them near my mirror I I take it it looks very nice oh man I love it let's keep it okay let's keep as simple as it is flip the light switch off there we go I guess we could add a long light some whereabouts maybe even on a lamp let's add a tiny lamp the cube I always just could light up but it doesn't but it simply doesn't matter everybody that is done we've got a server bedroom I'm gonna spend more time on the bedroom cuz I'm asked myself what am I doing with my life at this stage but man look it outside can you see how beautiful that looks it character saw realistic maybe none like this but here for the window it's beautiful and the final thing is now their bathroom which is a shabby shabby shabby is not shabby chic it's just pretty much plain shabby but we can make wonders with this let's just clean off everything we can before we do anything else we're gonna be tightening up the whole bathroom I guess cleaned away no please do I love the machine this is tough work I believe I've been doing this for quite a bit of time don't tell me this is the last tile all crapping to buy a whole new tile just for dental section and that sucks by the way how does those look okay those checker tiles hmm ideas no you know what no let's just keep it as it is I'm not tweaking it there we go one more and ladies gentlemen we're done we are done officially Donna it's not really officially done but now we can do the fun stuff so let's go into bathroom and we need is that a thing no that's a bath tube let's go can change colors on those no account okay let's go simple let's go this sink and here it's kind of really tiny right I I guess I'm learning stuff put it in like so get this little thing what you call it I don't know in Swedish we called Brita and boom get those tabs things oh man now the pipe works let's do a chorale spivey up against boom boom boom and ladies and gentlemen we are done we have a sink above dad well obviously do we have a mirror in this category no we don't we will have that mirror and problem with this mirror is huge it's huge it doesn't fit the theme what server the best I've got and also can I do a lamp on top of this hanging shelf steel steel okay flip the switch I I mean hands down it's much better than boss you gotta give me credit for dad and a toilet chair bathroom bathroom bathroom 20 chair whereabouts are you who tool it far standard or flatty I like it flat E is more the most expensive as well let's do a flat E assembly one screen to floor two screws in the floor and is that it well that was easy and we need a shower as well I believe there's only one of it as I seen this one how does this operator don't tell me we need to build whole shebang I think we need to build a whole whole shower okay I'm underneath kit up like he needs that goes in and this goes in uh-huh I'm underneath again plug it in Piper job in Aisle rim I guess that is the glass walls okay now we're going in through like Mounties into the wall there we go man this is some advanced stuff I get a new guy in and now I can't twist the camera anymore like it's just like so as you can see there's electric wires coming out from that so interconnect the electric wires but you can't really reach it as somehow so you got like I'm trying to press every button I can I can't really spin around my face so that's that's that's that but a address and I'm gonna put one more of those laundry baskets can I put it here hide away the outlet on the better yes again lazy intamin that is gonna be data I'm not gonna spend more time I'm gonna fix the house a little bit quickly bedroom is done and then I'm gonna flip the house feels like I've been working forever and by the way can I clean this the thing about this is I like what we could do is a lot of clean jobs right cleaning is not my worry but what I'm worried about is that meat though should do is change the whole paneling around the house but I'm gonna like what am I doing with my life I can't ladies and gentlemen we are done we have panels on the front and not so much on the side you know what it is first impressions last this is the first part people see it looks a little bit shabby but hopefully I'm gonna walk around the corner because it is even shabby on this side but hey it is what it is you know what let's do a final tour before we flip the house in we go I did add some stuff I did add a little lamp in this corner we have a keyboard a mouse a loudspeaker and a little computers this is on a command center meet-and-greet there you a little mirror or whatnot we do have a kitchen with a beautiful cat picture I mean it's space space not here this is what we can do of the space it's a beautiful kitchen I'm happy with the kitchen even though it's a little bit overexposed but I can like it I mean not too shabby not too shabby what server and then and then we have a toilet they're not really proud of that blue color doesn't match that blue color but at the end of the day it simply does not matter it still works out kind of beautifully right we should could you maybe teach I don't think we can do can we can we get rid of it like the tall grass I don't think we can doesn't matter and then obviously we do have a little bedroom and just off here oh I did install a little fan for those guys you know for the heat moments in in independent Phillips which it's a little bit free me here with all the land so we're going around but man I'm happy we're at her I think we have vadhana crying quite nicely you know what I found I found something where wall stood survival I didn't see this before this is like prep a prep stuff like we have reinforced doors we have generators Organa wow this is an American house this is American house hey American house first date Madness is amazing typical scenario Ghana can I put down on me banana oh we can hang it in the wall oh man this is amazing why can I put it in just on on the bed and not possibly okay so we can't put them on the bed we do have shovels can of chickpeas a lot of food turbine power generator work what the crap is this all toilet paper there we go everybody dad is gonna conclude this this house at least I think we done a fantastic job I'm super pleased with it I mean we did what we could on a space and that's what I can say at least I guess it looks pretty cozy on this side let me see the kitchen from this angle hello peeping tom hello I like it so now now let's flip this house let's see how much we made of it a place enter right please do start like auction go Gil Shawna a big bedroom house we'd understand one in the kitchen for well obviously dude to cook stuff I like to have a place to sleep on okay it's good I know jungle blah blah I'm sorry but I'm singing else I don't need two bedrooms oh you gotta be kidding me it's just because a but double bedroom our double bed allows to spend nurses in either lalala 69k I take it we made 30k profit can I go she ate this I'm gonna negotiate I'm gonna see what happens you know what I want I want 8k more negotiator are you kidding me okay that backfired I guess we come negotiator I was a little bit too much okay 69 I take it accept please so that means we made a bit of profit I think we get the money back from all the friendship we invested in a place see her how much cash did we have now we have 72 K which means technically if we continue playing this we can buy one of those fancy houses we can even go buy maybe this one because this one I don't think we can have for furnishing but this one how does that look it spits us all over the place oh my goodness okay listen to me Champa this is just clean job and whatnot ladies and gentlemen I'm careless hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you smack the like button I'm gonna see you guys maybe in a next video of this game I don't know you guys will have to let me know alright so smash the like button leave some comments and have a very very nice day kirilus or burn out this has been house flipper bye bye

46 thoughts on “House Flipper – FULL RENOVATION & HUGE PROFIT! (House Flipper Gameplay)

  1. I've been binge watching House Flipper and I LOVE what you did with such a small space! The all-white house certainly made it look a lot bigger and brighter, ughh I want this game so bad but my crappy laptop doesn't have the specs for it 😭😭😭 Maybe I'll save up for a gaming laptop/PC.

  2. when he put toilet paper at the right side of the bed i laugh because i knew what his thinking. haha

  3. I’m not really one for watching let’s play videos but I stumbled across your channel by watching the tropico 6 videos because I was interested in playing it. Ended up watching them all because I was so entertained! Found myself browsing more of your Chanel and stumbled across this series and haven’t stopped watching! You the man Keralis!!

  4. This is burglarproof household.
    "Okay mike, go and look through the window, maybe you'll see something of value"
    *comes beck "umm, there were leaves of some kind, i couldn't see anything else"
    "Okay, lets wait for the nighttime and then we'll enter"
    *they enter, lights turn on, blinding them

  5. I'm in love with your voice.
    It's actually the first time I don't regret it clicking on my recommends. 1+ sub!

  6. Just got this game myself. It was just so sad to se everything just so destroyed. That used to be somebody's home. They were happy there once.

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