House Flipper #8 -Home Office Renovation

girlfriends of the mobile entertainment and welcome to another episode of my my house flippers job today they just introduced a new update like a couple of hours ago we're very glad that you support our game if you have any feedback of one bug visitor stream group yeah in this build we want to it was first 11 newer languages and then them being English Polish French Italian German Spanish Portuguese Russian Turkish Estonian Romanian the appraiser have live comments now appraiser should be more helpful with the tips what they like what they don't like while renovating the house however we are still working on that so we'll see there's a new skill building options to faster build build more walls at the same time much more new skill handyman mounting and plastering and tiling paneling to slow now you can master it and do it fast as well a new skill negotiation option to negotiate sell house prices making orders requirements low and getting more money from your orders new tip system we're working on new readable tip system that will give you a complex information about possible into action a house management system I want to show you a first scratch of our new house management system where finally she will be able to check progress and statistics from your owns and sell houses which is something that I was waiting for a long time because it means that we can actually buy a house we can do parts of it can pull back and start again and you might be wondering why you don't hear any background noise well because I had Metallica running in the background and I can clearly not monetize that if I have Metallica was from the stream still but oh well anyways there's nothing to hear at the moment anyway now you hear the ingame sound and there's absolutely nothing so bug fixes graphic improvements optimization other improvements so we both see how this all works and now I haven't I haven't done anything in a while in this game for the simple reason that it was pretty much broken and yeah in case what again in case you haven't seen this this is the first small house the plot is 938 square metres that is not very big but more importantly this is our house like this is this is what you come home to what a pigsty so what we're gonna do today yes we are going to sell everything out of here because honestly at this house no absolutely I have no interest like the stuff is so everything is dirty and broken and old and I just I can't I can't deal with that and I don't want that picture there you go there man there there and there and there and there and there and there all this is going away oh by the way guys you probably noticed that my voice is sounding a little bit funky mmm I do apologize for that but as it as it as it stands I'm I'm a tiny little bit under the weather ah look we have if we have a new looking a not broom but what's the thing called um it's with a thing mop thing and whatever you want to call it I mean it's it's not the worst house that we've ever seen but it's definitely not the nicest either we're just gonna clean as much as we can and yeah it's really as all we can do is clean it all up and hopefully make it livable because as I said I can I can't stand now I can't stand the way this all looks that's just no way I mean yes it's our office and all and in theory well whatever nobody will ever see it but no I can't I can't I can't stand losing I can't I can't I can't stand losing I can't I can't I can't stand losing I can't I can't I can't stand losing yes oh boy yeah this all needs to be needs to be cleaned and redone actually you know what that one is going that one is going that one and F 1 and F 1 and F 1 and we can just gonna make this I don't even know why we bother to be honest cleaning this because it will be all it will be Reverb be renewed anyway now what I really do hope that we will eventually see which I don't think to this day we have that yet is good mop okay oh I have oh oh I have look at that I have an upgrade see most dirt in the mini-map yeah I'm gonna sell this now where's the dirt though hmm anyway let's buy some let's buy some some new doors what's the outside color throughout that dark so we're gonna go with a wide yeah we're gonna go with a white both just like that perfect ad looks a lot better already mm-hmm I like that okay now have the lights which he on this thing needs to be replaced I think or is it okay now it looks like it's okay that's good all right so that being said um paint painter pay pay pay pay paint paint my plants paint black cobalt I see blue pistachio green purple quartz coffee with milk oh I like that color so we're gonna be mmm let's see here yeah oh yeah I like that oh yeah most definitely there is a nice color so and then we need white and a white gray pastel white there there we go and we do for all of them make the windowsill nice and white it's a nice contrast and then we're gonna do the rest morning yellow no velvety peach mmm I want something grayish after dark gray though mmm ice blue would be nice if we could somehow mix our own colors to be honest because it gray is too dark for my liking hmm maybe maybe a sand almond yeah I think that works nicely oh oh yeah I like them and let me know in the comments below guys what you think about my renovations now clearly this is just our office so Oh oh my I was so wrong guys I was so wrong we do have floor panels now oh that is amazing that is amazing that comes just in the nick of time I take everything back that I said about this so those are the new of the new skills that you have the handyman skill I just put two points here on tiling because I think that tiling is gonna be the thing that I'm gonna do most um to be honest so and yeah you can see here now or you will see how this is a lot faster than see this is a lot faster than it used to be which is nice and here here we see we see my idea of the new bathroom um and the way I wanted to tile it which I think works well I do want to get rid of this old lamp and I'm still not sure where the where the dirt is here must be outside must be outside the outside or I don't know no don't demolish that hmm I don't know doesn't matter anyway alright almost done here with our little project all this is the first time that I'm actually assembling one of those how nice all right I like it another one very nice there we go that's what I'm talking about oh you know what I forgot tiles and here you see the final result um my my office renovation is done um obviously it doesn't give me any money but that's a cave so here we have a small kitchenette and we have a little sofa that can also become a bed we have new light appliances all through new tiles new shower um the only thing that I forgot yes is a mountable a radiator so we're going to assemble that one quickly like so and once that is done oh I actually I forgot to think things yeah those little guys have forgot to especially since this is a bathroom we want those blinds closed but yeah that's that's the renovation done on on my house now we just talk oh and quickly into the office and have a look what we find here in terms of houses hmm small Hospital plot of land for renovation fully equipped as from the 50s with original layered loved the rules for general innovation on a large plot for 29,000 a 59 house with the yarra garage for major renovation the price includes the furniture and the car of the previous owner that's actually pretty good then I think we are going by this one here next time but yeah until next time let's see what's going on cleaning the garage you need to clean the HP so I'll box travel ties don't forget the game window better and remove the tools husband doesn't like when somebody moves Minh he can't find me afterwards regards Caroline Smith Caroline we shall do that next time for now my dear friends I say thank you so much for watching yeah let me know what you think of the house in its state now or my little office building I mean it's small it's really tiny but it'll be good enough for now it has everything that you need and want so yeah that's it thanks for watching have a great day guys and God bless

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  1. Hi Alex I just got home from the statse i needid to get serjery thar im back in Canada so I'm just recovering so im gonna be here alot more 😀can you comment on my YouTube channel plz my friends don't believe me that I thaw to you

  2. Love this game, I've been waiting for months to buy it and I am so happy that it's only one more week to go. I enjoy your decor choices and the series, it's one of those games that's always entertaining to watch someone else play and is always a good watch. I love the bit at 0:27 – "If any translation missing, they will be in English. We will be very glad if you will be able to check if something in your native language is wrong translated." Ummmm… how about all of the bits in English? Out of curiosity, have you checked to see if they did as badly with the German translation?

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