hoop house greenhouse construction with bamboos |large greenhouse

ASSLAM-o-ALAIKUM evrybody i am Ahsan NAdeem and welcome to the new video of green house video series and on my channel today again i am uploading video about greenhouse,.. bamboo greenhouse we are making the roof here the making of roof is little difficult because we have to put bamboos on the top and join them by sitting up there its difficult its the most time consuming part we have to join them at many places it takes a lot of time to complete this structure there are 2 or 3 joints on every pillar after installing the bamboos on roof there will be another length of bamboo to install under roof after that we just have to put anti insec net over it everything is done i have seen a lot of bamboo structures in which the vegitable net is hanged with the roof bamboos but we are not doing like that . we are installing an additional length od bamboo under roof so there will be no weight hanging on the roof

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