Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.77 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.08.21]

(Episode 77) I’m… Going to divorce Ju Sangmi. Why are you telling me that? Right? I don’t know why I’m telling you this either. I’m pathetic, aren’t I? I don’t know. But I’m not sure a divorce is your best course of action. I was conned into marrying her. On top of that, she framed you. How can I stay with someone like that? Wouldn’t staying with her be foolish? I suppose it would be. She really was terrible to you and me. But alas, she only did it because she loves you so much. Then do you want me to give Ju Sangmi another chance? I’m not responsible for your life, so who am I to tell you what to do? I should go. What are you doing here? I’m sorry, Geumhui. What I did was very wrong. Ju Sangmi. Yes. Like you said, I did terrible things. I caused you and Junho unbearable anguish. So long as you know. Now get up. This is making me uncomfortable. Why didn’t you just tell Junho to divorce me? What? Then I wouldn’t feel so bad. Like you said, because I love Junho so much, I could’ve carried on, not giving thought to the pain I caused you. I wasn’t defending you. I was just stating my assumption. What have I done to you? Junho, I’m sorry for destroying your family. Get up. When you said you wouldn’t destroy your family, I should’ve taken you seriously. Then I wouldn’t have become obsessed with you or driven myself to destruction. And you would’ve protected Yeoreum and Geumhui. This is all my fault. I’m very sorry. What’s the use in saying all this now? I’ll do as you say. I’ll sign the divorce papers if you ask. I’ll accept it if you sue me for fraud. I’m not scared of any of that. But do you know what scares me the most? You having bad memories of me. I can bear anything else but that. Junho, I’ll do whatever you say. So please just remember the good memories. If you’re done apologizing to me, I’ll get going. This is way too uncomfortable. I apologize again, Geumhui. Get up. Thank you, Junho. You should go. Of course. I want to cling to you and ask you to give me one last chance, but that won’t do right? I’ll call once I make up my mind. Okay. I’ll go then. So what did Junho say? Will he divorce you? He will, won’t he? How dare he? Don’t worry, Mom. I think Junho will come back soon. What do you mean he will come back soon? He wouldn’t have helped me up otherwise. Can’t you speak plainly? It’s a long story. I asked you to explain. I knelt before Geumhui in front of Junho. What? Why? Why did you kneel before her? I had to in order to get Junho back. Even if that’s true, where is your pride? If I can have Junho, I can kneel a hundred times and more. Good grief. I’m so upset. What is it now? Sangmi knelt before Junho’s ex-wife. What? That seems to have softened Junho a bit, but must she go to such lengths to stay with him? Wouldn’t it be smarter to make Sangmi change her mind? Sangmi did make the smartest decision. What? It’s only right to sincerely apologize for doing wrong. And anything can be forgiven if you’re sincere. Anyway, when he comes back, I’ll make him pay for making Sangmi kneel. Don’t you dare. Where are you going? I’m sleeping in Geumju’s room. You’ll keep an eye on her even while she sleeps? You know what she’s like. She is bound to go see him once we fall asleep. How can we let her do that? She won’t do that, will she? She is more than capable. Sleep comfortably here. I’ll sleep in the living room. I’ll be nervous unless I sleep in her room. I’ll stand guard in the living room, so don’t worry. Leave it to me. Oh, please. How can I trust you when you sleep like a log? Gosh. What are you doing here? What do you think? I came to wish you and Dad goodnight. Really? But you never wish us goodnight. I get chewed out for being nice. What is that pillow for, Mom? You won’t sleep in my room, right? Do you think I want to? Gosh, Mom. So break up with him if you don’t want me in your room. Darn it. Can’t Geumju call me either? I’m dying to hear her voice. I’m not sure a divorce is your best course of action. I’ll do as you say. I’ll sign the divorce papers if you ask. I’ll accept it if you sue me for fraud. Geumdong, come here. Just a moment. – Take this. / – Okay. It’s heavy. Suyeon. Where did you go? T-To workout. Yes. You worked out all night? What? I saw you leave last night. Truth is, I was at a part-time job. Part-time job? Is it to repay my debt? Suyeon, please reconsider. You really shouldn’t leave school. Wang Geumdong. I know how hard the teaching certification exam was, so I can’t let you quit like this. Don’t you get that you’re making me uncomfortable? I know. I do… Then quit your part-time job this instant. Otherwise, I can’t stay at your house any longer. But Suyeon… Don’t make me feel any more indebted. I’m home. Hi. Did you workout? Yes. But why do you look so down? I must’ve worked out too hard. So you saw Junho, Sangmi? Yes. That’s good. Junho will probably reconsider after seeing your sincerity. Are you bringing Junho clean underwear and such? Underwear? You should tend to him even if you’re separated. Why fuss over him like that? He can buy new underwear. Yes, but men are moved by small gestures. Men love it when their wives are attentive like that. That’s why I love Yongsun. Sucheol. Yes? How can underwear be the secret to a happy marriage? Good grief. You’ve never been attentive, so how would you know? What are you talking about? Pass me the webfoot octopus. Why the webfoot octopus? Hi. You must’ve gone to workout, Sangwon. I wanted to sweat and push myself. Is something troubling you? Troubling me? Yes. I sometimes want to workout when I’m troubled. That’s why. I see. So is something troubling you? No, I’m fine. Since you worked out, let’s start the day with gusto. (Home Sweet Home Pasta) Mom. I wanted talk to Sangwon on my way in. Me? Even though you took Yeoreum camping, I didn’t even thank you as his grandmother. There’s no need. I’m the one who had a great time thanks to Yeoreum. You always know just what to say. Mom. Are you due for a haircut by any chance? Haircut? If you are, come by during your break. I’ll cut your hair. Mom. I was actually due for a haircut, so thank you. Okay. See you later then. Yes? – You wanted to see me? / – Yes. Sit. So have you thought about it? Right. It’ll be hard for you to love her again. I would feel the same if I were in your shoes. But couldn’t you try putting yourself in my shoes? While I know what my daughter did was unforgivable, I blame her desperation. Seeing how haggard she grows by the day, I wonder if you’d be willing to let it go. As a father, I am plagued by such pathetic notions. Sangmi knelt in front of you, right? The Sangmi I know never gets down on her knees for anyone. I imagine that’s just how remorseful she is. I know. It’s shameless of me to ask, but would you forgive Sangmi for my sake? Given the scale of this fiasco, I’m sure Sangmi won’t do it again. I don’t want to make a foolish decision either. What do you mean? Although my mind isn’t fully made up yet, I’ll return home for now. I don’t think it’s right to make you worry. Thanks, Junho. Thank you. I have a patient to see. You do? Okay. I didn’t think you’d want to see me, so I’m leaving this this here. But make sure you eat well while you’re at Seokho’s. Hey. Where did you go without even telling me? To the clinic to drop of Junho’s clean underwear. Must you go to such lengths? You said he’ll probably return. It doesn’t hurt to be thorough. So was Junho moved? I just left a note. After making the trip there? I figured that would be more effective. I’m going upstairs. Good grief. Gosh. Are you going out? Yes. To Junho’s clinic for facial therapy. Don’t you know Junho and his wife are separated? Of course I do. That is why you, Junho, and I are fighting over the bathroom every morning. Yet you’re going there for facial therapy? When else can I go? Junho may not be the owner’s son-in-law for long, so I must take advantage of it now. Stepmom. You must seize an opportunity when it presents itself. Once it’s gone, you have no recourse. I wouldn’t want to seize an opportunity like that. No wonder you’re mistaking President Park for a fraud. By the way, you haven’t given him money, right? Who knows? Opportunities must be seized. I’m off. Welcome. Do you have an appointment? Lucky break? Lucky break? Take a good look at me. Pardon? One day, you’ll realize it was your lucky break that you ran into me here. I’m curious. Why did you say I should consider it a lucky break that I ran into you? Because my son married into the owner’s family. Your son? You’re Dr. Han’s mother? Why are you so taken aback? I’m not sure if I should be happy or offended. If you are Dr. Han’s mother. you must be Seokho’s mother too. But of course. You know Seokho? I more than just know him. I was crazy about him. You have strange taste just like Geumju. Just like Geumju? You know Geumju too? Yes. We went to college together. Oh my. Then what is this? You lost the man you love to your college friend? What are you talking about? Hello? Isn’t this Geumju’s phone? I’m Geumju’s father. She can’t come to the phone, as she is in the middle of a shoot. I see. I’m Geumju’s friend. Could you tell her to please call me back? Wang Geumju, I got you. What are you doing? I’m taking these to Sangwon. Why make side dishes for the punk who left us? I miss him. Would you like to come with me? Why would I? He’ll only try to bite my head off if I show up. You should clear the air with him. You’re upset about it too. I’m not upset at all. I know you butt heads with Sangwon often because you love him a lot. What are you talking about? So it upsets you that he doesn’t love you back like you want him to. What are you saying? But I’m sure Sangwon feels the same way. He’s only disappointed in you because he loves you, just like I am. You’re always nice until the very end. I’m just saying that’s how I see it. I won’t go no matter what you say, okay? Too bad then. I’m off. Geez. Couldn’t she have asked me once more? I just don’t like her. Seriously. Thank you. Come again. Goodbye. Aunt Yongsun. Sangwon. What brings you here all of a sudden? I brought you side dishes. And I missed you too. Hello. It’s been a while. I saw you on TV too. You two have met? I came looking for her once to discuss about Yeoreum. I see. Anyway, let me officially introduce you both. This is my aunt, whom I love dearly. This is Ms. Wang Geumhui, my indispensable right hand. Thank you for looking out for him. He’s the one who’s always looking out for me. I should put these in the fridge. You have a lot of side dishes. Did you buy those? No. Geumhui made them for me. Geumhui did? They’re very good. Do you want to try some? I should just take these back then. Why? Just leave them here. It’s okay. You have limited space, and they will only spoil if you don’t eat them. I’ll make you more side dishes once you finish those. Okay. Thanks, Aunt Yongsun. I’m back. Why did you bring those back? Is Sangwon’s restaurant closed? No, but his fridge was brimming with side dishes. Brimming with side dishes? Sangmi’s friend, I mean, Geumhui made him lots of side dishes. What? Geumhui must be a good cook. Sangwon said they were delicious. That woman made Sangwon side dishes? I’m off to your mother’s salon. Are you sure? What do you mean? Are you only going because my mom asked even though there are better salons? The best salon is where I’m happy. Then go ahead. Okay. Get some rest. Will do. Geumhui made you side dishes yesterday? Yes. They’re so good that I’ve started rationing them. Just ask her to make you more. How can I impose like that? You’re not imposing, so just ask if you want more. If Geumhui won’t, I’ll make them for you. Thank you for the kind offer. Don’t thank me. I’d be happy to do it for life. Pardon? What? Nothing. Where are you going, Mom? What’s with her, Aunt Yongsun? I don’t know. She got mad when I said Geumhui made Sangwon food. Geumhui? Yes. We were officially introduced at the restaurant. Sangmi, are Geumhui’s side dishes something that should anger your mom? Yes. Most definitely. Ms. Heo. You’re very brazen, aren’t you? Pardon? What are you doing? Why are you tossing out perfectly good food? What? Perfectly good food? Yes. I made them all yesterday. Exactly, so why? Why are you making Sangwon side dishes? Ms. Heo. Mom. Sangwon. Thank you for coming back. Sangmi. Let’s hurry up and have a baby. Have they gone off to seal the deal? Let’s seal the deal today. By making a baby. Geumju. Let’s keep our relationship professional, Sangwon. You asked me if I’d fallen for someone, right? You have? Yes.

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  3. Nothing makes me more angry than the son and his friend not even sangmi omg!!!!!! There is a difference between being nice and being stupid

  4. Oh, Sangmi has the worst fashion sense! To think that in this drama she is daughter of rich parents! Her dresses has all been looking maternity dresses when she was not pregnant yet and after the miscarriage till recently.

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  7. GH's mom is getting on my nerves now even more than SM's mom, like we already know SM's mom is a snake, nothing she does surprises me anymore, but GH's mom is so f annoying pushing GM and SW too hard to be together who never even announced being in love with each other meanwhile trying to break the people who are actually a couple and in so much love for no f reason except her being judgmental of SH smh can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out that SW is SM brother, will she suddenly hate him and say he is a bad guy like he became another person or something, or will she just play the dirty double standards card and be like "It'S hIS sIsTeR wHo Is BaD iT dOeSn'T mEaN hE iS bAd ToO", and both reactions are dumb smh 🤦‍♀️

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