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– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. I’m Adriene, and this is Benji, and today is Day 3: Awaken. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my darling friends,
let’s begin today’s practice on all fours in
Tabletop Position. As always, take
your time getting there. Come on down,
take a deep breath in. Place your wrists
underneath your shoulders, your knees directly
underneath your hip points, and let’s start with some
spinal flexion today right away, syncing up with the breath. Inhale to drop the belly,
open the chest. And exhale to round through, drawing the
navel up chin to chest. Soften your gaze here or close your eyes
as you inhale, Cow Pose. And exhale, Cat Pose. Keep it going. Nice and slow here to start. Starting our Awaken practice with this spinal flexion, moving any stagnant energy or inviting any stagnant or stuck energy to move throughout our practice. On your next inhale, go ahead and come
to Tabletop Position. And then look
down at your hands. Spread the
fingertips super wide. Then you’re gonna
draw a little awareness in towards your center, activating your core by hugging
the low ribs up just a bit. Then slowly, nice and easy, holding on to this
connection to your midline, kick your right leg out. Dial your right toes down so we’re kind of lifting up
through the right inner thigh, and you can stay here,
inhaling deeply, exhaling completely, or we’re gonna add the
element of the left arm as Benji comes back to practice, sending the left
fingertips forward, left thumb up towards the sky. It’s as if you were kind of
shaking someone’s hand here. Already starting to
awaken the whole body, not just parts of the body,
but the whole body. Inhale in here. Exhale, draw it all in. Elbow comes in, knee comes in, and we round through the
spine just like Cat Pose. Inhale to extend. You’re not doing a lot
of these, stick with it. Exhale, round through. Last one, inhale, extend. Exhale, round through. Beautiful. Bring your left hand,
right knee back to the earth. Re-center, regroup. Find that Tabletop Position. And then when you’re ready,
hug the low ribs in. Find that connection
to your midline and begin to kick
your left foot out. Dial the left toes down. Left inner thigh
shines up towards the sky. We hold on to this connection
in our center, our core, waking up a little
bit of fire in the belly. And then here we go, option,
you can stay on both hands, or option to reach the
right fingertips forward. Right thumb towards the sky,
gaze straight down. Here we go, big inhale. Exhale, bring it in, rounding through
the spine nice and slow. Inhale to extend, spread the
fingers, spread the toes. And exhale, round it through, navel draws up, up, up. Inhale to extend, last one. Exhale, bring it all in, and return back to the table. Awesome work. Walk the hands
out a little bit wide. Rotate your upper
arm bones externally, so left upper
arm bone to the left, right upper arm
bone to the right. Curl the toes under,
take a deep breath in. And exhale, peel the hips up high, then send them back,
Downward Facing Dog. Claw through
the fingertips here. Make sure you’re
not holding the neck. Continue to hug the low ribs in, activating the abdominal wall. And then nice and easy, you’re gonna slowly bend
your right knee to center and turn to look
underneath your left arm. Big breath here in and out. Then drop the right heel, bend the left
knee as you bring it into the center of your mat. Peek at me if you need to. And then,
rotating in the spine here as you press into
both palms evenly, turn to look
underneath your right arm. Excellent, come back to center. Take a deep breath in. Exhale out through the mouth. Nice work.
Bend the knees, inhale. Carve a line with the nose. Look forward and exhale, make your way to the top. You can step, hop,
take baby steps. We’ll meet at the Forward Fold. Now take three
cycles of breath here, just letting the blood flow, inviting the nervous system to be calm. Finding your foot-to-earth
connection here. And then when you’re ready,
bend the knees generously. Belly comes toward
the tops of the thighs. Tuck your chin and roll it up. Press evenly through
all four corners of the feet as you stack up
through the spine. As you’re ready,
find that natural lift in the sternum, the heart. Relax your shoulders down,
Mountain Pose. Inhale in here. Long exhale,
awakening the breath. And on your next inhale,
let’s reach up. Reach for the sky,
big breath, big stretch. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Your version,
find that length in the neck. Exhale to soften and fold. Bend the knees, plant the palms, step one foot back,
then the other, Plank Pose. Find that core connection,
you got this. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Exhale, lower all the way
to your belly with control. On an inhale, lift up, Cobra. Can keep it nice
and soft and easy. Exhale to slowly release
forehead back down. Curl the toes under, here we go. Inhale in, exhale,
to press up Half Plank or power up full Plank. Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in here. Exhale out through the mouth. Good, bend the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to step
or hop to the top. You can take
baby steps here, too. I’m a fan. From your Forward Fold, let your inhale
lift you up halfway. Tailbone reaches back, crown
of the head reaches forward. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise, here. Spread the fingertips, ground
through the feet, here we go. Big inhale as you
reach up towards the sky, maybe a slight backbend
here as you lift your heart. And then exhale, hands
come together and back down. Observe the breath here. Connecting this journey. Each day we turn a page
into the present moment, taking the themes of recognizing our focus on
setting an intention, and now integrating those things into the practice
of awakening the body, awakening the breath. And this idea that
we have the opportunity when we step on the mat to potentially awaken
anything that might have been asleep, dormant, something that’s
capable of being active but that has been inactive. Release your hands
gently to your sides. You’re gonna
step your feet wide, about as wide as the mat. I’m gonna turn this way. So, my number
one tip for awakening that which has
been lying dormant is this next move. If you’ve been in the community
for a while, you know it. It’s called
Knocking at Heaven’s Door. You’re gonna soften your knees. Careful not to
lock the knees here so that we can protect them. So, soft knees here to start, and you’re just gonna
start with a gentle sway. If this is new to you,
it might feel a little weird, but remember your
commitment to yourself, right? Show up with all you’ve got.
It’s okay to smile and have fun. You’re gonna start to
swing a little side to side with the arms,
soft bend in the knees. And then start
to really articulate a movement left and then right, and let your gaze and your
heart and your center of gravity kind of move with you. You can start to smack
your booty a little bit. Why not? (chuckles) And again, soft in the knees. And then traditionally, we
sync up with the breath here, with a nice, sharp exhale. But for now, Day 3, I just want you to
sync up with your breath in a way that feels good. It could be inhaling to one
side, exhaling to the other. It could just be
some full, deep breaths. If you need to sigh it out, trust me, you’ll
know if you need that, then take it, baby.
This time is for you. Moving back and forth, now starting to
pick up with speed. This requires a
little bit of discipline and a willingness
to stir the pot, to move the furniture around and wake up that which has been sleeping. Alright, keep it going for 10. Keep it going, nine. Pick up your pace, eight, seven, six, it’s okay
if you’re laughing. Five, four, three, two, and on the one,
start to slow it down, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Alright, if you’re
practicing with someone and you’re kind of
giggling here, it’s okay, but let’s try to capture this
by bringing the feet together, really together,
palms together at the heart. Gaze down past your
nose or close your eyes and just notice how you feel. See if you can
feel any sensation that might have been stirred. We’re also inviting
the brain and the body to make this agreement
that our daily practice is not just about
gross movements, you know, these surface
level muscle-building, toning, trimming actions, although those are
awesome and important. But there’s this
whole inner world to prioritize, to awaken, and to pay attention to, because if we are not actively
paying attention to it, it can fall asleep. And when it falls asleep, it just reacts to
your external world. Just constant state of reaction. Whoa, okay bat
your eyelashes open. If you’re not already
at the top of your mat, go ahead and step there. Big inhale, let’s catch a wave.
Reach for the sky. Exhale, rain it down,
Forward Fold. Inhale halfway lift,
your version. Move with your breath. Exhale to soften
and fold it down. Plant the palms,
step the right foot back. Step the left foot back. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward, squeeze the elbows
into the side body. Exhale, lower all
the way to your belly. Inhale to lift up,
Bhujangasana, Cobra. Exhale to soften and release. Good, curl the toes under. You’re gonna press
to all fours, here. Inhale, kick the
right leg out again. Left arm forward. Inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna
bend your right knee, bend your left elbow. Hug onto the midline. Maybe we reach back,
grab the top of the right foot. Now slowly begin to
kick your right foot out. Open up through
the left shoulder. Big breath in as
you look forward. And then exhale to release. Nice. Inhale, kick the left foot out. We can work on this
with just the lower body, opening the lower body,
playing here, kicking up. Otherwise, sending the
right fingertips forward. Bend your left knee,
bend your right elbow. Strong connection
to your core here, as you maybe reach back, grab the top of your left foot. Here we go. Inhale, opening as
you kick the left foot out towards the back edge of
your mat and open the chest, heart energy radiates forward. Nice, and then slowly release
with control best you can, right into Downward Dog. Plant the palms,
curl the toes under, lift the hips up
high and back. Nice work. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale, empty it
out through the mouth. Nice. Inhale, right leg lifts. Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift it forward. Squeeze the right knee up
into the chest as you do this, and then step it all the way up. Beautiful. Pivot on the
back foot this time. Take your time, front knee
bent over front ankle. Hands come to the waistline,
ground through the feet. Tuck the chin,
roll up to Warrior I. Front knee stays bent. Yeah, do a little hair toss,
check it out. Hug the low ribs in. Back toes are turned in, so we wanna
actively turn them in so that this left shin,
knee, femur, hip socket, all can snuggle in. That’s how we eventually
get the hips moving forward. Pull the right hip crease back. Front knee is still
over that front ankle. Hands can stay on
the waistline here or we’ll spread the fingertips,
inhale, rise up. Warrior I, Virabhadrasana I. Give yourself a
lot of space here. Open up through the shoulders, so imagine that big beach
ball up and overhead again. Great, head over heart, heart
over pelvis here, best we can. That’s what we’re working
towards from the inside out, this sensation kind of
guiding the way, right? Awakening is a process. It’s not something
like, check, I’m awake, although, well, no. Okay. Warrior I for one more breath.
Maybe inhale, you look up. Use your exhale to
slowly bring it back down into a nice, low lunge. You’re gonna slow and
steady pivot on the back foot. Bring your fingertips
down to the earth. Inhale, open the
chest to look forward. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back. Go straight to Downward Dog
or take a little flow here, a little vinyasa.
It can be belly to Cobra, Chaturanga
to Upward Facing Dog. We’ll meet all together
now in that Downward Dog. Find that nice,
full breath here. And when you’re ready, inhale, lift the left leg
up high, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift it
forward from center. Squeeze the left knee up
and in, and then step it up. Find your breath. When you’re ready,
pivot on the back foot. Keep those right toes turned in. Build it from the ground up. Pull the left hip crease back. Hands come to the waistline. Tuck the chin, roll up, keeping that front
knee over the front ankle. Strong legs. Good, hug the low ribs in. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Keep the hands on
the waistline, here, or with a big inhale,
spread the fingertips. So, active in the fingertips, reach up high towards the sky,
thumbs back, pinkies forward. Big beach ball up and overhead. Press into the outer
edge of your right foot. Sink a little deeper
into that front knee, front knee over front ankle. We’re working in that way,
working towards that. Maybe for this last breath, you draw some
energy up from the earth. Lift up from the pelvic floor, and then maybe take your gaze
all the way up towards the sky. Breathe in.
And then exhale, rain it down nice and
slow and with control, pivoting on the back foot. We say it all the
time here in the community, but how you move matters. It’s not just what you do,
but how you do it. So, moving with control,
that’s a great practice to really honor that. Inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Big hip stretch, here. Exhale, last time. Plant the palms, belly to Cobra, Chaturanga to Up Dog, or you can go
straight to Downward Dog. Move with your breath. Find what feels good. We’re gonna meet
in that Downward Dog. It’s the last one,
so make it awesome. When you get there, take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day. Inhale. And exhale. Great, slowly
lower to the knees. Bring them together and
then send the hips back, dragging the
fingertips along your sides to fold into oneself here
in Balasana, Child’s Pose. When you land here, close
your eyes and count them out, three full breaths. If this shape is
not good for you, then make an adjustment, maybe coming to
your back or seated. Three full breaths. Noticing how they can move you. Maybe feeling the
skin of the back body stretch as you breathe in. Noticing the softening of
the torso as you breathe out. After your three breaths, slowly reach the arms back out towards the
front edge of your mat. Use this
hand-to-earth connection and this awareness of
your center of gravity to draw you back up. This time, we’re gonna
cross one ankle over the, one ankle over the other,
sorry, (chuckles) and then come through mindfully
using your hands to a seat. Then send your legs out long. Reach the fingertips forward, and here we go. Slow and with control,
nice and easy, you can point the toes. Sometimes that’s
a little bit easier. And just check
in with your core. Awaken the core nice and easy. Be kind if your legs fly up. Laugh, all good. Life is good. Nice and slow. When your back
finally kisses the mat, remember that
image of your yoga mat kind of rising up to
meet your back body. You can center
yourself on the mat. Then we’re gonna bring
just the right knee up, just the right knee.
Keep the left leg extended, but start to activate
through that left foot as if you were pressing
into an imaginary wall. Then rotate the right ankle
one way, and then the other. Take a deep breath in. Send that breath
down into your belly. And then on an exhale, you’re gonna
take your right knee and guide it across your body towards the left
side of your mat, coming into a Supine Twist. Go ahead and open up
through the right arm. You can take it all
the way out in extension or maybe bend the
elbow if that feels right. And then last but not least, take a deep breath in and exhale to turn
onto your right ear. Close your eyes and breathe. So much love for
the spine here with every conscious
breath here in the twist. There’s so much we can do
for the systems of the body and the balance, equilibrium of the inner world. It’s not always
Chaturangas and core workouts, although those are comin’! Some people are like, “Yay,”
some people are like, “No!” Trust me, trust yourself,
trust the process. Here we go, coming all
the way back to center. Right leg extends, and
we’ll bring the left knee in. Putting a little
rotation with the ankle one way and then the other. Keep a nice, active breath here. And inhale, breathe
deep into your belly and use your exhale to
gently guide your left knee across the body, over towards the
right side of the mat into your Supine Twist here. Again, left arm can
extend in full extension, or maybe you bend the elbow, eventually coming on to the left ear. Now try to soften your jaw,
soften your gaze, and breathe
down into your belly. So wonderful for
the digestive organs. Balancing all of
that stomach chi. So wonderful for the spine. Try to keep your
shoulders relaxed and listen to the
sound of your breath here for one more cycle. Great. From center, so from
a place of connection, start to bring it
all the way back in. We’re gonna hug both
knees up into the chest, now. And bring your hands,
your palms, rather, to your kneecaps, and you’re just gonna
slowly straighten the arms, draw your knees towards
the front edge of your mat. If you want to, you can kick
your feet a little bit here, just creating a little balance in the spine here. And then slowly allow
your feet to come to the earth. Extend one leg
and then the other. Hands are gonna come
gently to rest at your sides, palms face up. Close your eyes. ♪ Make a wish ♪ ♪ And blow out the candlelight ♪ I’m gonna stop there so I
don’t lose you on this journey. Take a second to
rest your sweet heart. Awakening is a process. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about, we’ll talk about activating. But today, may you
provide yourself the opportunity to just think about and meditate
on what it means to awaken, and what might be
calling or whispering your name from within to be awakened, and if nothing else,
we got a great stretch. We took care of our
body today, physical body. Life is good. Let’s bring the palms together, thumbs up to the third eye,
that inner teacher. Point of intuition. I love you. Thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy with me and all of the folks practicing. Day 3 in the books. Take a deep breath in. And we finish with Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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    I made it out for a 5k run today and did day 3 after, which was the perfect combination, as my body was already feeling alive and joyful. Today's theme made me reflect back on when I first started Yoga with Adriene. It's startling to realize how numb inside I once was; words like "awakening" can be a somewhat abstract concept, when you're in that "sleepwalking" phase. Yoga gave me the glimmers that led me to a more intuitive, felt understanding of what it means to be awake in our life. I wish this for every human being, a gentle dusting off of our old patterns, to shine the light in the dark places, and walk through with more wonder and awe.

    And it progresses! This – using the YouTube comments as a sort of written diary of my journey – is an interesting change for me! I've long been a lurker in online spaces. As I continue the journey of awakening, I choose to participate and create, knowing that my contribution is worthwhile 🙂

    Lastly, sharing this Ram Dass lecture – "It's all yoga" – https://www.ramdass.org/here-and-now-142-yoga/

    Namaste, y'all! Much love to the community and to the gift of life. Wishing you all graceful acceptance of the gifts within the present moment.

  46. Started in a bit of a fit as I couldn't find my migraine meds but started anyways and I think the knocking on heavens door was going to be the death of me at first but I think I must have spun the thing right out of my head. Hope I didn't spin too much else out. When we were standing still afterwards i had my eyes closed and I had the feeling I was looking into a sort of vortex in my minds eye. Awakening? xo

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