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– Howdy everyone,
welcome to Home, your 30-day yoga journey. I’m Adriene and this is Benji, and today is day two: Intend. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my darling friends. Welcome back. Let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. As you’re ready,
sit up nice and tall and right away, tuck the chin, lengthen through
the back of the neck and begin to notice your breath. Settle in. If you’re comfortable,
close your eyes, or maybe soften your gaze gently down past your nose. Relax your shoulders. And as you’re ready,
slowly bring the hands together, Anjuli Mudra. This prayer position,
if you will, of the heart. Today’s session is an
important one, in my opinion. Because it helps us cultivate and create
meaning behind the movement. I also really
love giving intention or the invitation to intend it’s own day because to me, it’s so important in helping us
remember and recognize that we have the
power to cultivate and amplify the things
that we want to see through, the things we want
to see to fruition. So take a deep breath in here, and as you exhale,
just drop your hands a little bit down in front of
your figurative heart space as you bow your head down. And it’s in this shape
that at the very least, you start to get a
really awesome stretch in the back of the neck. But there’s also
an opportunity here to really see if you can set an intention. Something positive
that will serve you in this process. Is there something
you want to cultivate? Continue to
gently deepen the breath as you ask
yourself this question. What do you want to cultivate? What do you want to amplify? What would you
like to see through? Begin to
elongate your inhalations and extend your exhalation. What you intend can be simple. But what you
intend is always potent. For our thoughts
and words matter. They help shape our reality. A couple more breaths here to just see what you land on. Trust that whatever comes up is good. Perhaps it’s
simply I choose to be the best version of myself. Sweet. Then take a deep breath in. As you exhale, confirm it, consider it already done,
already so. And then slowly
bat the eyelashes open. Lift your head up,
stack up through the spine, lift through the
crown of the head, fingertips come to your sides. Here we go, press
the left palm down, inhale, reach the right
fingertips up and overhead. See if you can keep
your intention with you as you move
through this practice, whatever that means to you. Alright, pull the
right thumb back, maybe gaze up towards the sky, smell your armpit, and then slowly
come back to center and switch to the other side. Right hand down,
inhale, left arm up. Big side body stretch here. I love this idea of really focusing on intention, because it definitely changes the quality of your practice. It influences the way you move. Come back to center. We’re gonna bring
the palms together, Anjuli Mudra, and then
take the fingertips down here. Fingertips down, elbows wide. See if you can lift
up through the chest, you might have
begun to collapse here. Totally normal, we’re
slowly building muscles to support the
spinal column here in the seated position.
You’ve got this, for three, two, on the one,
draw the fingertips up, interlace the fingers
then press the palms forward, then continue the
journey all the way up. Press your palms all
the way up towards the sky, big breath, big stretch
as you lift your heart and exhale to break free. Wiggle the fingertips,
rain it down. Beautiful, come forward onto
all fours, Tabletop Position. Find your foundation
and when you’re ready, dropping the belly,
opening the chest, taking a big sip of air in. Exhale, rounding
through the spine, chin to chest,
really emptying it out. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. And exhale, round through. Now you are gonna take it away. You’re gonna take the reins and begin to move
through this Cat-Cow. And if you’d like,
as you’re ready, you can already start to veer off the railroad tracks when it feels right, so that means using the
structure as a starting point and then
following your intention using this idea of recognizing and responding to
influence your movement. Checking your body. Excellent, then bring it
back to a nice neutral spine. Take a deep breath
in and as you exhale, drop the elbows
where the hands are. Puppy Posture,
walk the knees back. Heart-to-earth Pose. Tailbone up towards the sky, elbows really stay in line
with the shoulder, remember, as we melt the heart
down towards the earth, big shoulder opener here. Claw through the fingertips,
take a deep breath in. As you exhale,
melt your heart down. One more cycle of breath here. Exhale. Beautiful, from here,
press into the tops of the feet, carve a line with the nose
as you dig into the elbows, you’re gonna slide all
the way through to your belly. So nice and slow. Beautiful,
press into the elbows, again, they’re right
underneath the shoulders here. Hips come to the earth, we press into the
tops of the feet firmly, as we start to open
up through the chest. Keep the back of the
neck nice and long here. So careful not to clench. Tuck the chin,
lengthen, Sphinx Pose. Breathe deep here, breathe into all
four sides of your torso. Really fill the lungs with air. Excellent. Then carve a
line with your nose, past your right shoulder. And then back through center, breathe, breathe, breathe, and over past
your left shoulder, dig into your right elbow. Good, bring it back to center. Here we go, guys. A little bit of core every day,
we got this. Remember your
intention is you breathe in, exhale, curl the toes under, hug the low ribs
up and into start, then keep that journey as you lift the
navel, up, up, up. Reach the heels back,
now we’re in Forearm Plank. You got this.
Gaze straight down. Breathe deep here,
you’re here for five, press away from your yoga mat. Four, three, you got this, two and one. Beautiful, slowly bring
the knees back to the earth. Lift back up onto the palms,
Tabletop Position. Awesome work. Inhale in.
Exhale, breathe out. Good, curl the toes under, walk the hands out,
inhale in again. And exhale to lift up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale out through
the nose or mouth here as you find soft, easy
movement that feels good. Excellent, bend the knees, inhale to look forward. Exhale to step
or hop to the top. Take your time. Feet hip width apart or
flush together, your choice. Take a second here. Standing Forward Fold. A nice moment to just
calm the nervous system. Let go of the day thus far. Invite yourself into whatever’s going on now,
into the present moment. Your present state of being. Great, then
ground through the feet, bend your knees a little more,
you’ve got this, tuck the chin and slowly roll it up,
stacking through the spine. Mountain Pose,
stand up nice and tall. Right away, big inhale
to reach the fingertips all the way up, big stretch. Exhale, palms kiss together and we’re gonna slice
right down the midline, Forward Fold all
the way back down. Good, inhale, find that flat back position,
your version. Lengthen through the neck, pull the shoulders back,
away from the ears, and exhale to soften and fold. From here, bend the knees,
plant your palms, step one foot back first,
then the other. Right away here,
listen to your body. Recognize, stay
true to your intention. Keep the knees
lifted or lower them for a little bit
of Half Plank here. We want to create a nice, strong line of awareness
from the crown to the tail. We want to make
sure the breath is full. We’re here for three, two, slowly, on the one, hug
the elbows into the side body. Lower all the way down
to the belly with control. Then squeeze the elbows in, tuck the chin, inhale,
Baby Cobra. Good, exhale to release. Curl the toes under. Inhale in again. Exhale the press up
to Plank or Half Plank. Inhale. Exhale, hips up high and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Bend the knees. Let your hip creases really
reach up towards the sky here as you generously
bend your knees. Good, then drop
the heels to the earth. They don’t have to touch. They don’t even
have to come close. Straighten through the legs,
drop the heels, just let them become heavy. And on your next breath in, inhale with the right leg up
high, Three-Legged Dog, whoa. Inhale in again here,
big breath. Use your exhale to
bend your right knee, shift it forward,
step it all the way up into a nice low lunge. Lower the back knee,
just like we did yesterday. Front knee over front ankle, and just take a second here. Find your breath. Good, inhale to open the chest,
look forward. Exhale to peel the
right hip crease back, flex your right
toes towards your face. Good, rolling
through your right foot. Shift it all the way forward. Maybe option here to lift that
back knee, nice low lunge. Inhale to open
your chest forward. Exhale to plant the palms, step the right toes back,
Plank Pose. Inhale to look forward, shift forward on
the toes this time. Exhale, squeeze the
elbows into the side body and slowly lower all the way
to the belly with control. Inhale, Cobra, maybe it gets
a little higher, maybe not. Exhale, soften and fold. Curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale to press up
to Plank or Half Plank. Inhale in again here,
long, beautiful neck. Exhale, send it up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Good, bend the knees generously. Lift the hip creases
up towards the sky so it sits up towards the sky. Good, then straighten the
legs, let the heels get heavy. Nice, inhale, slide your left
leg up an imaginary wall. Three-Legged Dog. Alright, take one more deep
breath in here, you got this. On your exhale, use the exhale to draw your navel up and in,
find your core, step that left
foot all the way up. And if it doesn’t
make it at any time, you could always
just guide it up there. It’s all good, be kind. Lower the right
knee to the earth. Front knee over front ankle,
that one is important. Inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Big stretch here in the hips. And then exhale,
peel the left hip crease back, flex your left
toes towards your face, slight bend in that left knee. Good, then rolling
through the left foot. Come all the way back through. Option here to keep the
right knee on the ground or power it up, lift it up, reach the right heel back. Good, inhale to open the chest. Look forward, you got this. Exhale to plant the palms, step the left toes back. Strong and steady. Knees lowered or lifted. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Come forward on the toes, squeeze the elbows into
the side body, with control. Slowly lower
down to the belly. Yes, press into the
tops of the feet, here we go. Inhale, Cobra. Lift your heart. Exhale, soften and fold. Inhale in here, look down,
curl your toes under. Exhale the press up
to Half Plank or Plank. Inhale in again
here, big, full breath. Exhale, hips up high and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful, bend your knees, inhale to look forward. Exhale to step
or hop to the top. Inhale, lifts you up halfway. That flat back position,
find the length in the neck. Good, and then soften and fold
everything back in and down. Root to rise here,
soft bend in the knees. Here we go, inhale,
big stretch all the way up towards the sky, heart lifts. Maybe you take
your gaze all the way up. And then exhale,
capture something, bring it back
down to your heart. Relax your shoulders,
observe your breath. So it might seem
a little bit foreign or even a bit cheesy to (laughs) keep
reminding yourself to come back to your intention. But the more we kind of practice why we’re taking a whole day to really study this idea, the more we practice
moving with intention, a thoughtfulness, the more likely we’re
gonna have these tools when we need
them the most, right? On the mat, in a hard posture, or on a day that we
didn’t really want to show up, or off the mat. Maybe you become angry or upset. Do we have the
practice under our belt to be thoughtful? To pay attention and recognize
that our thoughts and words are important and our intentions
can cultivate or amplify the things we want to manifest. This versus just being in a
reactive state all the time. Find a soft
bend in your knees, go ahead and drop the
fingertips down to come up. Here we go, inhale,
catch a wave, reach for the sky,
big breath, big stretch. Exhale, palms kiss together, we slice it right down
the middle, Forward Fold. Excellent, inhale, halfway lift, your version, find length, working to create a
healthy flow of energy that runs up and down the spine. And then exhale, Forward Fold. Excellent, plant the palms, step or hop it back,
Plank Pose. Inhale, then look forward,
shift forward, squeeze the elbows in,
this time Belly to Cobra, or maybe Chaturanga is
in your practice already. Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. You do your version. Find a heart
opener as you breathe in. And then use your exhale to make your way back
to Downward Facing Dog. Good, in Downward Dog, let’s
take a big breath in together. Here we go, inhale,
in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Beautiful, inhale,
lift your right leg up high, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, step it forward, all the way, nice, low lunge. Lower the back knee. Here we go, taking
the arms all the way up towards the sky this time. Inhale, lift it up, big
beach ball up and overhead. Back toes can be
curled or uncurled, but you’re gonna want a lot of
attention in that back foot. Great, inhale in here,
just check it out. Then exhale, rain it down. Beautiful. Curl your left toes under,
lift your back knee. Step the right foot back,
Plank or Half Plank. You’re gonna go
right to Downward Dog here, hips up high and back. Good, inhale in here. Nice cleansing breath.
Exhale, empty it out. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. You’re doing great. Exhale, shift it all
the way forward, step it up. Lower the back knee,
Crescent Lunge, here we go. Nice and easy,
just checking it out. Inhale, sweep the arms up
and overhead, big stretch, big breath. Good, lots of
awareness in that back foot. When you’re ready, rain it down. From here, lift the back knee, plant the palms, step it back,
final Plank here. We’re getting strong. Try to knit your low belly and your upper abdominals
in towards the center. So this is lifting
up through the navel. You’re here for three, You’re here for two, you’re awesome, one. Slowly lower the
knees to the ground. Bring them as
wide as your yoga mat. Bring the big toes to touch, send your hips back. And yay, our first official Extended Child’s Pose together. Forehead comes down. You decide what
feels best here on Day 2. Active arms,
reaching the fingertips towards the
front edge of your mat, or maybe a bit of a surrender. Can also take
the palms together, walk the elbows in just a bit, and take the palms just up
and over the back of the neck. We call this Namaste Shark Fin. I don’t know if
that’s your thing or not, but it’s my thing. (laughs) Take a deep breath in. Try to relax anything that might be catching. So this could be
a physical gesture or maybe you’ve
been carrying around some weight. Maybe we can use this
process here together to choose to let go of
some of that weight, some of that stuff
you’ve been carrying around so that we can
consciously make space for the things
we want to manifest, for the things we intend
to cultivate and amplify. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely as
you release the palms back to the earth
if they’re lifted. Begin to rise back up, carving a little
line with the nose. Again, this is the kitty cat
like pushing a ball of yarn. Integrating the neck,
we’re gonna come back up, walk the knees
underneath the hips, swing the feet to one side,
any side, side saddle, and you’re gonna
come all the way through to lie on the back here. When you get there, go ahead and hug your
knees into your chest. Give yourself a big hug and create some space between the vertebrae
by lifting the tailbone all the way up towards the sky, really lifting,
lifting, lifting, and then if it’s
okay in your body, please experiment
with bringing the nose up towards the ceiling
and then towards your knee. So they don’t
have to come close, but it’s just the intention again, creating some space
between the vertebrae here. Try to keep your
shoulders relaxed. Tailbone’s lifting. Nose is lifting up and then in towards the knees. Deep breath in.
Long breath out. Deep breath in, long breath out. Beautiful. Slowly lower back to the earth, let your feet
kiss the mat softly. Heels up towards
the sits bones here, palms kiss the mat. Alrighty, so today,
after you find your foundation of your hands and feet, see if you can actively
snuggle your shoulder blades in and underneath
your heart space. Then from here,
with a strong foundation, our foundation
being that which is touching the earth
here physically, here we go. We’re gonna ground, start to lift through the tail, lift the hip points up slowly. Shins move forward. You can imagine kind of
squeezing an imaginary block. That was redundant,
but it still works. Imagine squeezing
an imaginary block between your inner thighs. Keep your gaze up, then chest lifts
towards the chin, allowing the hips to
maybe rise a little higher and then chin
up towards the sky, create a little space for that throat chakra,
perfect for today’s theme. Now breathe into all
four sides of the torso. You’re doing great. And if you want, you can
interlace the fingertips now underneath, maybe the
walking the shoulder blades a little bit
more closer together. Shins forward, hips up high. Take one more
full breath in here. And then exhale,
start with the fingertips, releasing the bind, resist the urge to
just drop down here. Take it nice and slow. Working with intention, this quality of movement
that is controlled. Great, hips land nice and easy. We’ll walk the feet together,
open the knees wide. Interlace the fingertips, bring your hands
now behind your head, elbows wide so that
the arms and the legs are mirroring each other. Extend the elbows, excuse me, yeah, extend the
elbows out left to right. Extend your thumbs. Give yourself a little massage
here on the back of the neck. Soften through your belly,
close your eyes. A little massage moment here. Yes. Good, then inhale in. On the exhale, lift your head,
your neck, your shoulders. You’re gonna slowly
look between the legs, engaging your abdominal
wall here but not crunching. So keep a little space, as if you were
holding like a lemon between your chin and
your chest, a big lemon. Nice and easy. Should feel the
abdominal wall turn on here. And then keep lifted. See if you can lift
your shoulders a little more. Release the bind, fingertips are gonna reach towards the
front edge of the mat. Beautiful. Thumbs up, pinkies down,
reaching, reaching, reaching. See if you can reach a little
higher, a little further. Reach, reach, reach. For three, two, little higher, and release on the one. Awesome, bring your fingertips to the outer edges of the legs. Kiss the knees together. Hug the knees up into
the chest one more time. Inhale in here. Exhale, you’re gonna
take the soles of the feet now to the earth, but walk
them as wide as your mat. Allow the knees to
kiss together and touch. We’re gonna end in this
constructive rest posture, so now the hip socket
is getting nice and snuggly. We’re finding this
internal rotation here. Bring your left
hand to your heart, right hand to your belly. Inhale lots of love in, close your eyes
as you sigh it out. Day 2 of 30. Adding the layer of intention. Why is it important? Find stillness. Just allow yourself
to be here in the moment for one more cycle of breath. Thank you so much for
sharing your valuable time and energy with me and all of the beautiful people practicing around the world. Gently bring the palms together. Thumbs up,
towards your forehead. Inhale in deeply. From my home to yours Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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  40. This is my day 2 and after yesterday's session of yoga I felt good so thank you #adriene for the wonderful session.. namaste🙏

  41. It took a lot to get me off the couch today but I’m so glad I did. I want to cultivate consistency on this journey. It is a journey worth sticking with 🥰

  42. I was suffering from a major headache and stress from the day (convinced myself to show up anyway). I'm so thankful that I got to end my day with this intention that not only made my headache disappear, but put my day back into a more positive perspective. Thank you for this time. (:

  43. I have a 5 year old and 4 month old twins, I am exhausted but determined to give myself some time. Self care is important 😀

  44. I intended to find balance in my postures. I ended up having to find balance within my own thoughts, I became frustrated because my wrist problems have been acting up and it was causing discomfort and even pain in some poses. I decided to take a step back, massage my hand and focus on my breathing and remember my intention. I continued the practice but found comfortable variations 😌 Find what feels good ✌🏻

  45. I intend to show up, to be present, even when fear or doubt about the process creep in.

    I started this to show myself I can, to challenge my anxiety in a way that can help me heal. When things work I tend to find a way to self sabotage, and the thoughts come: what if, what if, what if. This is a weight I've been carrying for four years. But I choose to keep going.

  46. So good to set mu intentions for this practice and my New Year. Thank you Adriene for your guidance, encouragement and acceptance. ONWARD!

  47. Have fallen away from my practice after having two babies. Excited to be back and have this restart in 2020. This channel blesses me so much and I know I am not the only one. Thank you for your heart and passion! 😘

  48. Day 2 done! I'll admit to not being able to do a full plank or some of the full length holds but I would do the knees plank for the most part and I would do a second or two of the full length holds a couple of times. I am trying to be kind to myself and view those little holds I manage before collapsing as progress because with each second I hold myself up, my body gains a little bit more strength and my 2020 journey to healing and helping myself begins with those one second holds that I can build on 😀

  49. Day 2: It's about 11 pm and I just completed this one after a really long day of school and about 4 1/2 hours total of rehearsal after that. My back and neck were killing me after playing for so long but I feel so much better.

  50. Day 2 in the books. Feeling empowered and strong. We got this y'all. 2020 will be our best year yet. Manifest that shit! ♡♡♡

  51. This one was easier for me to do than yesterday's because I think I'm getting back in the right frame of mind to practice yoga every day. This was fantastic. Thank you!

  52. today, I really felt so joyful in this practice!! honestly I've been trying to do yoga for a while now but today something clicked and I really felt so loved and excited to be here. I could feel my body and for the first time in a while it felt really right and I am so thankful for this practice!!!

  53. Just finished day 2! My intention was to accept my body where it’s at. Not every pose felt amazing and at first my wrists really hurt but something special happened midway thru when I just decided to challenge and modify where I am at. Ready for day 3 with everyone!

  54. After practicing with you for so long, Adriene, I start to use the same phrases in my head that you do during your instruction! Like "veer off the railroad tracks." Really makes me feel connected! Namaste, and see everyone tomorrow.💜

  55. I am joining this channel for the Home aeries on the recommendation of a friend. I want to build my practice as I’ve dabbled in and out of yoga for almost 3 years now, so my intention is discipline in serving myself. I want to build a fitness habit I have never had for my health and wellness and so it was good to reaffirm that today. Thanks!

  56. Thank you so much for day 2 Adriene! This was a perfect flow to end my day. Quick question, I have a past shoulder injury that makes puppy posture a little uncomfortable. What pose would you recommend I use as a replacement?

  57. To anyone who may be struggling on the mat today… I encourage you to continue your journey. You are not alone. I am on day 33 of daily yoga and found this one to be quite a challenge. It is okay to modify poses, find what feels good. Pause the video, take a breather, but don't give up on yourself. You can do this. Namaste.

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