20 thoughts on “[HD] Enterprise vs The Swarm | Star Trek Beyond

  1. The Enterprise must have some strange command systems. If the Warp Drive is destroyed or disabled it should surely switch straight over to Impulse, even in a situation like this, to ensure the ship retains motive power in case of disaster, but here Scotty is left frantically working to reroute power to get Impulse back online while the ship is under attack? I presume the damage to the ships systems from the Warp Drive being physically torn loose of the ship caused systems failures across the ship, not unreasonably. But… There was a time the ships shields would have prevented physical attacks on the ship until the shields were breached, even if rammed short of a ship a lot more powerful than Krall's whole fleet. Guess they don't have those any longer…

  2. In most other ST series they would have simply initiated auto-destruct if warping out was no longer possible and ended this pointless fight. And what someonelse mentioned, remote detonate the torpedoes would have worked too.

  3. Old school phasers were not cum blobs of energy being shot but were energy/particle weapons with large long lasting destructive beams. Old school phasers would have wiped up much of or most of this swarm.

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