Hack #10: Multiply Productivity with Outsourcing & Virtual Assitance – (Business Growth Guide)

hey guys what's up welcome to the business growth guide my name is Bobby and I'm with the local objective so you're probably wondering what is this business growth guide all about so over the years a ton of my friends clients and family have asked me you know what are some different tools and resources and things that I can use for my business to help get to the next level and so what I've done is I've taken all of my favorite tips templates guides and over 20-plus different resources to really help you guys get your business to the next level so let me show you guys what this growth guide is all about so hack number 10 is outsourcing and outsourcing is really about taking advantage of other people's time and getting the best results possible in the short amount of time so when we talk about outsourcing two of the top reasons for how sourcing is to reduce cost and focus on court so when running any business the most important thing is to continue to refine our business and continue to improve on it so we want to refine by cutting costs reducing you know unnecessary cost and taking advantage of you know sometimes it's cheap labor sometimes it's just quality professional skills that we really need to take advantage of and one of the biggest things is you know when we talk about focusing on the core as a business owner we want to make sure that we're really focusing on the key principles that we want to provide right so if we're a gym we want to make sure we're doing giving the best training possible right we may not want to focus on actually acquiring some of our clients we would rather focus on just you know training our clients so that's super important if we're a dental office we want to make sure that we're actually doing our best to you know service these dental patients as opposed to maybe acquiring them or maybe as opposed to doing some data entry that's necessary for a restaurant say you have a list of emails and you need to make sure that you get them into your email folder you can actually hire a sorcerer to do that because that's a super simple task that you shouldn't be spending your timeline so we also talked about improved quality so improve quality is one of the biggest things that's often overlooked when we talk about outsourcing improving quality is important because we want to actually take advantage of someone else who is highly skilled in a particular region and allow them to do what they do best right allow them to do their job and actually improve the quality of whatever task that is so for example a lot of smart clients hired me and they say hey you know I don't want you to our market I want you to focus on customer acquisition for us which allows them to actually just run their business so it's smart because this is what I do and so why not have someone who is a professional actually take advantage of that time and those skills so the biggest thing the biggest way I can show this is you know someone who tries to do it marketing themselves it may cost them $10 to acquire our customer and say two hours right it took them two hours to acquire one customer and it costed up $10 so someone like me who is on the cutting edge of all the new technology strategies and skills when it comes to marketing it may only take me you know $5 in an hour to actually acquire one customer so now you cut costs 50% and you've cut time 50% which is super super important now when we actually double that time we spend $10 and we've acquired two customers right so that is how you want to look at how sourcing it's increasing the speed to market it fosters innovation when you have one job and you have one job that's being focused on by one person and then you have your job that's being posed focused on just you it's gonna allow you to just focus on that and that's super important it's serving capital obviously as well these are some ways to outsource you know there's tons and tons of ways to outsource depending on what the particular job is so when my favorite ways is virtual assistants will use bas to actually do a lot of the mundane tasks that we need sometimes it's clippings editing some simple simple tasks and sometimes we just need them to rewrite stuff we just need them to transcribe stuff you know some of the things that we don't want to spend a lot of our time doing we can actually hire people from like the Philippines to actually do this and so I'm gonna actually show you guys a resource for some super super affordable virtual assistants that we can get from the Philippines where as opposed to paying someone in the u.s. $15 $12 an hour you could pay somewhere to you know five $7 sometimes even less over there and you know they're gonna do the same thing so some of the other things that we can really focus on how sourcing we can do video photo promo agencies there are accounting bookkeeping web design photo and image editing inventory marketing SEO social media management content strategy photography customer support order fulfillment these are tons of different there are millions of different things that you can outsource and there are millions of different ways that you can outsource it so really it's about breaking down the things that you don't need to be doing that you don't focus on and actually allowing someone else to do it you can even house ourselves your sales process so just to go into VA is a bit more things to remember is you want to outsource the mundane tasks that don't require a ton of creativity so these people are very very smart a lot of them very educated but the creativity is a little bit different when you're working with people outside of the country if you're using a VA that's local is from the US then it's a lot easier to actually you know match up a lot of things that are very similar to our country obviously because they are in it but you want to make sure that you're actually being smart with the things that you outsource you don't want to give super creative tasks to virtual assistants so when you start working with virtual assistants you want to make sure that you're extremely specific on the tasks that you're giving so you want to actually do whatever you can do to actually make this very simple and specific for them a lot of times tasks will kind of be just given to v—aids and they're not explained very well you want to make sure that you're very thorough because you don't want any issues you want to go over any of the humps that they might come across any other challenges that they might be provided with and really just make sure that this is a very seamless process and that will really help you get the best quality out of the tasks so like I said before you can hire local or overseas based on the task or service you can find virtual assistants all over the world and pretty much any country the Philippines is one of the best places just because you have very skilled people in a place that has a very very low e economy so one of my favorite places to find virtual assistants is Casa bullet so when working with TAS bullet not only do you have a virtual assistant that handles each task but they actually connect you with your very own task manager and this manager is actually the one that will communicate with you whenever you need something you know that there's any issues or anything you'll have one person but they pretty much allow each task to go to whichever virtual assistant is best vetted for that specific task right so someone who's doing simple drag-and-drop work is going to be a little bit different than someone who's doing maybe some simple editing or some simple writing as well so that's the really awesome part you're not going to only have one virtual assistant you pay for you know each hour you actually they allow you to pay for a bucket of hours which is pretty cool as well so you'll pay for say 20 hours ends up being like you know I think like seven bucks an hour or so and it's super affordable but the bucket our system actually allows you to only use the hours that you need when you need them so sometimes I'll use you know five hours straight and then I won't use any hours for a couple weeks and then I'll come back use an hour a week later use three hours and whatnot so it's super flexible and it makes it a lot easier instead of just hiring somebody and just trying to find tasks for them to do you only use them when they're necessary up working fiber are very similar you can find people that do all sorts of different tasks literally anything that can be done on a computer you can find people on fiber and up where they do it a work is a little bit more expensive but there are a lot more in-depth they might be a little bit more skilled sometimes and in fiber is you're gonna find a vast majority of people from literally all over the world doing some of the same tasks as your final upward but the quality is sometimes not as great so that's something to also look at so once again you guys can get all these different templates tools resources every single thing that I have here in this guide you can get all this stuff below please reach out to me if you have any questions my email will also be below as well please subscribe and share any of these videos that you found super helpful chances are somebody else will find them super helpful as well once again my goal is to really just create as much of value as possible and help you guys change the game for your business so hopefully that was helpful this is the business growth guide going from zero to sixty hopefully that was helpful see you guys soon

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