Google works to bridge the digital divide with Digital Coaches

name is Chris Genteel. I lead our diversity
inclusion programs to help bridge the
digital divide at Google. Google can’t achieve its
mission organizing the world’s information, making it
accessible and useful, until we reach everybody. And we know that there are
communities who are not being reached and
don’t have access to the kinds of
opportunities that we see every day, as Googlers,
can help change the world. NICOLE HERRERA: At
Google, we believe that all small businesses
deserve to have the opportunity to grow and thrive online. And so we’re committed right now
to building different programs and products that
are more inclusive and aiming at bridging
that digital divide. The digital coaches is
a program that we’re creating to build out
more trust and awareness in local communities
across different minority small business owners. Women and minority
small businesses are the fastest growing
segment of small businesses in the United States, but
data shows that they’re not fully represented online. And we want to be able to
show them different tools that they could be using
from Google to create more growth for their own business
and economic opportunity in their communities. CHRIS GENTEEL: This
work is important because it helps
bring Google closer to those users, those users who
may have a barrier to success on the web. AERICA BANKS: It’s
really important that Google does
this work because in closing the digital
divide, we also close the divides on race,
on social inequity, on injustice that we
face in our communities and in the wider world. It’s very important
that Google, which is a company and a tool
that is universally familiar to everyone, truly
makes itself universally accessible. And this is one of
the ways to do that. NICOLE HERRERA: The
Google digital coaches are amazing leaders in their
own communities already today, and they will be working
with local community partners to build more trust and
awareness with small businesses and teach different minority
business owners about the tools that they can be using to
grow their business online and create more
economic opportunity in their communities. CHRIS GENTEEL: This
work is our attempt to reach communities that are
under-represented on the web, bring them the
best of what Google has to offer– our people,
our tools, our products. I would encourage you to
take a lead and do it.

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