Google Home New Updates and New Features for January 5, 2020

as we come up to CES we know that Google is going to come to that event in a big way just like they did last year in 2019
but they’ve also given us access to a number of new features and new updates
that I want to share with you here today Hello Automators, thanks for tuning in
again I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take the
frustration out of automation by keeping you up to date with everything that the
Google Home, Google Nest, and Google Assistant has to offer now today I’m going to show you right away how to
get the last conversation you had with the Google Assistant right out of its
memory immediately delete my last conversation I deleted your most recent
assistant activity you’ll be able to see the change on your assistant activity
page in just a moment now of course if you’d like to go deeper than that you
can actually delete the day’s activity or the week’s activity so delete my last
day’s activity okay I deleted that assistant activity I got a message just
a little while ago from Tom who follows me on Twitter and he was actually
asking me hey when is the Hulu support rolling out for the Google Home and you
know what he was right it is rolling out for Google home and Google Assistant and it will look a lot like the integration that you have with Netflix right now and
the new Sling TV integration that we saw come out just a little while ago so
you’ll be able to ask your Google Assistant or your Google home product to
play Hulu content on your chromecast or your smart displays Google Keep
integration is a really important integration that a lot of people have
been asking for for a long time but it’s not just limited to Google Keep there
are actually some additional services that you can get through the settings
page and that notes and list settings there so you can go into there and you
can pick your default list provider now any of the custom lists that you’ve
created up to this point they are still there
they’re called Google Assistant lists and you can go ahead and call those up
very simply with a very simple command show me my lists you have quite a few
lists their tests keep my shopping list
Automation ideas things to buy things to move and many more now what you’ll
notice right away is that there are different icons now for the different
list types and you will originally have those Google Assistant lists and that
Google Assistant icon next to them but next to that or with any of the new
lists that you create it will use that default service so I’ve gone ahead and
connected my Google Keep account and this has given me access to the list
those lists and any new lists you create just by saying create a list called to
your Google Assistant that will go ahead and create a new Google Keep list once
you’ve brought up the list you can navigate by hand or you can continue to
use your voice to navigate through the different lists which I’ll show you in a
second but as you navigate with your hand you can tap to go into any of the
lists and then you can go ahead and tap on any item within those lists to remove
it to complete that item within your list now if you’d like to add something
to a list let’s say you have a guest list for an event coming up just like I
do you can go ahead and ask the Google Assistant to add someone to that list so
add Alan to my guest list sure I know unfortunately you cannot
remove with your voice either a list or a individual item from any of the lists
you can’t do that yet but you can do that on a phone or a tablet so you can
actually ask your Android phone or tablet or an iOS phone or tablet with
the Google Assistant application on it to bring up your lists and then you can
go ahead and delete items that way as well the Google Assistant was released
to 15 additional countries and this is based on the Arabic language that they
have continued to grow support for within the platform so you could see
those different countries but you will also find a new interpreter mode on
Android phone so I’m going to go ahead and ask for my phone to translate in
Thai help me speak Thai okay your interpreter how are you so you can
have a conversation literally on the fly now
with your phone and you don’t need any other application especially if you have
an Android phone already if you watched any of our earlier Christmas videos you
would have seen the series of read along story books that Disney has put together
the frozen story series I think is one of the most popular ones out there and
it’s the one I always demonstrate and there’s a reason for that kids love this
movie and the new frozen – movie also has a new read long story for it there
that you can go ahead and find actually through the Google Home app which you
will find now in that recap tab there you will find much more about new
updates and new features this is one of the ways that Google is letting us know
what new features are available and what new updates they have something that I
think is very useful and very quick to use now through the Google Home
application is the ability to actually mirror your screen directly and I think
this is a really good usage of that space when you just tap in to go into
any smart display or Chromecast device you will see cast my screen or mirror my
screen down at the bottom and next to any of your nest cams that you have in
your home as well so you can go ahead and with just a couple of taps inside
that Google Home application cast your screen or or get your nest cams up on
screen Google Stadia continues to build out and their Google Assistant button
now works within the home page of the stadia that the whole stadia platform
actually it doesn’t yet work inside of games but that Assistant button is now
able to help you navigate that platform as well as just ask general things
with that controller from google now the other thing that they have gone ahead
and done is updated the old Chromecast Ultras to work within that platform as
well so I don’t know exactly what they’re thinking here other than maybe
just limiting the numbers of people on that platform at the start but you still
have to go and buy that founders pack that gives you a new chromecast ultra
and the controller so it’s little bit of a confusing time with that
service but we are seeing the components start to come in in case you missed it
wise had a pretty significant privacy concern here over the holidays with
their platform and what at what that actually caused them to do was
disconnect from both Google and Amazon’s voice assistants so if you’re finding
your wise products are no longer showing up you can’t get the cameras to show up
or you can’t control your bulbs or plugs then you’re going to need to relink that
service everything will come back in and you’ll be able to control things again
now the other thing that you might have noticed with the wise service and Google
is that the contact sensors have actually come in now we can’t do
anything with these at this point but what we have seen is Amazon’s voice
assistant is now able to use both the motion and the contact sensors as
additional sensors to trigger some of their automation on their side and as we
see the works with Google Assistant program come into its own here within
kind of that early 2020 timeframe we should see the ability to do things with
those sensors so get ready for a lot of different options here if you have wise
and Google speaking of security concerns Xiaomi’s access to the Google assistant
has actually been terminated until Google and Xiaomi can get to the bottom
of something kind of strange happening with strangers camera feeds showing up
on nest hubs and nest hub maxes you’ll also find the Lenovo Smart Clock updated
with some new features the impromptu alarm option is being rolled out to
Lenovo Smart Displays that basically creates an alarm that is based on the
time of the day or the weather or something to that effect
you’ll also find improvements in automatic brightness music
recommendation cards and the ability to extend an alarm up to 60 minutes
we know that Google will come to CES in a big way and they’ve already confirmed
that they’re gonna do a huge display again I can’t wait to get there this is
the first year I get to go and I’m going to meet lots of the companies that we
have talked about here on the channel and I’m just there to really research
and show you the best of Isis so what you’re going to see is at the end of the
week here I’m going to show you the bed gadgets and the best smart home devices
the best automation devices that I can from there but we are also going to see
new clips and new LG sound bars that have Google Assistant integration in
them those have already been announced pre CES along with a ton of other
products that have come out otherwise I think it’s a great idea for you to catch
up with our summary video so we kind of talked about 2019 the year in the smart
home what that was all about and 2020 my predictions going forward both of those
videos are up on screen and they have been really well received I think
because they give you a lot of foresight into the industry what’s going to happen
so of course guys thanks for watching here today and don’t hate automate

34 thoughts on “Google Home New Updates and New Features for January 5, 2020

  1. Great Video as always. Love how everything is in a bite that doesn't need unnecessary explanation

    But caused me to mildly grind my gears again.

    I can change my list provider when I change my main language, but not with German .

  2. Good video. Thx.

    When are these updates coming?

    When and how do I get this new update?

    Hulu? Is hulu available in Canada? Does it do sports?
    What if I want TSN, CFL and Jets hockey?

  3. Read along will always quit in the middle of reading Frozen 2. Does this happen to anyone else? We've tried reading louder, and it only seems to happen with this one book and not others.

  4. Google Home gets better each month. I've stopped buying Google stuff for now, thinking there will be smarter products coming. I think Amazon is a bit ahead on routines right now. Hope the Wyze stuff gets connected better, although I'm happy with it now. Once I replaced the battery in the sensor, my mailbox is now alert once again. Happy 2020!

  5. I've just introduced my parents to the lists. My father just retired and he's full of questions about the system. If I don't know it, your videos are number two on my list of references (Google is number one of course). I don't have a number three because if I can't find it quickly on Google, you always have the answer.

  6. I would like to ask the Google speaker what repeat the last thing it said, without having to go to the assistant app.

  7. All Google needs to do now is put a on screen keyboard on there Google nest home and the play store , Google seem have forgotten you also need full touch functionality to be fully smart…

  8. About the Chromecast ultra thing with Stadia, I actually used my old Chromecast ultra with Stadia instead of the new one that came with the founder's edition on day one and it worked perfectly fine.

  9. Hallo daar.
    Weet jij iets over of de google hub max naar nederland komt en wanneer.
    Ik weet dat er verschillende mensen hier echt op zitten te wachten , het lijkt ons een mooi apparaat.

  10. OK, taking notes as fast as i can write, next save this to my fav. list. So many new and improved things. Nice review Brian. So when we get to the CES ,google will have a big feature on stage. Will that be showing on line as well. I really enjoy watching that. The new year is coming in with a big bang.

  11. Thank you so much for this! I truly appreciate the work you put into this and keeping up to date for us!

    One question is you talk about the protocol thread and you're talking about the combination of several companies coming up with the new protocol. Does this new protocol mean that thread will not move forward?

  12. You mentioned Wyze in your video, in the Wyze sub on Reddit someone posted that in the Wyze app, under create groups, there's an RGBW bulb group listed. Not sure if that's a hint and Wyze getting ready to possibly come out with their version of color changing bulbs or not but maybe something you could dig into for future videos?

  13. Great update video again Brian, you're the only place I come to for my Google news ๐Ÿ‘ Can't wait for your CES content over the next couple of weeks too!

  14. I noticed Hulu on my Google Home app last night and this video helped me find the Keep connection setting. Thanks

  15. I bought my nest hub for price at the end of November, on black Friday it was on sale for almost hundred dollars off๐Ÿคฃ

  16. Hi,
    I always find my phone at home by 'ringing it using Google Home'
    Recently I broke my old phone and move to the new one. When I ring it, Google keeps ringing my old phone. I already installed Google Home and Assistant in my new phone.
    Any suggestion?

  17. Great video!
    I've had a question since early December I've been meaning to ask: Is there an issue with the default Routines and Smart Power Strips? Since around the first week of December, all of a sudden my Google Home completely ignores the "don't change state, turn off, turn on" options I've set up in the Routines. What I've had to do, and what seems to work is to add a custom action within the routine to write out "turn off soundbar", "turn off fan" etc. Its a lot less efficient as you can literally see devices being sequentially turned off, as opposed to all at once with the default actions.

  18. Finally integration with Keep, bit still no shopping list integration with Keep, so have to setup a list called Supermarket so can now say, add milk to supermarket list, & see my lists on wesrOS. FINALLY. thanks for the video.๐Ÿ‘

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