Go Negosyo Big Time Episode 5: Franchising Business (Part 1)

hey stranger welcome back I missed you well Champlain missing do better master miss Casillas I'm sure nothing like a la I don't wanna hear it again yo Ashlee is every trying to consider this business now part of what to look at the magnetics a market what you mean is you're thinking of buying a franchise well something kind of like that pero major indica sell familiar there's a system there any well then you're in luck eco dial on topic that and for tonight is all about franchising Tiananmen fall welcomes is about Napa productive night of income generating ideas for all you future entrepreneurs Newton again subpoena jambe getting business show I'm gonna go show big-time word for the day in the front working is a method of doing business we're in a franchisor licenses trademarks and tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee in exchange for a regular payment and usually a percentage piece of gross sales or gross profits as well as the annual fees hmm I'm not thinking about it compared to start a business you franchise it's less risky right well I'm a hot allegation echo because according to some statistics franchising is a proven business formula that has a 90 percent success rate 90 percent Wow who wouldn't want that kind of assurance dooba she isn't franchising it is a situation wherein you are duplicating multiplying a successful business concept either a product or service so your franchising a beanie Billy mo you brand new car a patent on brand or rights to the brand come also is some product or service we should ride the bandwagon in franchise the business product or service in Depot tutorial it's a mr. branch icing i capital morgan apprentice agora don't Pato just because a brand is number one in the whole world it doesn't mean it will be number one if you put it in your corner franchising also goes into a process right in its hydration I never chose to go to before you buy a franchise business you have to ask yourself I know but a lagrima object this mode are you looking for a business that will be an ongoing concern for many many many years orga some well on mobile a queueing investment Manama blaze well obviously if you want a business to last really long than a bad franchise is not the way to go when you say it is a fad that means the sustainability of the business I need to charge an abusive unit oh I also cut five down in your Finland choice make sure my say and he on paper or your return on equity I makes it better partner if your objective is to get a good return of your investments then I think five franchises is the way to go lalana if you get in while the demand for the product is on the upswing cigarette cigarette anima bill is Momo who are you investment whoa well in that case eco timing is very important because it what if you get into a fad franchise tapas na bong Tama the market has gotten tired of it Lajo de perak us open and available on investment more como Pocono franchisor Dina Aloha extra menu Munna yum value nom brawn to Totten donatina Karen Nomura me fat foods pero unlit inanity deal on Yummie brand but there are four levels of brands first level brand I entity means you have a name the second level of brand brand recognition third level is what we called brand preference but you cannot be preferred if you are not recalled you cannot be recalled if you don't have a name but what does brand preference mean Palmyra Managua nikitin brand I still prefer you the highest level which I think will command the highest franchise fees or brand what we call brand loyalty when there is brand loyalty you don't even compare to other skolem new value number on well action karapatan single inca for the brand relative franchise fees did you know that the Philippines is position as the franchising hub of Asia really interesting here Kaylin acaba Gangnam topic not enjoy on with your business concerns Eco because I'm sure a lot of our viewers right there are really relating to your situation so what are we waiting for let's get the show cracking with the money spinning details of franchising detailing at Super Grover Knick Knack my gosh out big time whether you're buying a franchise or franchising an existing business when we put in that particular domain name well Iko be right oma banget pero nadie puede tener Toa which type of franchising business is suitable to your individual circumstances no Munna selenium and I are good what Pareto or am i a good originator if the person is very entrepreneurial creative innovative one Pocoyo who mohanam franchise but I will arrive but the second and Sarah Lehman brand had become a franchisor you've made that decision to pursue a franchise opportunity but you have yet to decide on what franchise concept is best for you so buckle up ahora el amor por una Linea use these guidelines to make a meticulous assessment of the franchise system I know you are king among healing and I'm gonna type what is my passion look for a franchise whose visions and values match you and whose products is something you're passionate about but accept you must be written in you must be patient let me new moon animal booting franchise system if you are investing in a new franchise system you know well upon five years into operation at hindi bhama boots eternity objects buggies ipanema animal booty casts environment in deep Amish I don't kill Alien franchise to give you the edge over your competition so maybe the best way is to first approach a legitimate organization or a recognizer to say organization I would say PFA Philippine Association for franchise the Philippines could be a good vehicle a fee association for a Filipino franchisor Inc is a good organization to approach so pon de novo objective Don someone you thought number one – lumen and Bogota own marinus along brand Massarelli della paura McGinn franchisable sheesh every port and animal avenue you financial strength non company is the franchise concept in demand and growing or is it a fad when you say franchising the product or service has to be unique no it should be a origin of a particular product or service may be the franchisor is the original owner of a product the product service should sustain for many years that's why my ramen ACCA's have been when you say fat short liver alanine urine Konami meal even a franchisee and franchisor a compulsion Amelia Coco is an franchisor latina Papa among virtues no more plans I see first virtual is I call this the virtue of obedience topically on franchisee a masa Lauren Zapata Hara and franchisors Pallava virtue of patience me process Oppo para dalla not a new innovation dooms apprentice or para McGowan 18 a Karen even UN profession pooyan mazuma toggle impart luna Van Halen and um franchisee scheana sherry envisioned non franchisor do own sailor Guardian Papa to young virginal shared values tapa new values from franchisor at franchising macapa Rios and lastly main externa da where Y now this will definitely help you once you find out the reasons for their closures and termination things and enacting compensation my own I'm Emma Canton reputation Yuma franchisor immediate and our patent-pending mana plan choices may reduce of population young Cossack upon connector beta B Moines franchise emo Amica hot en la se la danza lugar de casa sellin and vinegar Haymitch on a real high school and mahira prepolymer in franchisor no papaya for example coumarin some franchisee tacos in viña mummy cume standard some franchise business

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  1. They should skip the chinese! The chinese do not understand english and the non-chinese do not understand chinese. It should not be that difficult to cut out the chinese speach and put it in a different video for the chiense!

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