Global Legacy – Leader Development Program 2017

you were created for more you are a temple a house of God a place where heaven invades earth you’re the leaven in the bread unleashing potential wherever you are you the glimpse of hope that spreads like wildfire it may start small a growth is unstoppable what are you cultivating today do you want to create a culture that transforms from the inside out it’s in your nature to bring life it’s seen in the courage of a first step in the risk of trying something new. Inspired by God’s vision for the future, you dare to get your hands dirty One seed can feed a multitude the leader development program also known as ldp helps create a culture inside you that influences culture around you for 12 months ldp focuses on those core values that are essential to create and sustain revival LDP’s online interactive classes connect you with Bethel leaders and people from all around the world workbooks and monthly teachings help reinforce these core values ldp empowers you to be the change you hope to see there’s always more this can be your moment of increase the seeds you sow today will grow into the harvest you reap tomorrow sign up now for the leader development program

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