Global cost of raw materials falls to 6-year low 국제 원자재가격 6년전으로 추락

Commodities markets around the globe have
plunged to levels not seen since the 2009 financial crisis… on fears that a more severe
slowdown in China would pull down other economies in the region… denting raw material and
energy consumption. The price of oil closed on Friday at just
over 40 U.S. dollars a barrel, a 34% slide from June when it registered just over 61
dollars. The price of metals, such as copper and
nickel, has also dropped about 20% in two months.
The CRB index, which calculates the future prices of 19 different commodities including
oil, metals and wheat, closed on Friday at a 12-year low.
In addition to the slowing Chinese economy, the looming U.S. interest-rate hike, expected
next month, has kept the dollar strong and caused further concerns for the Korean economy,
which is heavily dependent on foreign trade.

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