Gersnet Podcast 45 – Changing of the guard (Old Firm Review)

hello-hello beers will to this week's edition of the Jays net weekly podcast and what's been an absolutely fantastic dear Abel's Park Rangers to silty no got a rate optimum for the start it's episode 45 of the Jews name podcast and I am your host Colin Armstrong we would encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and also you can comment tonight as interactive we've got the the comment section open on YouTube so give us your thoughts there's no yeah Thank You Mort rank of your V show out if you're doing already away with actually subscribe to the postcard a post cannot the podcast and shared on social media and even other over life tonight I have to remind you all that a it will be available to download and stream on a variety of platforms including a cast iTunes YouTube Casper stetcher and no Spotify well we have you I would also ask if you would give us a lot of all and the British podcast awards the deadline is next Saturday the 18th of me you can do that www.h podcast awards thought calm so anyway stay aunt it because it was after all it was a great dear Alex today so let's get into the guest introductions and we've got a Pete Harry you Pete Pete anyone hello sorry I was sitting talked to myself for a minute yeah I know man Dufresne joining us the son same as you we have today I believe it was quite nice to the weather was one of a few things that were pretty good about today did you watch a game I take it yeah what sure yeah it was a yeah well no not gonna mess out when I'm a the top point of the season resale take a loss hasn't that yeah yeah I was a good one good one enjoyed up a wee bit any of us it changed through I was a wee bit frustrating a couple of things but overall I felt we could have given my crop up bump in the day but it was not TB though I felt effort work it was watching a movie it was like a boiler movie 50 shades of grey and green fill of control and total denomination when you pee you buy just angry what domination wasn't that we totally dominated the was just a dominates got your stop and also doing this Navy with Thomas and her you David you've got a row it's real : you'll be with Thomason basking in the glory of stench and hear from celebrating the goals a half they say it was even a second one one end the day there's a guy that's behind me Ross he sometimes lost a son so if your loss and then Ross how are you doing area now he's not honestly God its ass actually won't even talk to me you know I mean I've never seen on sale of real art for a long long time so I can imagine that has Shen's and elbows knees or when it went ballistic we're not saying go and so did you enjoy today David I think did I receive is enjoy was you sit on my ability good performance a oh yeah I thank you master I don't have to knee eighty stuck at the four or five pass them out of t of acting I always take a victory always yeah absolutely but I fail actually fail gonna in the game I said that's on the preview sure that I feel that was a wee possible it we could get a feel for nothing and I just think maybe but more I don't know precision and some of the stuff that we're doing today a we could have all that but hey I'll take it to nothing every day that we can take every single day they reaped happily without any realize I want it let's look at the oats do the analysis can we just talk about sports in and ho sakta Madonna will comment out coming out earlier right Pete come on you Faust we spoke 1,000 in the preview sure about the sort of lay not up put my expected laying up to thee on Twitter before the game I win we Andy how are they at left by but pretty much the same team obviously ways was something to commend for for a McGregor was a lady not pretty much what you would expect him yeah why don't we change I thought it may have been with a bro in Maria was but no I really pretty expected that one there was a it was yeah one was that no fight weird won five in a row that's no section at all so there's difficult to change our winning team isn't yeah I get it without guys and I hang that's why he made a loss doesn't start as well you know what I mean the Mona goes was courts and sees been out and but only conceded one so yeah I think that would there was a real chance for how they I think these ought has taper games and I think he sort of said the torn in the last game I looked you know I think I feel I feel teams to really play about happier when the force next him yeah and I think this is I think the Celtic players didn't really know what to do me before either I think if you do you had put on Morales but it was he works for the defenders readers before tries to get away from the defenders and I think that makes a big difference Israel today I think that a loss he saw compacted the combative Israel you know he's always know his creepy physical he's getting involved all the time and I think some things are just saying I was a don't um but as you know I think before or for something different I think again we spoke about this and caused a that our field you know he's doing a slightly different thing though and I think he looks a bit I player for it yeah but we'll come on in art layer on a throughout analysis David comment you obviously last week there was a shoe McGregor snippet listen or you know so we knew then some talk on sort of social media at a time that we could just appeal it but you know if you could I not road and the appeal is unsuccessful which it probably would have been it would have been available for today but you know it may have got a heavier suspension so I think I think Green just basically decided we'll just take the Hat so when you you know pretty much last Sunday that one in that scheme he weighs another was you know governor he was in goals for a couple of those doings that we took you know you do can I wonder back Nonnie whatever I don't thank you me either why she's cat I thought that lady you know I once even it was in the I don't think over the course he's in just giddyup where's furthering I'm just waiting just area to be filled and you know the the certain class doesn't you kids were generally level arm then you know if people often say the fact he's not clever then shorts from distance some people see takes too long needs to stop eating the bowl well I see doesn't he always combine these balls but then she said mean it he always I'd sure it deceives for me he was all that but I mean other than that there was no get caught like things in the first half early he threw a wooden ball on me but to see along for many people's leaking but him no I think he weighs you know as you see I never have I wanted it I can hear with it on mute my mic I know you're gonna buy with some of the past bikes that it took but a couple of them I thought didn't help him I wouldn't say they were hospital boards but you know I mean that it doesn't help woman at the spades and he had to sort of take a torch and all over the place – cause I'm down I'll meet you I don't think he's done anything massively wrong and he's Rangers clear a the shorts for Dustin's thing I think that as an issue and it has been a sort of current issue and he's you know he's been in gold for us but I mean but today it literally had nothing they do you know as I say that all tend only war she's kept that will be a big fish is that easy because I don't recall I'm told that short from all they bought Cleon in the game was on the column how many do anything let's face it look oh and that that show from Burke it should have been it should be no cool he thought would just mess cake that I mean it's a good save that should have been raiding the corner see they said nobody looking either no no I thought but you know you can only see if it's put in front him so to speak you know I mean so I as I say that was slightly fearful we're raising goals but you know Ross McCrory entity anybody snowed on will pecan are you the for school table two minutes on best possible start it was kind of one of those ones I seem to call being get about a stack throat I think it's one of those ones that you know table set that so well I think being is anticipating a touch so he's just holding his position holding his possession waiting for the touch so he can go one way and then when no one gets a touch it's too late for me react and I just Christian that's it's just the quality of the ball I mean it was really think there was just perfect height it could when somebody could all get a touch in a VN and that's why being didn't go for it because it was it was hate that people don't reflect corner and he just waited and waited immediate issue see and yeah it wasn't covered in the corner so the bowl I was gonna see clear crater in the corner but didn't really clear keeping it with men with quite a way of velocity so you know the quality of a cross that's that's where that was that one came from an absolute Pro him and if he thank you I don't know but Tavernier must have scored more goals and the Celtics main strike there's a thang this year yeah I don't mean that well did you have to put any some sort of context you know he has had or piano he even stole you know he's record from penalties as playing place of you know yeah and he's the level of his assisters where I was playing place of so yeah I think you've seen here a you know it's one of those ones been he's as I see that I so I'm taking some stuck and keeps close Boyd we sort of haven't gone and then I Alice's I can I thought it's one of those ones there wasn't much he could really do about David after that you know illegal I thought you know come back to a war-torn a Bellator and then we could have possibly gave them about yeah during the day you know when you get there like all i'm saying all that size great foundation push or and see where we end up but i can i feel after that you know there was a shot at winning it 25-minute fees but they seem to have a lot of the ball and he's co-author and I left hand side never really done much what's up you know it was all in front it angels but that's probably the part of the game I started to get I started to think that it wouldn't be threatened any comeback and yet how did you feel about your feynman again coming from a I think it could be doing the tactics gone I think that my comfortable way in the wing said Johnny he's of the ball Wade obviously that I'm ed fuels play narrow so they do turn against poison in the way that hideous but I think of his domina I'm gonna say about the wolf did that he certainly agree under the game in the last maybe you know with one of these Serbs in the last five minutes the first and the muddled PD did a half the agree and Cohen his boss thanks you know there's a meter here come up with a pole so and I could understand why you maybe gonna me by AG but I don't Italy fuel under any any of you disgusted oh maybe their business a furthering with the on the washer the part when he was thinking tongue safety one again and behind this and so I fell cry comes to I thought about mud filled three what what pretty good they that they seem particular the nullified any space on that you know in for tomorrow which stated droppin in release its cause origamis and previous games and not let me see if it's a very much this is the game water and so um I was I was nice to AG I would have to say there was time today I think it was favorably on a game of what I realized you know which was actually playing you know I mean that was it was one of the games and I was actually someone in a subway coming home yeah I was getting at the subway back to mechanic zombie said that sank Lilith come on I supposedly had no idea to come on stack shows you the label impact and that he had in the game because I was not a wheel that he was even on the park ap but halfway through the the first half the fool had apparently claimed having a view looking social media at the time I claimed that but I thought it would kind of saw seen a few things seeing it was about air dive so what did you think was that panel it was well at the time I was shouting in ball and it was a penalty and corner air for the names under the Sun but when I seen the replay over I think I uh put his body in front of it and before realized he wasn't gonna get random so he started my David no no it doesn't dive on the ground but he de vente Arya and I don't think it was a pain I don't think it was a dive for a date to give a cab but I think he dead survived dive into the ayah the sailor was not penalty I thought it cannot see him at his emerald one that's called but I wound on it he started a couple of weeks ago well but you David did you think that was apparently did you think it was a die Eve I don't think it was it was a pain away they tell him I thought it was good I thought of his mother Maudsley know if it was just unsaved the box it wasn't he it was the conclusive Tamar aspect to this the idiom so I am I'm repeating our when I Daniel look they look a tiny all don't be annoyed but I just thank you bizarre I mustn't can understand really so he didn't like of the knife well it didn't look to be I by various its loudly not quite wait and some respects yeah you've been attention maybe I wasn't it a sneaky bit you capability now all that Polly isn't it let price per the corner my god that's EE of it that me it definitely keep a blatant divert that I must see that biting and the TVs and suffer get back home so nice at the fence not one of my favorite that came back and so I went through some of this stuff I'm sky first and then I watched about a sports scene yeah I would I would see I think he's gonna be walking or get in the yellow thank you that I thought it resembled one that Scott Brown and on Easter Road about two or three weeks ago where he's he's a play of common and his pcs he dives an in the player it trying to make it look like he's been fold but one thing again it's quite untraced and there's no one talked about that as I die for the Scott but I'm one two or three weeks ago but they were all over at the day you know sports scene and the usual ones were all over at the day so I sort of consisting how it's been a consistency sorry and how it's been reported but yeah I thought it I thought is try this after a Chinese army but a grantee there the disorder later stages is saying half gays yeah field had a challenge just before half-time you know can I took a touched on the defenders quite unlucky but for the second game and they're all is what I thought northern off with us yeah I'm out so ppl see sports hotner yeah well I says that's a same game I don't have to do another story with this boss I don't know don't know I'm the one when the one that week last season when the B is fives on it when the week one of the celebrations okay well no the versus a game in a release of a crap that isn't it seems day I don't think Ryan Kate she's favorite player for this – Kane had the base the games today actually you know the computer he's game a certainly I books in the same but I thought he pleads very to be all that the a silty part I thought he was a stand and I thought it was a bit quiet a day but obviously whilst extolled and he finds it very much but as soon as he gets a ball you can just see the whole Celtic defense said of a Stefan op because they the he players run at them obviously and the woodstick is well he's not the fastest boy in the world and he was it was even show tonight I think it was Johnson showing the Johnson to come back and cover them to give him cover so is so is a it wasn't a worn with them um I mean even here is him that pulled down Kent for the first for the goal wasn't right away yeah I mean this really you know I found the foster manner he's he's no enjoying it and and you have to thank yourself how many medals our guys won you know I mean the first man I think he's been come out no week I first opportunity go event doing all my legs asked me I'm off so I feel a topical of them when it comes to games I evokes these days and it is saying have probable the the beg talking point I would say that as all obviously a then sit in between Flanagan and brown David or communist one that you think it was a head count I thought is a red card of watching and you came at the game you obviously the corner let me get take another just it just been taken and then it is their effort he blows up the other counts Gavin the obviously burned had a dick you know you can't really sees I say I'm I'm up for the they cannot cool and govern cannot enter the stadium so it's clear I passing surveillance another self uh-huh however looked at that in any when social media and a super slo-mo video on YouTube for definite angles and I suffered arm smash it's broken done trying to get a player sent off I would say yes and as joined Flanagan leaving himself open to possibly been a can I make trouble we Kevin Clancy definitely and but I thank them with soon as often function up he obviously a yellow campus it was making a decision so I don't know about the oh thanks but they must force in a week the way back to here has with your score and I got left home FEMA when my loss makes and he'd he doing videos Condon a total anguish Polly towards that shot got and live up didn't not done this thingy I'm say it's time anglers should be seen it was a definite great card than the way saying it is though it deliberately properly it would score and then you get by a nice they see that he plays pious nothing that I saw so and with the thirty no no no no but I receipts are you like at well I mean I've looked to that a couple of times since of kimbark as I say they went through some of the highlights when this guy named wants to be what sport scene I think it's a dead all day long hello there was a was a more somewhat uncertain was against Kilmarnock with the common log or keeper against kumano I and he was saying off but I got a son did they're not that yeah or with it and again best sort of consistency thing or than a the Nate Camaro in down it's actually at the same individual so you know I'm like you I'm towards the corner they're going saw I said Island when when Scott Brown had the date the other niece yennefer and I was like was a baby because a client's a poet with the yellow car he was Guinea there or he must be coming up in all within if he's booked and I was like well I can I gave up anyway because the ball wasn't and plea so the sort of thing that it was apparently that's unknown since the ball wasn't play yeah however I would double a TCF Flanagan as sated by the compliance office at which I would suggest would happen governor wreck out of sight in Rangers players bench it I've been chased easy Bahama because incident become a lot was just uh need some of it the worst thing out kid sunshine it's whether there's deemed to be respectively violent coin look as soon as far as I'm done wasting my mine over to the the rules that law calls up incorrect the only way if their effort he sees the incident and those when the patch the only way the compliance officer can become retrospectively involved is quaver it violent or not come on Soros Jonah and his rapport if he deems active a violent conduct lettuce bacon with retrospectively today we haven't viewed re-play vias kya whoever's prevail but us they not may well lead to a citations with a compliance officer but I don't know baby dearest the thing that was violent conduct you know how he's club or I thought that after the goalkeeper the incident we came out and the callee goalkeeper I thought I was sending off ok and I was a bit surprised when I was just indeed I thought I was a sending off the day I'll been chasing the Siva harms based or and because we do have you know you know residents you know those it's a summer case up and North I wanna go where the person who had flung his arm across someone's face you know they got the the red car descended so odd been chasing his evil eye scores from here on and I think because as I said who you see makes dogs and as in this soft run abit zombies stomach or slow-growing me time you'll get me the moister I can see why you would see was how it will you P did you think it was an ad I think it was a trade but to be honest immediately Kia Scott Scott bones but Scott Brown's done enough forearm smash eats and other people and get away with that so he got his ego of his own medicine back today and I'm quite happy that but the referee I think and he did see it then he should really have governor ed because it wasn't a year well it was of it but Kia to be honest he's a saying single no relieved a bit more seasoned Kamara no brain give the ball away that was to but solely just goals of commodity done one boy and in then got got the ball back again and in Tom Brown and that's an absolute cracker cinema this didn't need to pay you get back and P how'd you feel a bit come on it the more that's boy please it you cannot feel embarrassed that we go on for 50 grand yeah somebody the biggest robbery since they create three in row but he hasn't when you think read those his house lies no his his fear just so quick it's just sort of a forced price people and tunnels I mean it's juicy Tom just Tom Brown but I didn't know who have a clue it was dude no ice a steal at fifty thousand and his board attention skills are absolutely fantastic he's first touch is fantastic the only thing I will see as it sometimes it does pick the wrong decision and the defense gets sent to trouble better through Israel so it is our C's 95% is create but there is a 5% danger when he does do things that you can get caught out as well when you get out there any playable you know I mean no one's no one's perfect you know when you consider the financial only on the guy that today I mean when the ball came his body shape it made it look like he was going to pass the ball and fuel them but I try to anticipate that and when they covered and then just had quickly Tom Ament Oliver a thought was brilliant and it wasn't I mean I'm not far away free alarm but you know I mean so it was just playin but it wasn't just once it done ad was a war with the Celtic boys just couldn't get near them to do anything about it I was it was it was aperture class and then I think the same goal that was sort of three elements to it there was there was the the action by Kamara you know by the doing brown David without that dominated the before I was how did he even know that our field was there a partner seven recent week something they can't saw I it was it was one of the reasons Bob are peasants I mean the rebar imagination if it comes off it looks fantastic so obviously that's illegal if it doesn't come off you know people are gonna always unlock in his mommy just just get through not just let me get through him already touch her you touch on those four for Johnny in a busy there was really very well come is I gotta go the noise when they saying or what I miss with magic and and always thought it'd be us on they're going bit off her hair is blowing none more so than the boy doors behind me as I've told you about on Pete the furnished by filled with a game of spoke about them but you know a sense money loss when I was I say through that suspension and he's sort of playing that stuff friend rule I think overall through the wall season I have to say I'm tell about I was maybe actually see I'm told the single T game in December yeah I stole hadn't he been totally convinced on our field but he's good on and in the jails yeah thank you it looks like her Rangers play man in my opinion the thing we are feel there's a it makes easily runs into the box the other players doing and that's what makes them so dangerous he's actually he's dimension the guy but he's actually desert Roger used to do to us he's now doing it to Celtic but thankfully no logic he seems to be walking away but just know in fact I would even maybe even go as far to see how he was till he's finished but that's what I feel good I think it's more some of these boys or no question for a move you know I mean did you fish but anyway owner your fish but I'm a bit plain rubbish spent the DA minute I'll be a bit doing you know I just think Cleo's ain't as a few players and that's able to teamed up with way though can I read the in move on I think a few of them all have to move on no they don't much choice in the matter for that game so did Chris for that gay book I don't know what he's doing there anything in the way in in Israel yeah I would but I think to these rizal me off yeah I suppose I forget it's a scourge caught but maybe it's wagon has fever but you know two games against angels and you would have to see their angels about performs Hilton both of them and also able to go the one a few weeks ago depart but with ten men you know angels dominating them out they dominated them today I think short p.m. gain in TMZ one in today is good but the short campaign could it's only the long-term pain could be that they did bill look elsewhere for a manager but coming back to our field I just think he's you know as I say there was like local Rangers Bluenose took him away and I was delighted that I couldn't have thought I applaud when Ryan jack gone I'll ask him I kind of thought of that thing like I kind of think you're clear that deserves it more and it failed and out the day when minashi what's the thing we are field Israel door is is not afraid to go back and make sure Israel I mean you see I'm doing tackles at the back get men stopped and sometimes it swaps with Jack Davis and and he gets make it just gets right in stuck in the midfield as well so I mean is OE is it can there's more T's game than just play next to their striker yeah yeah I could eat without I can eat without a guy second half chance he's you know to nine up with again you know really dominating all thing you know Tov had a freak act he sought I had to straight it being before had that chance but I had the short and it came back to him and had that's lovely reading and I had the bar so you know well running all over the top time obviously I feel would got mine in the March thereby for those two other boys that we could talk a bit but also spoke about Kamara I thought courage today David was Rizzo be standing there was this whole thing we Hammond waddled you know waddle community in September team but I thought cash was actually playing pretty well he's came back in the last few weeks and looks all had not thought to de one absolument definitely definitely I think I cover yeah yes a diamond seized machinery talking of it a bit knock like H most ports these days and he it was commanded core you know every every time the ball goes up in the area thank me if he's got a run or nice he's gonna run up and lastly you need and having said that I don't think there was a fall today the whole team I thought I would've dipper from Chile available obviously there was the resort occasional wow he could expect her and I gave my such intense irregardless up about certain that all that I thought no and I thought oh through the team the boys were excellent cottage tremendous joy Iranian many are waiting for some they said to an art collection attack on Tom and origin the first office with a poor to emotion in many respects a corner Goshen again mass with the bike lane very very real James Todd omnia you know metronomic does nice talk she's running OD tremendous and it's a normal guy doesn't store you know he sees constantly move he's just the the the labels are stamina and fatness are please go after me in this a lot I think more more and more rain just finds our community the idea that tavern years north start till we were the real mean you save the other that score our field it cannot say man it is his places I really enjoy your eyes I find the same can acquire James Tom and a lot of people classify stuff on Lubin are vocal captain but you look at his example hey I know I know sometimes he's East I know born in the box needs to lovelies know it's my be sharp off as they are in the button as it is it it wasn't TV seasons but I thought his defense of walk is up tactical theoretically he's his levels off definitely lies but not like I just when he compares I will it's you know slightly vulnerable when jewel world was in the team selling the boys in the yes that vulnerability like stuff going and I think I seen that start that said buffet with Chef one goal in nine games nice peaceful calm you can t buy that that's that's all idea they've heard that they started a season look Steph come by another well is this I thought it's too much a coincidence either the you know joint filing is get back and they teaming added to that I saw like the day I know yeah I know sometimes he gets caught and we all looks like it gave the poor we could close down a lot chance that the puck a pie stop and but for the most part wouldn't saw it and the bike lanes looking very good obviously be another one that I thought would unfairly available today was a Steven Davis and kind of fallen on for what Davis just said there you know you know nice tremendous run and that sex when is not all you know and that sex when is not all you know predominantly against the top sex age you know son senses splat so Timmy it kind of thing feels like what Hatton out on a form that we wanted to hurt after the one a break but players like Davis and the for one day up to speed those two guys have now become fairly prominent and the team and you know quite important members of the team and if he was like they ever getting up to speed and they are having a bag about CE and and why but playing so well but this city again I just thought very very controlled performance you know everything goes through well and we'd been playing this way from the big end of the season the week would have been done long ago and out a deal coach apologized to Davis because I as I said he was finished and he wasn't it was gonna be produced for Rangers and freed I was totally torn up because the guys come on you at some game and I really just a shame he wasn't he didn't come ready for the for the job but I think you've read him from off from the summer and he was very updated to run in speed then then I think the week would have been I think it'll be a foregone conclusion bacon it was really well I mean that's that's that's all time I say it does kind of feel that you know a fit the Hat that's that's Rhonda but on earlier on in the season we were certainly taking it to the wire you know I mean we took it to three games before the end of the season before sales it what you know you thank you the super point so we draw it against teams where was the three halves games that we always talked about some joints in from do you know those stupid ship against the the drop stripped of points and you know feet at that run as I said right after the the the January play then then who knows where would that be no it does feel that someone said today that I think it was Chris boy did say though and scary that you know when we're looking back in that season retrospectively well become ourselves or either because it could have been the one you know we were broke self-esteem to get nine and even the ten you know so hopefully we'll come back stronger next year but I think I think Davison before gonna walk to my sites and stuff came on and in TMZ and proving the level performance and getting us on this consistent on the west face it this was a this year was a really pure Celtic team they managed to scrape through an award games but how many games the discord and the 19th Manor yeah if you take all the games and I'm gonna put the cat among the pigeons and ask you do you think we were the wonder we give cottage had to tap this place right through the halls is hard I don't think it comes in a cage I think that I don't think it's just one element I just think that's just been various things gonna on it various times in a season that I think David's got a very good point in terms he I think I just Axl I think you need that I sent half what all know so much and I'm not having go water I think he's done a decent job for angel since he's been on bad I just think one cottages I was our player and and to I just think I think he was unlucky to get dropped in the first place and when he's any sort of formed it played today and I think he's a better player so I don't think it's just courage be at that I think there's been a number of things and j-dub I think one I don't think that the the strengthened it I don't think it's any sort of coincidence it's been against the lace of teams full of jokes chip it point you know when you're bringing and you know your squad clear I hang that spear maybe some of the Sui is you know the guys that you're bringing and when you're one you leave it a couple your talk players om erase and you're bringing other guys and you know a game thing that's when I think we've wiped out me back quarry if you look at the lakes of Aberdeen I mean that's it the can I games cottage would have rebel then because they'd be a big strong guys at that wolf Steve put himself about it nice week antigen about isn't that yeah I don't think if he'd to play the whole season we would necessarily be and I'll be at possession I think that's what I say you can you can't draw nine games jonahwy camp in an expected on a tale that's I think that comes down you know we don't have that strengthened day if I think we're bringing and squad players you know in the games against la vie and Bundy and all these stupid points and join us nahi Brooks the Hubbs games you know in a few those games you know Jenna brought and you know your laugh at ease and all that kind of thing and they just didn't have it you know I mean they just didn't have it and I think that I hang that up what can I know he's I think he's got caught so dearly Thanks these boys can be anybody or not they but I need be equality on the fringes of the squad because you need that to develop I'll wave like concise and say cuz you're not gonna have the same 11 I believe me I feel about you know where this where the suspension skating on Julie nice Costas that's one of the factors it's this cost our season can I just leave it out and on that topic of you know players getting seen often stuff maybe almost came on today David for the fourth words in the game kind of fuels like and bezel a schema I looks as I heard Phil for you hey madam ste for the for the finest you know the patch to cite the the sorted please I'm only attracted to thank the fines off I thought when Ben silicon are in the punch and I really awful thought I was going to be a name and a I see I've been if I didn't hang a vote so who I've seen in the some of the for was on when I looks as I thought or simply has I'm seeing he's get back on I thought I don't know I mean it deliciously enough over that the Marcy ID we're not mother that going to meet the Rangers variation of them so that works is a finale will hit the curb the club are gonna cash Shannon oh if he's going to move on but will only be HC I might be you know about all the laces super stache is here but when I saw I saw someone tweet nobody that Marcie I've clean eyes and I friendly in the summer and I can I thought well you know how you plead Helsinki this part of the middle of steel you can I think something and I as we all but I sort of feel to me I can I think I've seen the last them I thought as a case Pete would you think many losses legacy has did you look back on as I get clear for angel see now I scored the school calls its top schools quarter and yeah certainly he's uh he's been good for Rangers is Costas uh what and just went that way with these sending offs and yeah every every hadn't been saying off and all these things that put together the yeah video should it be champions this year and that's one thing I've always said about having the back of my mind every every had a centre-forward that could stay in the park that may have made the biggest difference to to really ended up but as I said I've enjoyed and being here for me I hope he if we don't get good money for them that isn't true then I hope he stays because I would hate to think that we we would accept nein obtained now in which I doubt about but I would hate to think that we will we would accept that so I ever going to be that kind of money then I prefer his teas because it's difficult to find players that when he put in to enter their piggles a season for you well he's on twenty nine and over nice or if it ever gets a ball next week you know if he features at all against come are not and get to go I think he's gonna be the first place and class Boyd yeah he scored three goals in a season for a range of sort and that aspect he's been good you know and TMZ's his temperament and all that sort of stuff the minute mg sorry I thought it was unlucky a few teams you know when it came he been saying off but that was undoubtedly an issue and you know sort of water shadow Tommy's good walk yeah and he never scalding in something and I had good strike has good range of streak he'll score I mean CLT so yeah omasum I thought I was okay if he has going along my son I like them but I don't know I just think we could get be out of it I think you know yeah that sure talk : sorry that's short it was last year that it was doing the Galway in a hit that post that's but I still get Freight when I'm gonna think of that one and that's one that you know Hank he just sort of stuck at all you know I mean he said like a couple chances against them they probably should have scored they must I hear that I silty pilot a thought was a shock you know I keeps on a sec sharp box and you know everybody right and we have the perfectly Gordon I thought you know if it really was it should have been scoring we but I'm rocky and I don't think you can just you know play a straight cut off at Angel's because then it's got an insult it what I'm seeing as beg names and and beg straight has scored in those games and I think that something that Sally black mark against these creative angels or in other mice it there are well that said I think he done a good job for angels and I'll say only my some try to wrap up the game though guys cuz I'm consciously tame a couple of things to discuss before there was up hey I mean state had a couple of chances took towards the end but one main one we spoke about a little and Flanagan sort of gave position away okay I just got caught in the wrong side of Edouard and all I bought relación I scored a team and that was a foot short and gold gzi sort of idea to how dominant meanwhile the day bring on Ross McCrory as I said bass call key part and played them and that fueled say the sale at on guys they Ashley Lynn and David have communist wonder if he doesn't get that job permanently you know that I want a magetta you know I mean as I say that about our short-term gain for long term possible pain if they will square for a manager hey most I think most dangerous finds with late PC Neal women get the job because I seems to be that kind of consensus someone's this support if he can be done a they cannot they cannot ony even feeling would be that time to claim a new landing can be beaten beasts even here not find more at last yeah I think it's a safety see that when it comes to coaching and being attacked – lying Brennan or just it Trump's the old way in it so I think with that the fact that Ben is so fat to jump shot and give the nail at best and I gots a bonus um if Neil Lennon gets the job I believe median just job easier perhaps are they gonna flex that alleged financial muscle and a closed season with her ever their point mothers this muster women or someone else that means to be seen and but when you borrowed in corner so that would be do you you mentioned going come on are the other fifty key a my hang greens I've been play I did a packing up guys some real-life way a lot lately I mean the forget I enjoyed when our boys with take your bar business let me just go are fueled and I boys me take the bar business and let's get Stephen Davis I thought I was on the school's fear you nice try a good business our McGrath come on the roads then of course much nighttimes first fear don't thank and see Emma Jordan again so even whatever that there can I tell from the room mouth real Medeiros Putnam up from I mean cards if we can be stood in the transfer market the guys of the season to get that fee under the table assess the environment that that working on and I've obviously been slowing clears my score a sleek so fat to say about Cola come on guys I think I saw that would we do if he seemed titled to me anyway he seemed tactically the day that the jailers lemon he certainly he's matured over the season and mother he included you're not atomic oh sure I'm Gary McAllister flat Martha assistant you had one personal opinion I guess but definitely if they feel improves in Navajo over the course of the season so if we can keep that I'm driven going forward and in oxys and then I would I would say unless be a Laurel and Dermot there's McCullough I'm on a GT or whatever they're the heart then I think it's we can Bitcoin Philadelphia Jennings you missed it cleared I see this Anjali forget what kids do I must let it come back you will be are you know I was way all squad member and I see in the scored Maxine and I thing is you know it's little good for next season and I'm not going to carry that we were in the back house XT sake of factories enough enough signs of encouraged by encouraging sayings for Maxie I want to get equipment I think there could be a snack season well one good sign today was the first time that we've beaten CLT back-to-back at Ibrox and southern yields so there are all these three things you know we spoke about us on the TV show on top stake you know things like again and indeed or colleague you know top of the league a couple of things our season but what getting closer I felt it when maximum I think that was I start didn't announce today that the the aggregate score between the angel T last year was something like 15 to or something hot and favor the Celtic you know that she of the angels of one at for three you scored four goals they've got if score three sort but there are be saints that were what getting closer a silty finest sort of rubbish all that's but I certainly thank those they I walked about to my city for for next season and and he's walkin rate guys haul out that art will quickly got another week couple of topics just to cover on last sort of ten minutes I think we've done the game today is note could go on about it for another day or just celebrating but need to move on a there was one sort I don't say to these game guys there was there was the whole sort of city Lina something again no I'm not gonna set healing and trained defends the songs or song today the thing with Annie will anyone that really boiled me was you know I ought to nine up at the time and we had need even it ignores the guy's existence which is how I would rather it was tip honesty and then a song just came out the blue and I said to gay sets in front of me I see there's your headlines that's that that's just the BBC they had all the hair cob that's or they have Ghani John point and your usual suspects jumped on it Spears is all over that into our towing losses are watering and maple sure all over that and toir no not in any way trying to defend the the sort of the choice of hands shall we see repeat the the the the select of nature again it comes down it that's the sort of fearless and report on the selective nature of when people are offended than aren't offended that's really stampy pass me off a but how do you feel about that whole thing well yeah there used to be the all-seeing sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me and yeah these things he just used to be part of everyday sort of a football wave didn't it I mean there's the today I don't I don't know I can't see English and in it then see sports scene or anything without the M University there was Celtic supporters attacked the really injured squab last night I don't dimension and a bitter and sports scene or any of the the papers no no no I'm aware of I was aware that's all that in social media today the the incident at the meeting just cob last night and again that's that's kind of what I'm talking about and you know after the last a all fun game it silty part that the pub just they say Central Station the Toby jog that goes Wendell's put in there for the green but again you know so again it's a sort of selective nature of what the packing up on and what the more I'm a nor we defend and you know the the choice of songs I and also complex session or the rest it but the the the the thing that always gets me yeah if it's going to evoke negative hair wings for your Cobb why would you do I don't know when I was wasn't and the TV I didn't hear the foo the bellboy boys I didn't hear the few verse I just had them saying in how Oahu and the the first why not – and then they seemed to stop when it gets to the the bet that's not allowed um but obviously I'm not Nick around so I don't hear that and I don't know whether ranges TV BT because I was setting up voiceover both of them and whether they done anything to dampen the noise but I didn't hear any this sort of a flu version over and the way anyone I don't know I didn't hear that so then I heard them saying I saw the the safety supporters language which would that be boy some in the paper or nod sweater during the week big Rangers and I said of the same chinchilla I don't know I don't know what the song was but I had I had that song but opera wasn't the Celtic version over the the selective nature of people being offended by that especially sort of prominent you know members of the media something like this you need say Lake Erie you know some is undisputed ice and that's country and of course either way I'm with you I can cut Ohio you've been a Neil Lennon 30 been ruinous the stands for the lost on the business so much should've been a bit but I said none of it oh you'd feel when it was been sung but I the Sephora and some lists Bates would do themselves any fear wasn't it I can I can see why you know that as our element of defines them but I hypothetically could let's say that that intercept or was whiter than white that all it was the anything that could be deemed to be obnoxious football fan whoosh football fan behavior miss to be totally eradicated to the support woman are we people like Graham Spears and tall my emotion 10 explain make austere they did find that elastic to be lies where so remember da McGrath in forums they can I defying nature of the the songbook fit a meeting but um I you know I'm done I'm you know too much thousands are injured support us he rocked by you know athletes as filiz umpteenth time the point that Buster's no worker does not there's no parity of esteem Fiorina supporters of Concerned me we certainly will Augusta safety so for us you know it was someone which three obviously they came on a funnel that last Murray corner the day and the earth romantic Canon very calm a songbook started up before the kickoff and you know here in uh no that doesn't in fact with the they cannot agenda and and we see with a ghastly certain social commentators that pushed us agenda bother it be in the planets media or the media I must admit know why why do we still need to sing a bit Bobby Sands died years ago why do we need to bring so sore that and why was saying in a bit diary why we given them that time okay singing range of songs yeah I mean that's cannot I mean I'm not gonna sit here and see I'm an angel and all that is you know I've song some of these songs and and in the past and I'm a younger these northern a state but you know we've all done Bieber wise on northern Esther and I have to see that but more really for me there's no more thing a mob a as I say they're little and my biggest thing as you know it's going to provoke negative headlines for your Cobb you know what's going to give these people that hear the angels ammunition why you busy do it but that's the mental I can't get my see if we stop doing it the more I don't think that about Sherrod across the Lord with that they'd see me think they did see me think that their songs I'm not offensive they love singing you know political rebel songs I'm not sectarian and all that kind of nonsense and it's up to me that's why they get away I mean more than we do but she she she reads and when the bark of it you know there's a constitutional thinking on in background which doesn't help miles I stole her understand that mint our you know I mean new millennium was a relevant the day you know I mean he's team comped it doesn't have anything to offer you know he was sat in there on that bench clueless in terms team back in the game and then we hunt um I get you freaked out exactly till attrition rate or from the initial full of me look at themselves regardless of other it's you know it's highly spell its and you know because what wanna know some of the fans need the kicker are saying to saying which twisted it but questions are my accent yeah yeah as far as where we are lawfully in just fine so probably I he's been just I know that you can't even help yourself before you can even say thank you support we have to take responsibility for some of the stuff you know know some of the fans are saying in another race that that said the selective nature of how things are getting reported as a big issue and and Anna mark onion there's maybe Fanning the flames of evil you know it's not getting reported properly some fans will think well you know what an opinion if we're gonna get hungry to dry anyway Amazo get hungry to die for something legitimate so does any element is are a bit but I just find it frustrating however well-trained move on for the ice a couple minutes to the shore that's was just a bit on a train pick things up and pick the torn up again a David last gave me the see last game of the season next week at calm are mock surely the mean object as you know what to finish of course what post affects us with our 100% when makeup you know what being on such good form punish the season on a high yeah I would say so that seems to bascule I thought that we the way when they do come on I favor they keep up you know you look but no Abbott Abbott you know what I punish this the season I – I said we are push 100% air comes in as an opportunity go back or the the younger guys are my favorite thing possibly you know what bother the the plastics office about we pardon me inform the manager selection I don't know but I really I you know we will come on I do in any way to have you know other than the cop coughing I read the sorry cop a fan and I we we we actually give him a thank you know he so I draw a wrist that is next week to spoiled a 115 know how fast this anniversary celebrations are supposedly gotta fall would be park I was you never know what they do I mean there's enough for angels you never know ap okey-okey the the last word of the deport you tonight you know that's my main how important is it that we you know probably in Assam are you know they stand and recharge the bodies but how important I said that we come by without seeing momentum and get off to a really good start like season very important thing today's Rizzo guess Israeli on a high I think if we can finish next week on a high everybody who is happy and of summerhall these and I think that's very important without end young players no I wouldn't have young players are gonna command and they train with a and if the new season and then if they're good enough this disdain is squad for next year but I would just finish on a high go away with a feel-good feeling and everyone today so I'm happy yeah and that's not funny Shawn we won the day and it was I can fantastic we enjoy we had fun we are beating Celtic in the Sun hey guys thanks for that rate folks that's all on this week's edge as net weekly podcast thanks for less than done I beg thanks to David and Pete for life contributions next week or worse it's the last game of the season against calm our mock they'll be ashore on Sunday night what will I begin next Sunday night I believe I'm forced and in the meantime get your cell phone to the Jays net for arms at UK a lots of stuff on their articles opinion PCs and of course the forum's go on and talk a bit Rangers with our fear will may indeed support of awesome beers but for the great day have a gate agree Aggie be a shaggy week have a great week get it right up them and all your what places and until next Sunday bye for now

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  1. If you look at the 4old firm games this season then we were the better team except the first one and we were coming back from a European game in that one.

  2. I know the game didn't mean much in terms of the league, but that was as easy a 90 mins as we've ever had against that lot.

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