GEEGLEE’s Architecture Engineering Intelligence Platform

Welcome to the Geeglee architecture exploration platform demonstration Geeglee is a software that enables the design team to evaluate thousands of architectures and select the best one. The platform that you will see in this demo was created for the design of a car parking brake system. It is an extract of a more complex platform that was built for a larger system. From the 6 architectures initially studied by the design team, Geeglee generated and evaluated more than 2,500 additional architectures. The exploration platform enables the user to navigate through all these architectures, perform trade-off analyses and select the best architecture. On the platform the data is organized into several tabs which you can see on the left side menu. Each tab has been customized to address a specific point of view or trade-off analysis. Let’s have a look at the cost viewpoint. We can see in these graphs the distribution of architectures: for their individual parts cost and for the R&D investments they require. It turns out that the carmaker has set a maximum target cost of €13. So, we’re going to select only the architectures which qualify. Notice how the selection has propagated to the other graphs. Let’s zoom in only remaining architectures. We can see that the investment cost ranges from €5.77 million to approximately €8.7 million. If we limit the investment cost to its minimum, we are left with two architectures with a part cost of €12.7, very close to the €13 threshold. We will probably not be competitive enough. As we invest more, we find solutions that are more competitive. Finally, we have access to the cheapest solution at €10 for a minimum investment of €5.91 million. Let’s select the corresponding architecture. Now we see that it requires 36 months of R&D; which is a problem because the carmaker wants a time-to-market of 24 months. Moreover, we only have average reliability. For those reasons, the €10 solution is not acceptable. So, we need to relax the cost constraint. We can now select 24 months as a target for the R&D duration. The lowest part cost has increased to €11. And finally, we filter for good reliability. The cheapest part cost has increased further to €11.5. Let’s select the corresponding architectures. There are 4 architectures remaining and they all require an investment of €5.79 million. If we want to see what these winning architectures are composed of, we can go to the architecture and configuration viewpoint. The four architectures have the same type of motor, actuation system and packaging. If we wanted to identify which transmission system to implement, we could perform more trade-off analyses on the technical performance criteria in the other viewpoints. And that brings us to the end of our short demo of how Geeglee can help you explore thousands of architectures and select the best ones, streamlining the design process with remarkable efficiency. Thank you for watching.

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