Garden Wall Decor by Handmade Planters, TUTORIAL to renovate Wall in Garden with Aruna

hi friends, welcome to Hungry Vacations today we will talk how to decorate wall in garden like i have made here you can see these are planters i have planted different colors of portulica and purslane when flowers bloom, looks very beautiful whole wall decor looks amazing hope you like it lets see how to make this friends, this is cold drink disposable plastic bottle i’ll show how to cut it first mark with pen where to cut, so you get outlines lower part is used to fill soil cut from above mark like this cut starts from here, give a rectangular shape another just behind this mark same way make hole in cap to drain extra water one more hole at the bottom heat knife make cut by hot knife friends, cutting is done now heat a iron rod/pipe because we need to make a hole at bottom where another bottle will be fixed heat it properly in between make hole in cap to allow extra water to drain out i have this kind of pipe so i am using it and it will give a nice round hole in bottle if you don’t have iron pipe, then keep bottle cap at bottom of bottle, make outline and mark with a pen and make hole by cutting from hot knife mine is sharp edged iron pipe which helps to make easy hole i’ll put it in center and slowly insert it and hole is done now friends cutting is done, planter is ready lets see how to grow plant in it cap is fixed fill soil in it we are planting purslane in it purslane is succulant in nature need well drained soil for this mix garden soil half part sand half part soil is filled start planting now simply take cutting and plant like this they grow rapidly its rainy season, so propagates fast remove leaves from lower steam as always we do while planting cutting very easily roots might grow it will propagate and start flowering i have fixed the cutting in soil water it soil is very moist so i watered less due to rains soil is already moist its succulent so needs less water so we have done planting for now roots will appear soon it may get bushy flowering starts fast in such plants this is a planter making tutorial you can also experiment with colors just paint with any bright color you like let it dry and then fill soil and then start planting plant any thing you like i have planted purslane you can plant portulica or turtle vine, purple heart or try with new plants of your choice lets go outside friends like i have told you that i used three bottles to make a string if your wall needs you can use 4-5 bottles see how to fix here we made a hole open this cap fix bottles into each other fix bottle as shown on screen this way it gets fixed, i can’t stress it out for now because of the weight above planters are at risk of falling this is how its done if hole is small make it more big just by scraping by hot knife so that the mouth will easily get into the hole and fix this cap from inside and the planters will not fall anywhere like i have already done so thats the way of making planters and decorate wall each planters has differnt flowers you are watching purple/dark pink flowers on screen blue one has white flowers it has yellow flowers this one has red when all flowers bloom wall looks amazing hope you like my wall decor by recycling plastic bottles you try this on your wall friends if you like this video LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT IN COMMENT BOX BELOW THANKYOU SO MUCH

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  1. Olá já inscrito no seu canal se você puder retribuir se escreve lá no meu valeu muito obrigado

  2. Superb idea 👏👌🤗😍
    Keep it up dear👍
    Dear esi video mai batana chahiye tha ki sabsay upar wali Bottle ko aap nai hang kaise kiya,Bataaiye ga jaroor 😊🙏🥰

  3. Nice Mam but kia inn ko dhoop wali jagha py lgna zarori h .ya indoor b lga skty h ? Yani chaya wali jga py b lga skty h ..plz mam rply zaror kariye ga ..thnks..

  4. बहुत खूबसूरत डेकोरेशन
    लेकिन बिजली का स्विच और गैस चूल्हा बहुत पास पास है प्लीज इसे कुछ दूर दूर रखे

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