FUNNY (but true) Commercial about the biggest B2B sales challenge | Consensus

you you beautiful salesperson thank you for coming in here today and selling us your product you are welcome and we all dropped everything to listen to your pitch because we all agreed it was the most important thing we could do today can you believe the entire executive staff was available and we love it huh we'll take ten premium licenses or whatever cost the most hey did I lose you oh no I don't know I'm here well this looks pretty good but now I just need to run to buy five or six more people before we can make a decision oh well great oh great I'd love to set up a phone oh no no I've got it from here I've got your PDF I can just pass it along b2b sales is tough do you really think this guy and this PDF will win the sale for you when 5.4 stakeholders have to agree that they love you we created consensus to engage and educate each member of the buying group with our personalized interactive video technology so they can reach agreement quickly and confidently and the results speak for themselves cutting sales cycles and boosting close rates consensus drive agreement drive sales thanks Mike uh it's Kevin oh I'm sorry my bad Calvin Hey

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