20 thoughts on “Fully Automated Buffet Plates Making Machine / Small Scale Industries

  1. They would do better if they regularly cleaned up round the machines and kept it tidy. Does nobody think of the workers welfare, the answer is obviously no.

  2. आमाला हे राॅमटीरीयल विकत घेयचे आहे मिळेल का कस रूपये किलो ने मिळेल

  3. Good for them they know not what Full Automation is otherwise they wouldn't have jobs. Anyway these Buffet Plates are what these people put their food on to eat on the ground or floor. Not our way but theirs.

  4. Happy to see atleast these people are getting some work to do to feed themselves and their families!

  5. Was expecting to see how the finished product looks like!! Very poor presentation.no audio effect , would been better if explained

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