Fortune Builders Review | What You Need To Know About Fortune Builders

Hey what’s up everybody its Jeff Leighton
and I wanted to do a quick video on a review of the Fortune Builders Mastery Program. And so you have probably heard of this maybe
on the radio maybe you saw a TV ad maybe a seminar came to town. Pretty much everyone at this point I think
have heard of Fortune Builders by now. I wanted to give a review because I was actually
a student who went through the program paid to do it started doing deals and actually
eventually became a coach. So I think I have a good frame of reference
I can give a good background on what it is all about, is it for you, and all of that
information. Because I see a lot of people giving reviews
and then they are not actually it might just be on a forum or something like that they might have not actually done the program,
so this is from someone who has actually been through it done it, and now I am here to tell you everything
you need to know about it. Ok I’ll cut straight to the chase, and actually
I am going to start this video by comparing the Fortune Builders program to other coaching
programs. So number one, Fortune Builders is going to
be more expensive than other coaching programs, it probably will and it is for a couple of reasons. Number one Fortune Builders is going to have
more resources and also more coaches available than other coaching programs. So I have done other coaching programs in
the past and actually I will continue to like search out other coaches because for me there is never going to be
a point in my real estate investing career where I just say ok I have learned everything there is to know, there is nothing
else I can learn about real estate investing I am done right. So and actually if you are a real estate investing
coach like contact me because I will probably pay you to consult with you in some capacity. Most programs are going to be less expensive
but they also might just some guy in their apartment with a skype phone and this is what
you got to do and then they might have a little ebook and
then they might have a couple trainings online. So the thing that I loved about Fortune builders
is that the resources are just so plentiful. It’s basically like a library of the most
up to date and most relevant information. So instead of just googling what you might
think is the answer and trying to find it that way, you go on the Fortune Builders site and its the most up to date information by
the people in the business actually doing it, also what I liked about Fortune Builders is that there are different levels of the
Fortune Builders coaching programs so depending on what level it is you might be talking to different coaches
but for me it was having access to a wide range of real estate investing coaches. So people that are real estate investing in
different niches in different parts of the U.S. so I could pick their brain essentially whereas
other coaching programs you know it might just be like the one guy in his apartment and maybe he just does
rental properties in Oklahoma or something like that. The good thing about Fortune Builders there are coaches
in every type of market doing every type of niche. Also there are live events all different types
of them, so there might be like a one, two, even three day seminar where they cover different topics where you
can network, you can meet some of the principals of the company, you can find private money
lenders you can find even more people to network with
and often times we have found just as a coach when you go to these live events it is so much better than just
watching a Youtube video like don’t get me wrong I love Youtube videos I watch a ton of youtube videos but something
about making the commitment to just go to a live event you can get so much more out of that because you know
it is just a bigger commitment and you are going to be more invested in it so I think that’s another great thing. And another thing I love about Fortune Builders
and other coaching programs have this too so I am not saying its just
Fortune Builders but I found this one I found there to be more in Fortune Builders are the tools and resources so like they will
have a deal analzyer, they will have a repair estimator, they will have marketing plans that you can basically just
swipe and deploy. Basically if you are like what marketing program should I do to find these really good off
market properties you can say ok model this one basically just copy it. Another difference between Fortune Builders
and some other coaching programs lets say you join a local one which I think local coaching programs are
great and I do local coaching programs I try to find out the top guys in my area but the thing I like about Fortune
Builders where if you do the program and you start doing deals your deal can be showcased on a national spotlight
on Fortune Builders website so if you go on their website there might be thousands of case studies of
succesful students who have done deal after deal. And you can look at these deals and you can actually learn
a lot from seeing people who have done these deals how they put the deal together how much it cost you know their expectations
whereas you know a local coaching program you know you might just the local coach Joe might take
you out for dinner and it will be awesome and everything but you might not get the same exposure and not only that
if you start doing deals and lets say you do you put a case study up the next step after that is to do you can
do a webinar so I was a student, I paid I started doing deals and then one of the guys at fortune builders asked me hey
do want to do a webinar I was like yea what is that all about and basically you present your deal to like
hundreds of other students who now want to learn from you so its kind of like taking that next step in your
real estate investing career so now all of a sudden I was doing case studies for like hundreds of people who are trying
to learn exactly what I did and just by teaching that information you actually get a lot better because you really have to
internalize this and just by teaching other people you learn it so much better than you would in other ways. And to take it a step further, lets say you
start doing case studies and then you start doing webinars you can even in some opportunitites become a coach where you know you become right
now I am a coach so I’ll do some calls with students across the country teaching them how to buy and sell
basically distressed properties. So basically by doing these doors Fortune Builders once you get in to the program
there are so many opportunities where if you actually apply the stuff there is like an endless amount of opportunities
some students they will go on stage locally speak to others they will be featured on TV there are multiple
students that have been featured on HGTV and actually other mainstream TV networks just from doing deals learning
the systems and implementing a lot of what we talk about here. Ok lets talk about the price because I think
the biggest knock on Fortune Builders on what I have seen online from people that have talked about they are like
why would you pay money to some coach to teach you how to buy real estate that is so weird like you can just
learn everything online. You can just get all the data online. So I 100% agree that you can probably find
everything that is on Fortune Builders site you can probably find it online you can probably google and if you have enough
time and the energy and you know what you are doing you can probably find every single thing you can online for
free. 100% for free. So why would you ever pay someone to teach
you? Well something that you learn on a forum or
on a youtube video or you know maybe there is an article by some guy It might not be the most relevant information
it may not be the most up to date information you need to know like the reason I paid a coach and why I continue
to pay coaches, is that you need to have the best information And you need to have the most up to date information
and organized information. And for me paying someone to organize all that information for me was a no brainer,
in real estate investing, this is such a high stakes business so you can easily lose or make 10, 20, 50, even 100 thousand
dollars if you know what you are doing so for me yea I could have 100% gotten any information I want online or I
could pay an expert someone who has mastered their craft pay them a fee to teach me exactly what they are doing
so it was just a complete no brainer for me. For me, it was expensive I paid 15,000 dollars to join I really didn’t
have, I kind of took out a loan and this was before I was doing deals so I paid 15,000 and it was expensive for me to join but it
was also expensive for me not to join because if i didn’t have the right tools my first two deals I did my first two
flips I made 15,000 and since then I’ve made significantly more off of flips just knowing this specialized
information so to me specialized information is worth a fortune. And if you can find someone that is willing to give you that to you I
think you should absolutely pay them. So just to wrap this point up about paying vs getting free information online. I am 100% guarantted that if I didn’t do Fortune
builders I would still be able to flip houses, I would still be able
to find motivated sellers, still put deals together, but my path to finding those deals would be a lot longer, I would probably
make a lot more mistakes so for me this was the shortest most efficient and well worth it path to being a real estate
investor. If that is what you want to be if you want
to learn how to buy and sell distressed properties this was shortest
and best path for me. So another thing that happens when you pay
someone money for something, especially a lot of money
like I mentioned I spent 15,000 dollars and there are different levels to the program so you don’t always
have to spend 15, you can spend 50 you can spend much less I don’t even want to get into all that right now. But the point of it is when you pay someone
for something you are going to value that information a lot more so when I paid 15,000
I woke up at 6AM every single morning and I was learning things I was implementing things, you know I was like
man there was like this pressure that I never would have had before if I had just if I had just gone on some internet
forum and been like ok you know Bob says to do this because he’s on the forum and he has like 5 stars on the forum
Bob says do this, I probably would not have the same urgency as if I had paid a good chunk of money to invest in this
program. So that really it forced me I said I am going
to make this work one way or another. Each person has their own level of tolerance
so I am not saying you know I probably would have its up to you you don’t need to leverage everything
to join this program for me I wanted to kind of just jump in and you cant do this necessarily with a half hearted
attitude you got to you really have to be all in. You dont necessarily have to be like a full time, if you have a full
time job thats fine I had a full time job when I started but you don’t want to be just o yea maybe I’ll just try it out maybe
I’ll dip my toes in the water a little bit, you need to jump in and fully commit yourself
to this. Also, some people what they do is you know
lets say cost is a big thing for you if you know someone that is also interested in real estate investing I know
some people that will like they will split the cost with other people so they may have like one partner they have two partners,
some people i know have like 4 partners so they split the cost four way to kind of leverage the risk a little
bit. So if you are one of those people that you
know might not be that your risk threshold is not that high you might
want to split the cost with someone which is fine. The most important part though that I think
I want to make is out of this entire video is that you need to be very selective about who you get your information
from. Because the thing with real estate investing
is that everyone has an opinion on real estate investing, it’s
one of those occupations one of those things where like you can ask five people and they probably have five different
very very strong opinions. There’s a lot of real estate professionals I know a real estate agent I’ve worked with
this guy has done I think one investment deal bought one house in about fifteen years and he will tell you with absolute
certainty like everything you need to know about real estate investing and if you didn’t know any better you probably
would say wow this guy is right but you need to get your advice from the people that are actually doing it. A lot of times with real estate investing
its the blind leading the blind so it might just be like people have the weirdest theories
people like I’ll ask people that bought like maybe one or two houses they are kind of like part time or maybe they
read some articles and they are like you know the thing you need to do is like only buy houses next to a whatever
I’ve heard the weirdest strangest theories like I heard townhomes don’t appreciate after four years like all these
bizzare theories from people that are basically amateurs they are not doing this full time You need to seek out the one percent of the
investors that are buying houses like on a daily or weekly basis What a lot of people don’t realize is that
there is a predictable business model behind real estate investing and there are people that buy houses like
100 houses a year like look up CT Homes, look up Express Homebuyers there are plenty of what you would call local
businesses local small businesses if you want to call them small businesses that buy 100 houses a year, and
these are not wall street firms these are people that take repeatable trackable, implementable steps to buying and
selling property year in and year out and those are the people you need to follow, you can’t listen to like
I know a real estate agent he bought a house 10 years ago and he lost money on it so now hes go around and
he tells everyone why real estate is the worst investment ever. And this is just a success principle so as
a real estate investor if you want to be a real estate investor you should not listen to someone that is not a real estate
investor talk about real estate investing. You should only listen to the 1 percent of the people that are actually
real estate investors you should listen to those people. So when I was growing up I used to play basketball so the
same way I am not going to listen to the team manager or the personal trainer about how to shoot a three pointer or how
to play basketball is the same way I am not going to listen a person that has bought like one house or someone
that read a forum about why real estate investing is bad. I am going to seek out the 1 percent of people or whatever percent
that is who are consistently buying houses on a day to day or month to month basis, And the best thing about it
is that you can reverse engineer their business model becuase all of the steps are laid out and you can
repeat a lot of those steps, you may not reach the same heights that they do but you may not want to either, maybe
you just want to buy ten houses a year, maybe you want to buy twenty but the systems are in place to scaling it
up to potentially large amounts maybe even 100 houses a year. There is actually a student that is now purchasing
I believe close to 100 houses a year which is crazy. And that’s great for him, he has implemented more than any
other student, and the results show. The bottom line is you need a mentor and by mentor I don’t mean your real estate
agent down the street who has bought like one house in ten years and can give you the free advice you need to pay someone
to get the best advice free advice is everywhere. You can ask your cousin who just bought a condo what are
the secrets to real estate investing and his answer is going to be way different than someone that is buying you
know 100 houses a year. So find the best people, in every successful every succesful person whether it is real
estate or basketball whether its really anything has had a mentor. And you need to find one and I think for me
Fortune Builders you know I would 100 percent do this program again because for me they were the best mentors
and I have had a lot of mentors and I will continue to seek them but for me this was just this was the best program that
I found. Hey so thanks for watching this video I hope
you got a lot out of it if you want to learn more about fortune
builders check out the link below it goes to a video that gives you a lot more in depth information on kind of what it all
covers if you have any questions you can contact me just drop them in the comments below I hope you got a lot of value out of
this video and I’ll talk to you later.

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  1. Great review Jeff! I just joined the Mastery Program! I am so excited! This seems like a wonderful system with the best coaches and latest information! I am getting ready to crush it!!!

  2. Jeff Leighton, I am currently Active Duty Army and I have been looking into real estate investing and trying to self teach myself about the business of real estate investing. I have no experience and this is what made me purchase the 3Day Workshop from Than Merrill and his Fortune Builders team. I am expecting all the tools I need in order to start wholesaling right away. I am about to get stationed in Hawai'i come September 2017. And I really need a mentor to get started. I know I can help you make money while I'm in Hawai'i. I just need a mentor. Would you be willing to take me in as a mentor!!!! -Bryson

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