FM19 Celtic FC – (#16) – THE OLD FIRM 1ST GAME OF THE SEASON – Football Manager 2019

good day welcome back to this football 102,000 on teen south tick let's play series whether you want to call it finally at the first game in a season pretty sure last game we played didn't door or did we did we film in the end I remember I think we did oh yeah we smashed them so yeah but look now got Rangers and then we'll probably obviously will come back for this game as well the arrangers and trencin game who were Trenton Slovakian I can't say I've heard of them to be sure key players ghanaian 19 years old I'll give them a cheeky Scout so yeah I'm sure we should win this hope me do boots we have a bigger game to construct first and that is goods Rangers transferwise not too sure oh hello not too sure if we saw anyone there I won't go in scouting in that we're still in the market obviously I don't think yeah we haven't saw anyone since players have gone on loan known Malone boots left us Maria's gone online not sure if you saw that everyone's gone on loan again this season and also Bao's gone unknown as well and they're playing they're paying all his wages and giving us extra money for him which is quite good hopefully you can get some goals because yes got potential where we can reach that in time for me to want to use in I don't know but we will see we're still injured I'm gonna give him a chance so I'm gonna risk him I think we got forest to his back ish forget them on the bench I think or do me let's get Edward on first Rogich to come in tough you can keep his place laughs come back here cords come in as well I'm gonna go in Ming's for left back now be right back for see the aims done and it feels done it's just the wind us did we go with Forrest who's been injured he's not fully fit yet to be fair contact Webster off can't take him off can take him off don't cou maybe I don't I don't think it's ready is he ready oh did I it's hard choice hard choice to make here okay he can come off then I'm gonna bring don't you back in boom we'll keep it as taffy though for now Edouard up topped clock on the right rocket yes this is a team you are going with be our risk of rare but it is one of this got a I'd rather have him and God them that Scott Bane cuz right is a far superior goalkeeper on this game right yep boom have faith just gotta have faith the faith that they boom-boom yep yeah yeah Coolio right it's hopefully win this game hopefully it blows we'll be going back to normal every other day and I think maybe I will record another episode tonight of a Celtic and then hopefully I've never made to save yet I want to get into my less to save and get that go in the system takes so long to get going to get other track the the coaches the scouts the signings it takes so long for us to get to start the season you know I just need the time to do so Eduardo come on mate 19 minutes in no new ranges on the attacks Morelos he's lethal boss good it's good block didn't he that was good trigger now playing for Rangers Stephen Gerald is still the manager its demand more okay it never really happening Bobby Edouard come on sir clarkey we are starting a new striker because we have let we let her bio Bayern what his name is we've let him govern alone so you're a little bit a little bit sure up top but yeah I've but a bit accepted he's on the transfer list ten point five million a lot of money consider when this guy's probably gonna be on the bench maybe I let out his heart cuz we've got this mcinnes guy he keeps what he wants to leave he wants to go what do you knowing I miss arming the Spacely he's a bit of a Wonder kid he's only twenty years old a belief but he starts a phenomenal already and it's got the all the potential in the world to be a great McGann mom ings clarkey come on son it's it age is it his year this forest year done fingers I can't really afford to lose people about anymore I need the players who who have been training at the clubs you know since they were like 15 so I can actually get a squadron through being able to getting into chums League because of regulations is really annoying okay we're turning up I'm looking good let's not mess it up or Ming's gonna absolutely do him then obviously means to sign for Villa in real life I'm very happy with that water signing years and I people haven't watched Ming's our god oh god yes yeah people haven't watch means they wouldn't have seen much about him playing football of course you you rarely played so yeah they'll see their figure of 20 million or plus or whatever it is gwad Oh and now think what is going on there but he was integral to us getting promoted lassies and he was insane I can't believe he doesn't play for Bournemouth or what a save Riya what a save yeah honestly means I can't believe you didn't play and they said if if he does play you plays left back which is not his position he is a beast a centre-back an absolute beast a very good bullpen centre back so I think he'll do windows in the friendly to be fair and it's hope it does anyway hey burning top of League at the moment but we are beating ranges so it's all good it's all good we're not exactly playing amazing and they ain't exactly playing horrendously so substitute time let's get a forest on now give us some fitness I'm gonna get our martyr on it's gotta have faith demand more again come Bobby oh we actually want to throw in Jesus Christ plus he asked come on a moderate it mate forests been won been won bend it that was very weak old keep in but we scored we have scored we are freeing a little good and I will make my final substitute and I gave McInnes ago inside forward attack why not if you're a striker you can you can play a bit to the left I may not natural there but you know just go over to the left of it and play as a striker cut in Simon you're on your stronger foot is this the highlight I'm not sure good press in there very solid at the back today as well she's nice they've only had four shots all game free I'm target to be fair to them is that wide to Minzy come on oh lucky mate Jack Clark would have bagged that right we're nearly there boys I will praise the team because they have done wonders I feel like we can go and be in the season I really do if it weren't for that one game oh did I speak too early yeah I was a bit of a dodgy guards repair yeah we had that one dodgy game against hearts last season where we couldn't we couldn't find our good formation I mean yet we've got battered and enough it no there's a one-off game towards the very end after we played like six games in two weeks and they paid hips and I know they beat is one nil I believe so yeah I want to try and eradicate that I want to try and win every single game in the league this season I'd be amazing if we can do that if I can't then I want us to try to get as far as we can and the Chalmers League again if you can get to the same round as we did last time we were very very very happy so looks like we will be paying Leeds a number 1.7 million boy 30 is one appearance weapon making 30 appearances sorry about my dog by the way Southgate is casting and i over the practice of jack life which is good but kind of Goldson really don't see it don't see it myself anyway on to next game right here we go we are away from home today in Slovakia I think it was I'm gonna go with my kin no no not not yet I will go over forest today those and McGregor will play and this guy will play I think that's probably the only changes we will make though now I play Webster as well no we won't no no you will not who will make way okay yeah Webster all right way we'll go with this for now we do want to ensure that we do get off to a good start on this first leg so we're not to pressurize in a second I think we've been drilling inst an Hungarian team or copenhagen if we get fruit and copenhagen will be a very hard team to play against so be more not even make it to Champions League because they're a good team so yeah whether we do or not I don't know but we have got to get through this game first unfortunately hopefully we can without that escape come on trends in Slovakia so we've travelled quite far to come here today they have got a free kicks leaders smash oh what a block who is that Favreau comprar to get him it was indeed oh yeah could I call that mates okay well under pressure a little bit here three shots each they've had one on target in verbal possession now the ball in cleared come on boys get at pocket no all across the face of goal if you're finding this hard I'm sure we will funk open Haven hard if they win their game obviously its demand more again here we go Bobby we never wind we never ever winner throwing telling you now my god I gir Rogich there we go that's what we want from him this season that's why we didn't sign Marko rock because I feel like this guy can do just as good and we don't have to payment if it was you already got it yeah I think this guy can be a beast for us in that Mozilla roller hopefully you can continue to score goals important goals as well like he how it's just done hopefully settle a few nerves tapis got a bit off the boil again oh just as I say that he gets injured okay hmm can you play inside forward yes you can let's get you there mates that's what their tackle support support kinds of plant vision is included yeah we go the go support why not you write for it you are happy days this guy can play like anywhere got high hopes this guy luckily we dodged a axe and part as iron I feel like they would have been massively hard games I think they're playing each other actually yeah i ax would have been a horrific end to play to be fair I'm sure we could still actually get them a comment how many rounds there are to qualify for Champions League limine and Bob gun leaders this guy's gotten up all quite a bit mugger dagger come on son okay it's Forrest a wide mortgage Rogers just found the pass Bobby gets it in poor pillar McGregor come on mates pick a pass nice luggage can do it Amada Jesus Ross Almighty Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Almighty this guy's a beast how much we getting for again you can play in the middle you can play up front he complain cam you could play as a left inside forward what a finish that was that was disgusting absolutely disgusting that was automate and by disgusting I mean amazing amazing right go first yeah I felt like we found the Rangers game a lot easier oh what a boo what a safe on right now this guy keeping this in games lately telling you now it's here season this season he's now going to freestyle too like trying to get to that potential which you can get to and Marder good wood pitch as I saw on that just to smash it may run on set and it's in it now wide too late too late you boring I was a very boring pastor such a Michael Carrick pass to make Oh have I broken either pass it forward look at the players every guy who can actually play football and watch boom there we go free nuts are good right I think we will rest the big guns now hmm why not why don't you ever go over is that a why not mate no it's early but I feel like even with 10 men we should still be able to get through this game and win it will be very nice we can I'm ball is having a game of his life what a guy what I saw in this guy could be oh my goodness and look he mate it's like a Lionel Messi then Leon L give him some praise Martin boys I mean cata Kovich skims across bath now we're looking good boys 20 minutes to go and we have dominated this game as always Forex come on mate begins it's nice it's a good whip out to the left Oh mate when you score a goal that identic I can't I know he's got one you know them play O'Connor if I saw mates rheya what has happened to him this season it's annoying that my donkey was having to be used a lot more than usual but he's making some big big saves got a 7.1 ray that's so rare for goalkeepers I praise them again though because they happen very well last free minutes of the game I should win this easily maybe go right okay David Raya get a card I got quite forget of cars I'm game oh yeah this is good let's leave it I always press the wrong button then why did it all right Kevin I even drew I guess what to see what they got next time be a look at that passes an IAC's obviously iooks destroyed them but their priors are so good can I probably it's probably better than ours so they were looking to tough game but oh wow type is injured five to eight days Rakesh on Form which is good probably not good enough to appraise and no but anyway guys believe it there I'll come back for the next one which is only in like two games time and hopefully we would have got through so next round but yeah till then I will see you in the next one if you did enjoy you know what to do hit the like button comment any questions you want down below about this series about my next series about FIFA if that's what your gonna do anything comment I usually try and reply with it within about three days I will try and get back to you reply I always replies my comments so give me time and I will reply there are guys folks watching and I'll see you in the next one goodbye

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  1. Great vid will the Celtic series end when you start the Leicester save as I’m loving this series.Keep up the good work

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