31 thoughts on “Flying RC Model StarTrek USS-Enterprise NCC-1701-D Part 1

  1. That's almost as hilarious as the time I built a 3 foot long Styrofoam classic enterprise kite (with LEDs of course. Well, actually battery operated christmas mini bulbs, LEDs weren't so common then) . Took it down to the beach in a hundred year storm figuring it would need those massive winds to get aloft… It stayed aloft for a whopping 10 seconds, WHIPPING back and forth several times before SMASHING nose first into the ground, beyond repair. Not exactly the majestic slow float we're used to seeing from these flagships.

  2. Well, they used to say that the F-4 Phantom was living proof that brick will fly. I believe this may have surpassed that one. Thank God for thick grassy fields. Way to go, Crash Gordon. :o)

  3. Very nice Star Trek starship model! I think it is great!
    If you would like to see a real prototype ion thruster that is similar to the original Star Trek shuttle thrusters, Please click on the purple icon with the E to the left. This ion thruster has onboard power and lifts its supply.

  4. That model is so good the franchise lawyers will send a copyright claim. Contact them first and then have a RC modeling company build those. It wouldn't take much to put an internal gyroscope inside and ease the flying. It would be a great selling product if the FPV technology was installed. Might even be able to make it vertical lift off.

  5. It so cool…. but tail heavy would adding two AFT engines Push motors work???? More power Scotty…

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