Five B2B Cold-Calling Mistakes That Cost You Sales & Customers

hi guys ian johnson from driver success calm today we're going to talk about five killer mistakes that salespeople make when it comes to business the business goal call and the reason why i'm doing this video today is because these are these are five common mistakes that I'm always seeing when I'm working with individual customers or when I'm working alongside other salespeople and I really want to make sure that you understand exactly how these mistakes can pretty much end the call now before we get to these mistakes I just want to make one thing clear and I've mentioned this in a couple of other videos I brought it up before you know there's there's a lot of things on the internet that are promising an end to cold calling and I don't really want to get into too great a detail as to the type of services these companies provide but at the end of the day you're going to have to make that all-important first call you're going to have to pick up the phone and make that call now whether it's a warm call and a warm call is when you know your company is well recognized in the market but this customer doesn't have any history with you per se and doesn't have any personal history with your company or with you personally or if it's a cold call the situation where the customer has no clue who you are or no idea about your company or your products regardless of whether it's a warm call or a cold call you're going to have to make that first call okay you're going to have to get on the phone and speak to your customer so these five mistakes we're going to go over today you know they apply to either situation okay a warm call is when your marketing and your strategy your marketing strategies are working and you got your name out there and companies know who you are but they've never actually bought from you and a cold call is where you know you got a customer where you're calling and they have never spoke to you before know nothing about your company and are listening to you talk about a product that almost sounds too good to be true okay so regardless of warm call or cold call you've got to avoid the following five mistakes okay the first two have to do with how you get on the phone right the first mistake is going to be asking this question of how are you doing today okay don't ask your prospect how they're doing okay they're not doing well it's just the fact is is that if you're dealing with a c-level contact a high-level decision maker you know an executive you know a business owner at the end of the day they are rarely if ever doing well and to be quite honest with you they don't know you so asking a question like this it's somewhat disingenuous okay and it comes across the wrong way don't ask them how they're doing today okay you're giving your prospect an opportunity to answer and if they say they're not doing well they want to get off the phone they're going to end the call right there you've lost it don't ask them how they're doing today number two do not ask is now a good time or is this the wrong time or any question relating to should I call you back is now a good time okay again it's never a good time ever these first two questions are common with salespeople that almost feel guilty about making a goal call they almost feel like they're interrupting somebody and they you have to go ahead and and do that they feel really uncomfortable so they think they're being friendly by asking how are you doing today or is now a good time if it's not a good time let your customer tell you okay let them say I cannot talk to you I have to get off the phone let them tell you but with you ask these two questions you're giving them an out you're giving them an opportunity to answer what are you going to do if they answer I'm not doing well today I don't have time I'm very busy and then click is now a good time of course it's not a good time I'm very busy click so don't ask those two questions okay it comes from being you know feeling guilty about making the cold call alright the third mistake is not having a 15-second intro now I call this an intro the other people call this a a 15-second sales pitch nothing is sold in 15 seconds okay this 15 second intro and you got to practice it this is about your company's core competencies your engineering capabilities your strengths and inventory management your strengths and customer service you know it this is basically a summary of what your company does who you've done it for and who you've worked with in the area okay so you got to work on this work on your 15-second intro okay talk about it okay you can do something as simple as hi you know mr. customer I'm Ian Johnson calling from such-and-such a company we've done a lot of work for companies in your area we are in this industry and we've done a couple of things pertaining to this or this Bank done okay not having a 15 second intro is a killer okay in fact with your 15 second intro that's how you should start off okay work on it to get it below 15 seconds the fourth mistake is ignoring your value proposition okay now a value proposition comes from a value chain analysis now a link just popped up above my head this video is going to show you how to do a value chain analysis a value chain analysis defines the value that you bring to your customers okay ignoring your value proposition when you're doing a cold call is is one of the biggest mistakes I see all the time because what a lot of salespeople do is they focus their call around me to product offerings around products that their customers can get from anybody around products that their customers have heard dozens if not hundreds of other salespeople call call them on okay so you've got to choose a specific product or service unique to your company okay you got to talk about something that differentiates who you are that defines your core competencies that defines who you are the choice is yours do you want to talk about products that every other salesperson call calls about or do you want to talk about something that is unique to your company or a value that you bring okay so you know don't ignore it your value proposition this one is ignoring the setup now what do I mean by a setup let's say you've identified a product that is unique to your market a product that your competitors don't have let's say in that market there are basically two well-defined options okay within your market there's the option a there's the option C now your customers are well aware of option a and option C and they know the pros and cons of each okay let's say option A is it is not terribly accurate in terms of solution but it's inexpensive an option C is very expensive and very accurate but most customers Kanak can't can't really justify the expenditure the way you set up your cold call after you've done your 15-second intro and after you've defined what your value is or you've chosen the product you want to talk about is to basically say to your customer mr. customer we have a product that solves this common problem that you see in your industry to accept it is not option any and it is not option C and then you've pause okay you don't need your customer to come out and say what option is it or what is it any kind of affirmation from the customer in terms of you know even even just a basic ok what well you know and they'll they won't even say anything more than that maybe they'll go hmm okay what is it they may come out and ask what is it but you say we're not option A we're not option C we are B and you pause and when you pause when you say we're not option a we're not option C we are B and you pause your customer is going to ask you more questions he's going to ask exactly what this option B is and why it's so unique so again stop asking them how they're doing today they are never doing well don't ask if it's a good time you got to have a 15 second intro you got it can't ignore your value proposition choose a product that is unique to your company and do a proper set up okay define the most common solutions in your industry the ones that get other sales people from other companies your competitors are cold calling on a or C and saying we're not a we're not C where B and then pause and wait for your customer the whole purpose of a cold call is to get your customer engaged in the process okay you want them asking you questions okay and this is exactly how you do it now to finalize all of this there's another video that I did and a link to spot above my head this allows you to tie in your value proposition to your customers most common fears and concerns and how to ask leading questions in order to expose those fears and concerns and tie it in to your value proposition so that's it business business cold calling mistakes these are the five most common mistakes I see and they kill calls take Carrie Anne Johnson drive success calm bye bye

33 thoughts on “Five B2B Cold-Calling Mistakes That Cost You Sales & Customers

  1. I enjoyed this over every other " Instructor " on youtube with malnourished and drained information .

  2. Hello, Mr. Johnson. I started to work as the telemarketer in company but the problem is I am so stressed out that it affecs everything. Also, I have to admit I dont know the language of commerce much. Would you please help me on promoting my skill in telemarketing? If its needed I can come on Skype or we chat.

  3. I always just give a 10 second pitch of my name, company, why I called them, what we do and then why they SHOULD be interested in us. They usually bite for more information. Basically what you said but I liked your run down. I hate when sales people call and ask how I'm doing… it makes me furious.

  4. Somebody tell me the thumbnail of this video doesn’t look like an older future version of Jonah Hill.

  5. Great video very educational, i was wondering if you have done a "sales Pitch" video. it would be great

  6. I just want to thank you for your videos. I have watched three of them so far and I have watched many others on here that have helped but yours have helped me the most! I am in a highly competitive service industry and I am now focusing my calls towards Executive level Contacts and I have felt very intimidated talking with them on the phone. I am new in my position and have been struggling how to explain and set our service apart from all the other Companies that provide the same service. All I hear is how our price is too high; The way you explained in an organized structure resolved my ongoing agony on how to break it down and present it and utilized the Longevity aspect into resulting Quality for Increased Yield/Performances, now including in offering their customer the same options and services extending their quality of services. I have written out 15-second intro, Specified my Value Chain, along with my A, B, C, set-up; Next, I will outline Value Assertion, fears and concerns with leading questions. I just saw another video you have on Appointment Setting too! I actually clicked on your video due to being bored on another video I was watching by listening and learning from a live call but outlining the way you do has made the most sense for me in writing a structure tailored to my industry which will help me feel like I have substance to work from this point forward, instead of being all over the place, not knowing what direction to go on a call!

  7. So, you say don't ask how you're doing or is this a good time. What would better alternatives to these questions be? Also, what makes up a good 15 second intro? Sorry if those questions might be redundant.

  8. I appreciate you knowledge and experience. Seems you've been working in manufacturing or sales. The practical advices are very on point and if you brand yourself a bit, you can get the image of the likes of Brian Tracy or similar selling consultants. Good job.

  9. I am pursuing a new opportunity in B2B, and this video really made my day, I wanna thank you so much for this amazing video and the tips into it. I learned a lot. Thanks again.

  10. this is a really good video thanks – i've actually just recorded my first set of cold calls and posted them to my channel will have to implement your 5 tips in my next video

  11. Hi Ian,

    Your YouTube videos are really helpful, I need a good suggestion on books which cover below topics :

    Objections Handling questions and Answers.
    Roadblocks in B2B Sales.
    Customer Stall Tactics and the answers for Stall Tactics.
    Pre closing & Closing Techniques.
    Negotiation Techniques.
    Could you please recommend a good book to refer please:).


  12. Ian, love the vids and take a lot away from them. However on this video you promote an interestingly unpopular element of "throwing up" on the customer. I personally advocate controlling the conversation in such a manner but many, many, many business experts are suggesting salesman ease up and let the prospect do most of the talking even during the cold call phase. The problem here is a cold call is meant to set up a more in depth meeting where the prospect is encouraged to "unleash" concerns and expectations. But if the cold call or lead in creates a prelude of what the actual meeting will look like you may not be granted the meeting your after.

    So how do you balance the initial cold call to reflect both your value prop and show a genuine concern for what the needs? And do all this in a couple of minutes? Since most of the cold call should be "them" focused and not "you" focused.

  13. Ian, should a salesperson state his name and position in the 15 second intro or should it stick to the company name only?

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