Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

gap was established in 2005 with headquarters in Singapore our overseas offices are located in Australia Malaysia and five cities across China our current staff comprises over 60 experienced certified public accountants bookkeepers tax consultants human resource managers and payroll experts gaps business focus lies in two main areas they are to be a Business Process Outsourcing for accounting and to provide software as a service to add value to the core accounting function that is implemented as a BPO partner for accounting gap will take on your firm's daily accounting function to handle bookkeeping payroll tax ation and audit as an example of our service as a new startup or an existing company you will be faced with numerous costs such as computer hardware software licensed IT maintenance administrative personnel accounts personnel and payroll by outsourcing your accounting function to GAAP at a cost saving of at least 40% we will perform all the necessary accounting function on a daily basis such as daily updating of accounts raising of invoice recording a vendor statement recording of purchasing orders inventory management checks track customer for under or over payment three levels of check to ensure data accuracy automatic encryption of data to ensure security daily backup of information to ensure data integrity scheduled monthly audits to prevent backlog in audit function GST filing and preparation for annual tax reporting tax planning and audit liaison your daily accounts will be updated and monitored by a senior bookkeeper and a CPA GAAP will supply the necessary human resource to implement our solutions at no additional cost you will not need to hire and train new staff or increase the workload of existing staff in order to use our service to add value to our business partners gaps second area focus is to provide software as a service to the core accounting function that is implemented for a low one-time fee of $500 you can choose any or all of the following software payroll solution customer relationship management solution human resource management solution Salesforce mobile ordering solution these software will run in conjunction with GAAP score accounting solution seamlessly to enhance your business operation the use of these software comes without any yearly maintenance fee with GAAP software as a service you will avoid the high cost of implementing in-house applications which incurs hardware cost or software licensing fee solution delivered over the Internet offers ease of implementation and eliminates software or installation expertise functional enhancements and upgrades are free for all users and performed by GAAP in real time once you've decided to use GAAP as your outsourced to accounting partner our business Account Manager will show you the in-depth GAAP process and the various accounting service package prices just focus on your core expertise and let us be your accounting department and start enjoying savings of at least 40% with GAAP you will reap the benefits from the synergies of integrated software applications that operate seamlessly with our accounting software without the need to acquire additional human resource thank you for your time and patience

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