28 thoughts on “Fed rate hikes are to blame for housing market slowdown: Anthony Chan

  1. In 2007 the FED raised interest rates 17 times which caused the collapse now the problem is outrageous prices.

  2. The Fed is responsible all right. They are responsible for about half the houses in America being in a giant price bubble AGAIN. And it's worse that 2008 right now. How many Americans are priced out of these markets because of the stinking Fed? How much fake money has been funneled to house asset holders, and how much has all that free money diluted real money earned from actual work. To hell with the asset price propping Fed. How do they know what the right asset price is? They don't. They all should be jailed for market fraud.

  3. The banks, realtors and home sellers playing the "housing bubble" V 2.0. Version 1.0 was the testing ground for V 2.0

  4. News Flash chubby tubby in the PIMP suit, you can lower the interest rate to zero and home prices are still to expensive for most people.

  5. Will Fox delete the video "Live: House Oversight…" immediately after its conclusion so we can't comment on it?

  6. Remember the problem was cutting rates to begin with and blowing up this bubble. They doomed the economy.

  7. Anyone ever wonder what logistically gives the FED the power to dictate interest rates?

    Operation: Crucified Serpent

    Justice is coming.

  8. Dear Fox, you are a good boy, always trying to find ways to blame Trumps failtures to others …..
    Go on with that … 1930+ showed us what will happen

  9. High Property taxes in Washington and California add to it. That and Inflation make it not even possible for common Americans to afford rent let alone a High mortgage payment.

    Meanwhile banks are taking homes from people on fixed incomes who are ripped off by bad policies from corrupt politicians. HOMELESSNESS continues to Rise

  10. How are people supposed to by houses when the cities are full of illegals that the taxpayers have to pay for thanks to the dems …

  11. You can't even leave anything outside without an illegal stealing it or their kids ripping it apart … and you wonder why people can't afford houses …

  12. This is funny for those of us who managed to deal with 16% and 18% rates and survived. And these snowflakes today can not take up to 6%. How fragile can these little minds get. Doomed the economy most of us would have been happy with 8%. If they can not handle it they should not be able to buy a house, ever.

  13. Funny how these dumb dumbs changing the story now.

    6 months ago talking about rate hikes and everything else. Said last thing fed would do is cut rates…..looks like completely wrong about that.

    What’s coming next? QE4. None of these goofs talking about it.

    Learn to do your own analysis. Don’t trust these guys and especially don’t trust CNBC.

    Always do opposite of CNBC….95% of the time you will win….facts

  14. Fox always has a bogie man to blame. Housing prices are too high, cut the price to more reasonable prices and the housing market will boom.

  15. Which means housing wasn't sustainable. For needing free money. The prices of housing needs to go back down to 3x average income.

    Meaning they over valued by 300% .

    Good day. Hope you crash just not into me.

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