you can buy a shower and mount it there Oh hold on billy mays time for $19.99 there you go the freaking house is immediately clean how did it happen magic in lower-body grisha plays we're back with more of the most legitimate house flipping survival game ever made house flippers yes when the stack making simulator mixes house flipping in with survival it has created the most glorious game ever made you can see our little craptastic Shack of sadness is we're getting some stuff in it over here you got my I got my little bin filled with food and stuff like that I don't have an actual kitchen so I'm forced to eat pickles or whether they call them pickled cucumbers pick up lies ah nuts and then this soup over here again it almost looks like bloody egg drop soup it says it's soup I don't know what kind of supposed to be I like how this is just like generic emergency food it doesn't even tell you what it is over to the computer of money now I've had to do a couple of these over here every once in a while you get jobs that you can do or getting 50% more money just for doing them right now because I unlocked a bunch of different talents for it to help save me from these horrible colors honey with the sad face I knew okay this game has some of the strangest like little tooltips that come out in the in the waiting screen I've ever seen in my life like usually it'll have one of the guys that your pie that you're like you know peddling the houses to and he'll tell you something about like how he feels about part of the house and one dude was like I need two bathtubs one for me and one for my good friend oh and like I was like what does that even there for is that is that some sort of like you know what I mean what is he owing about is that like the orgasmic Oh or is that just like the I need to understand oh hello there my dear I'm so happy you offered to help me with house flipping I hope your offer is still valid you wouldn't say no to such a wonderful person like me right and modicon face here's the deal about a month ago I moved into my cousin's house she is I'm sorry to say an artist an artistic soul commands her to live in a house that looks like a Christmas tree oMG really because the wall colors hurt my eyes cries so much I can't stand them oh I'm so angry there's like the Oh everyone's the law I'm so angry that I'm afraid that the sour look of my face will give me wrinkles more emoticons that would be terrible we have two years I think of it with it and you my sweetie have to help me with it you need her paint the walls with normal colors for my for my cousin returns from the tour nee tone down and quiet colors would be awesome you know what I like thank you for everything and remember to hurry loving kisses but go pray I'm not doing that let's go buy and sell a house we do okay so today we need a legitimate fallout shelter so we need a house with a basement we've got 62 grand to work with so we need something in like the thirty to fifty thousand dollar area if you go over here it'll show you how many floors all the houses have which is freaking awesome so one floor one floor that's no good one floor no we want we want two floors want that number to say – does anyone have a freakin basement what's going on up in here hold on I wouldn't give you okay so this one has two but it's out of our price range it tells you a little bit about the house an abandoned house for renovation it's state is not specified the owner lives abroad if you want to buy it please contact the home for you real estate agency okay a unique opportunity the stage star Bonnie be a little home at a big bargain price I the stage star I'm guessing this is adult entertainment oh here we go here we go here we go house four complete renovation after a recent flood the owner will sell cheap oh sweet and it's two floors this is exactly what we need now if the basement is all flooded out that's gonna suck see it looks like one floor but it says two so it better not be freakin lying in here I'm gonna go insane it's okay so here's the one I want the flood house two floors let's go we're gonna freakin do it right now is this no this is like a cutscene of the actual house because that would be kind of cool oh it also mentioned that if we don't sell it we can actually live there so you can keep one of these houses for yourself that's awesome so we can legitimately move out of our crap Shack ah let's get rid of all the crap over here we'll look at the inside in just a second for the moment I just kind of want to remove all this random furniture that's just like sitting out here in the middle of nowhere can I just sell all this now in case you didn't know you can use the squeegee Tron 10000 over here to clean gravel yes gravel comes right up like it's no big deal alright let's go inside up in here let's take a look uh-huh looking fantastic you got your bottles of frickin like nuclear aid over there another lovely room over here uh-huh looking good looking good open this up um there's a lot of damage the house is pretty screwed up no lie there's no lying about that where's the basement at it's said two floors there's not two floors I'm gonna cut someone up real slow there's a nice bathroom in here bye nice I mean it exists I'm not seeing one yet we can still make this work hold on let me go ahead and let me go ahead and clean up all this crap that's laying around over here and just give the give the whole place nice once-over with the squeegee of destiny over here oh we just got your skill it's probably the squeegeeing if I had to guess see some dirt I don't really need that as long as I know where some of the dirt it is I'm usually okay let's go with faster cleaning for right now because you do a lot of cleaning in this game and right over here it's a friggin selleth on so all this crap sell sell sell all of it all I want it all gone all gone all this if your little cans of Mountain Dew or mountain sadness or mountain eight or whatever the hell it is all the off-brand mountains down here we have Mountain Lightning the bedroom isn't a place for toys what there's nothing here there's a couple of coffee cups and some plates if your kids are playing with coffee cups and plates go to the dollar store pick them up up freakin bouncy ball or something that's pretty sad if all that's left is just like plates and stuff that sounds super super um safe either these doors and stuff we're gonna get rid of all these – all these doors – suck I don't like any of these this is kind of interesting we've got like gay um we've got a fuse panel over here I kind of like that we're gonna have to paint this whole house though so before we made the house to protect yourself from the apocalypse this is the house that's been through the apocalypse you could see it's like a freaking tidal wave from the day after tomorrow hit this place or something it looked horrible let me go change over to the ultra squeegee Kapow we're really brighten up the room and a couple of strokes Billy Mays would be proud man this is something that he would sell on his his show or whatever his infomercial because out like 10 seconds of squeegeeing and the entire hat look at this the entire house is clean it all must go all this must go all of it this chair – I don't like it it's looking at me the wrong way and like I said you got a couple of Canada Dry cans over here on a side note I don't know what everyone's favorite soda drink is but I'm a huge fan of Canada Dry or I was I'd only drink that much sugar anymore but back in the day when I did man I loved Canada Dry that was my favorite probably my second favorite soda my first favorite soda was Pennsylvania red which is a birch beer of you guys have birch beer where you're at but when I was at in Jersey we used to have fur ghulam should still do that birch beer and it was freakin fantastic get rid all the doors I want this place to look like a teenager's room and pissed off their parents get rid of that washer get rid of shower this is interesting it's like only one side of it is tiled what is that can I get rid of that or no I guess I can't you can buy a shower and mount it there oh hold on Billy Mays time for $19.99 there you go the freaking house is immediately clean how did it happen magic so I hate working in the in the dark oh well it's not like dark but I hate working in the low light so let's go ahead and slap on some lights over here and make this place look friggin legit here I'm probably gonna replace some of these lights because usually like the lights that they give you are kind of blowy it's usually just it's like the same light like over and over again if they love this light now I will say I like the light wood floors the light wood floors look pretty cool but I think what I'm gonna do is I think I'm gonna have hard dark wood in the hallway and then we'll go to light wood in the room but I kind of feel like I want to double up on some of these rooms the bathroom is an okay size I always love wrecking friggin walls with the sledgehammer of potency so right over here is gonna be our kitchen over here this can probably a bedroom and then we can have a big-ass living room over here and I think that's exactly what we're gonna do so Gorbachov take this friggin wall down yeah make me proud baby I want to see it fall come on Oh gray wants the full out explode occasion about what I got a we're gonna freakin throw my body into it there we go good that makes me happy that's what we want to see I bought Thor's hammer for a reason I didn't buy the crap hammer all right I've got the frickin powerful hammer over here and I expect to do its job huh that right there I'm fact when we can I think I'm gonna upgrade my my hammer power I think that's something you can upgrade it isn't it's like it's like hammer potency or hammer strength or something like that I want to upgrade that because I want to see if we can get these these bricks and stuff to fly clear across the entire room and Oh frigging miss boom there we go okay now we're set now I'm trying to think again in Florida we have great room so like we don't usually have hallways like this but I don't dislike this hallway and I don't I don't think it's bad to have a large entryway into this living area but something that we've never done is I think they have sliders in here hold on let me check I'm pretty sure they have glass sliders let me see over here doors or something let's check this out of it yeah they do they have sliding doors white black and brown I think I'd like a sliding door we've never done that before glass on glass instead of plastic I'm not gonna plastic on glass so it's too wide okay actually it's yeah it's one two three four okay I think we can make this work if not I'm getting a wall breaking exercise oh now I think that we could put down half of a half via a wall and that's how we're gonna make this work one way or the other there we go I was wondering how that was staying up all right so now we go over into the makey wall thing inlets that's it that's what I want right there this and we're gonna have to paint this but it should be fine oh yeah yeah look at this open space now you could make this into a hell of a freaking uh a living room over here this is gonna be great now we're gonna have to redo the floors here because the floors you can't fix this like you have to redo it otherwise they're gonna be like all off-kilter like they are right now take a look over here floor panels and coverings yeah Pyne we're gonna do the pine I'm gonna do the pine I was looking at some of the other ones they do look cool I'm gonna do pine oh let's go ahead and stretch this as far out as we can can we get it over here yeah right about there oh that looks clean that's looking clean this is the beginning of a beautiful house let me tell you something right now before the house looked like hammered garbage but in a little bit over here old Chang Troy my boy is gonna be paying top dollar for this thing now I have to decide where I want my transition to be there's no transition strips in this game I noticed so we could have we can have a different colored tile be the transition actually you know what hold on a second let me let me check something out here what color is this this like a real real dark color I want to see something um I gave it a transition but you actually can't see it so it really doesn't matter I guess but that's fine all right so now the tile in here will fix the rest of that in a little second that dark tile looks pretty slick this right here big fan big fan so let's go ahead and grab this we're gonna drag us all over oh look at that that's that's the big-money tile right there although nowadays we did this in my house too yeah so you can see it here you can see it here but watch when you get out of this it's gone you can't even tell it's there because the other slider takes up the whole area in the area that I'm in and you know in my house we actually did this there's the porcelain tiles now it's not it's and it's it looks like wood but it's not wood so you don't have to worry about any kind of moisture absorption or warping or rotting or anything porcelain is fantastic man it's like completely invincible to everything now over here we're gonna have to have tile because this is gonna be the bathroom again this is actually a pretty decent sized bathroom usually this game gives you really crappy sized bathroom but I'm totally okay with this let's uh let's do some floor tiles and I think today how would we want to do over here maybe these ones we did we did was it we did these ones last time are these ones I can't remember I mean let me check this one out I think this one's fine oh we didn't do this one yet let's do this one that's hot right there big fan big fan of that we're gonna do the bathroom first today that's how I feel and by bathroom I mean way back over here because I thought it originally was it's fine no the problem is is that and the thing I would I would actually make that other area our bathroom cut well it depends on who were making this house for the last house was pretty much made for a single person I think this one is too when we get a house that's bigger like these are really small houses when we get a house that's bigger we'll make it for like a family but for right now let's go ahead and mount the shower I think we should be allowed to there we go all right let's throw this thing together now if I remember correctly you have to follow a very simple 280 step process to mount a shower first you got to put the things in then you got it broke thing down then the tube goes in here then you shove the thing in the hold and you screw it in real tight push the thing like you just don't care slide it in over here make sure no one knows don't tell anyone about it grab this twist this over here yank this from left to right stab that put your nuts in and there you go and then there's a couple more barriers like this sometimes you got to screw it left to right right there and then once more if you can do it twice in a row you're the king then we're gonna have our grippy do go ahead and put a little a little thingamabob on that so let everyone can look at it in awe and fascination a couple more fantastic screw jobs happen – right over here then we're gonna want this to let people can fall into the shower and possibly grab onto it so they don't kill themselves a few of these right over here we like to call these the shower protective goos because effectively what they do is to make sure that none of the none of the the excess moisture gets out of the shower onto the floor I know this because I actually had a leaky shower a while back and we're set there you go and that's basically how you put together a shower you don't need to watch any of the other YouTube videos on how to do it because that's I mean I would like 90 percent of showers go that way right there the other 10 percent I I don't say I would probably pay someone just to do it for you I want the short toilet today this is called the fatty I need to look at that again to see if that was called the flat E or the fatty high that okay that seemed a little simplistic I feel like there's a little bit more to putting the toilet together than that but whatever and then we should have an ear now the sinks can you buy one of like the other sinks cuz I know you have a mountable sink but what about like these sinks over here there's bathtubs – we don't have an area for a bathtub like this one can i buy this and does it mount or no oh it kind of looks like it mounts you need plaster to fix the cavity no cavity what do we hold on what cavities do we got going on over here let me get some plaster going up in here I don't know anything about this alright let me go and slap this down move over to our scrapey thing alright switch to plastering if you please throw some plaster on there oh are we oh wow Jesus plastered everything at one go thank God I didn't know it was quite that easy usually it's like little holes that you plaster but here we're plastering entire walls in one shot I don't think that the original beta was like that but I can't say that I'm sad there you go fresh plastered looking fantastic alright pick this up shove it right in there yeah it kind of snaps in but you don't have to install it that way that's like a but if you notice in the upper in the upper area the upper right hand corner it shows it as not being installed I don't like that oh my god you can't assemble it oh this is fantastic I had no idea oh it's so much better now there we go I was gonna be unhappy if we couldn't install this now originally that's what I love about this game that a lot of stuff has like continued to advance and change originally you put these in and you couldn't install them which kind of sucked because it's not like it's telling you like it really doesn't anything but I want that I want that extra experience of doing the installation and I appreciate that we can legitimately do that I think that this for a washer yes for a washer uh-oh we got a new thing here faster mounting Oh 20% plastering tiling and paneling I guess I'll do plastering that sounds fine alright let's do this this is so that you don't have to be a dirty scumbag see the worst thing in the world I got to tell you man I guess you go to the laundromat and a lot of the very first houses that we were messing with in this gate the developers in this game I believe were polish a lot of the first houses that we were dealing with did not have washers or dryers or anything and some people don't and you do have to hit the laundromat I've been kind of fortunate that even when I was in in an apartment for a long time the apartment had a washer and dryer so I didn't have to deal with any of that $0.25 crap Oh fits like a glove looking good all right now we just need a radiator and then we'll paint this thing up a nice lovely happy-go-lucky color and then we'll be good on that would be good to go on to the next room and I think we're gonna do the kitchen you guys are gonna have to let me know what your favorite colors are in the chat right now though we're gonna do this randomly eyes closed eyes closed and we are doing it in oh I missed there's no color down there let's try this again eyes closed and royal blue okay this is actually a pretty legit color I was expecting to get like like vibrant pink or something like that but the royal blue is quite nice actually so I totally don't mind painting this I think in order to paint the one side I've got a plaster all this crap it's not a bad thing though I mean I should get all the plastering done anyway we've got the plaster or out so I might as well head oh I have to go all over this house and clear this place up because there this it needs plaster everywhere in fact let me just pick up the bucket this is a big ass room throw it down all over here take the goo throw some plaster on it now I think we can get the whole thing in one shot yeah okay good I'm kind of wondering do we uh do we get infinite plaster because like I've been using the same plaster bucket for a while not gonna complain I'm just kind of wondering if that's the thing because if it is hallelujah I guess it was well to be fair I wasn't that much money to buy the plaster but I mean it wasn't like I don't know how much it was hold on I mean let me take a look over here I don't think it was that much it was like thirty yeah thirty-three dollars that was like thirty four dollars don't like that as we're dealing with a flooded house I thought I would share with you a flooding experience of mine another storytime with gray there's nothing that you could do about this this isn't really something where I'm trying to teach you something this is just something where I got to experience sadness and depression for a small period actually I always having a great time when I was a young man there was a huge storm in our area uh and there was all kinds of flood warnings and everything like that so just like the warning said our area flooded and the water was coming toward us and it was already getting into the garage which wasn't terrible because it was actually an incline to get into the rest of the apartment area you know what I mean like it goes it went up like there was there was a slope to go up to the main living area that we were in I'll put that handyman thing in in just a second there we go and and so what we had done was we had a freaking like a shop-vac that my dad was using to you know to like basically throw some of the water out of the garage just try and slow it down because supposedly the storm was gonna pass so we were just trying to like keep the house from flooding until that time like basically beat the storm and he had me grab a giant broom like one of the kind that you clean the the old auditoriums in school with and I was pushing the water out like basically just trying to keep it from getting into the garage as much as possible I know it sounds stupid like how is that even possible its water it's an amorphous feel to fluid it would just core it actually work like it was slowing it down and up to the point where we could keep it going into another depression while he was using the shop back and it turned into like a game and this is the thing this is what's different when you're young anyone who's uh you know you really like young kid and now maybe you're a teenager young adult or something like that when you're a kid working is like fun I'm talking like six seven eight nine years old I was having a great time it was like a game to me it was like trying to beat mother nature that's basically what it was I was trying to kick mother nature into freaking Chiclets by keeping the rain out of the house and it legitimately worked we did we ended up actually beating this so it did get into the garage it flooded out the whole friggin garage but it didn't get into the living area where like all of the good stuff was and like you know a lot of electricity and things like that sit down here in Florida we have flooding to deal with as well but we you know we prepare for it in legitimate ways like by buying sandbags or like well now they're like water bags they're basically sandbags but if you fill them up with water and stuff like that anyone ever had any kind of flood story super let me know that in the comments section I love reading those stories that you guys have as well I remember one time we were talking about like all kinds of weird animals that you found inside the house people were sharing stories about like vicious raccoons that were trying to kill them and mice and stuff like that and then someone said that the most vicious animal that you can have infesting your house is a raccoon like a mother raccoon because if it has babies and stuff like that it will basically like badger fight you to the death all right bathrooms almost done hold on we need a nice TV over here so that while you're blowing it up go ahead and watch your TV you got your music place your social place your news place they'll not lonely dot gum one of the favorite sites to go to grab a mirror over here I think I'd like to have two all right let's look at all the plants yes red oh all lovely there we go we need a nice can you put the potted plant up here I'm kind of hoping that you could put the potted plant up here oh you can put it on the windowsill okay that's nice I'm gonna do a wheel two plants put one over there put one over here as well so what can we put up here there we go we can make this work I just had to put another shelf in there there we go you can put your gas mask in there you can put your knife in there you always want to keep that nearby make sure the blade is out there we go nice knife over there and I don't know maybe a couple jars of peanut butter there we go and a lovely painting nearby give you some good motivation for some reason I can't paint the tiles over there I kind of wonder if it's because it's against the back of the the shower or something can you open the Sheraton I can't I thought maybe I had to use the plaster but I've plastered everything on this side and it still didn't mess it up there's one area over here that I think we may have to plaster i plastered everything over there and it didn't do anything to it so it's fine no I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be sad about it for too long all right so we got the blue bathroom for the main hallway over here let's see what we're gonna get this time let's go ahead and go ahead and mess around real quick and what do we land on we're gonna get I told you eventually it would be like a pink or something like that I was hoping for maybe a red but pink is fine too they say pink is a very soothing color though so you know in the apocalypse if everyone's trying to kill us or take our loot or whatever maybe this will make them think twice about it I had no idea you've got to plaster the outside of the house to put pain in my ass all right there we go a little bit of color in here we got our sacrificial bunny with his butcher knife a couple of candles to make everything look good I feel like we need some wall art there we go that's lovely you boys like horses thought it'd have a nice wall of horses over here I'm sure whoever buys this house is who what the hell is going on in here all right just putting out a couple of blinds over here in the kitchen so no one can see what's going on got some decorative rifles as you often do you got to have your teepee over there nice little microwave oven got ourselves a cutting board some knives up you know what we're missing hold on here there we go there's our buddy we're just getting this room set up if this is gonna be like uh like a uh a bit of a shelter we're gonna oh crap I need to paint this one little area if this is gonna be an appropriate shelter we need to have stuff to do in here now I've got a giant pile of guns strewn out over here we've got an emergency food couple of knives some peanut butter and pickles I think that's a good combination got some brave volatile cans of gas over here that works fantastically it's amaranth or whatever was the color that I ended up picking for this randomly so that what we need you need something more to do though um I feel like we need hold on I know we need some computer games or something a big friggin monitor it's monitor I was like okay no big deal yeah and if you don't have any eyesight problems that's for sure that's gonna put that right over there normally I would have a dual monitor setup but I accidentally space for it all right there we go we've got everything set up in here just how we need it perfect plenty of guns plenty of pictures computer all the various accoutrement so let me ask you that well we got ourselves a panic button over here too just in case let me ask you this I hid a very particular safe in that last room did you see where it was all right we mess around out for a while let's see what kind of sail we can get with this start the auction look at what it looked like before look like hammered crap it looks fantastic now all right 72,000 – wow that's a jump in price 76,000 big bedroom that's sweet yep one bedroom enough for me Jimmy traitor says it's pretty good the Johnson family is okay with it and they need they don't need a big family room no Chang Choi okay 82 grand you have offended the honor of my masculinity please let me know why there are toys in here I really don't understand you shut your mouth aerco Dolan trusk of the someone mentioned it must be Donald Trump 84 grannies throwing down but the winner Veronica Lipton she likes the bedroom she thinks there's a big amount of pictures has character no we've had a big amount of pictures art is important bookcases pictures make the room deeper children stuff flowers artistic disorder out come on it's fine now we can negotiate oh no we don't have this tree yet but we're almost there 28 that were almost $29,000 on that particular flip and like I said sure the apocalypse come they're gonna have plenty of stuff to do hey guys hope you enjoy this episode of house flipper let us flip our house and accept our stacks of cash almost $100,000 now I think it's almost gonna be time to move out of our little crap Shack a Vokes until the next time stay foxy much like you


  1. serria mist and orange crush, with ibc and a&w root beer now and then. i can't have ginger ale of any kind, i'm allergic to it.

  2. I think Dolan trusk is a combo of trump and Elon musk. I would say just Elon, but the name is too close to trumps to rule that out

  3. I don’t remember this but my dad told me about it. I live in Australia Newcastle and a while back we had a thing caulked the pashabulka (I think that’s how you spell it) flood. And me and my dad were out shopping and we were in one off those parking lots that are underground. And all this water was flooding in and leaking into the car and my dad said that I stood up on the seat and started dancing and splashing the water everywhere. So we decided to ditch the car and do our shopping and when we came back. The water was up to the roof off the car and we never saw that car again.

  4. the laptop- the background- that's a little close to the sburb symbol, don't you think? now sburb does start the apocalypse, doesn't it?

  5. My house had a flood not long ago, a pressurized valve on the main floors toilet snapped of and started spraying water in the middle of the night. I woke up but didn’t know what the sound was so I ignored it an hour or so later my mom woke up and ran down stairs she yelled for me to come help her. The water spread across the bathroom, kitchen and front entrance but not the liver or dining room where the floors were made of hardwood. All of the water had gone down the vents into the basement so there was water up to my ankle down there. I ran down stairs so quickly to my older brothers room to save all of his computers and electronic gear, he’s a soldier so he lives on a military base and couldn’t be there to clean up his things so I did for him. I put everything expensive on his bed. I stayed home from work that day to help my mom clean up the mess. We had to borrow our neighbours shopvacc. We used every towel in the house TWICE, we had to throw them in the dryer to use them again. Our property manager got our email and sent over 4 workmen with industrial fans and dehumidifiers that same day, we were lucky that nothing was horribly damaged and nothing molded.

  6. I wouldn't say it was a house flood but it happened in the living room a few years back. Back at my mums house she used to owen this really big fish tank. Thankfully there was no fish in it at the time. I was upstairs and i just heard a crash from downstairs. Went down and the fish tank had cracked and water was gushing out. Now at this point i was home alone and there was absolutely no way i was catching this water myself so i quickly got my neighbours to help. By the time id got help over half the tank had drained. So while my neighbours were bucketing the water i unplugged all the wire and turned off all the switches as this tank was near the tv and surround sound system etc etc. In the end the water got so low it stopped basically empty. Only half the floor got drenched because there was a really thick carpet that had socked it up

  7. There was a situation with flooding that I had to help with only it wasn't from outside but more because a pipe had burst. In the basement. We had to use our shop vac and dump it in the shower in the laundry area, which is where the pipe had burst. It was a pain in the ass to deal with and I think it took 3-5 days to finally dry the floor.

  8. I live in georgia above florida after a storm that is big we get flood warnings but every building is on a hill so nobody is affected

  9. I watch my gun channels from time to time. All you need for entertainment is some food tins and some guns. I think thats why preppers buy both in such great quantities.

  10. My flooding story, I don't remember if my house at the time flooded (I was 4 maybe 5). But I do know we had a storm coming through in Virginia, by the military base, and it had flooded our entire street. My mom had taken me and my brother out since the water wasn't deep, and let us play in it. I remember seeing a man in a boat just slowly making his way down our street. It was so much fun and I loved it.

  11. flood story for ya short and sweet when i was working at a local hospital we had about 3 feet of snow on the ground then the weather changed melting the snow all at once then it started to rain about 2 inches the river by the hospital flood stage is 5.5 feet at the peak it crested at 13.5 feet the day it flooded i stood in the lot at work and watched the water actually creeping up over the bank through the park and into the parking lot unknown to me at the time the river actually flooded into the basement of the hospital and the parking garages it also flooded a nearby school

  12. I dont have a flood story but I have a forest fire story. Unfortunately I couldn't push the fire out with a broom:(

  13. So, if working is a game for children in the age of 8-9, child labour should be a part of any childhood!

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