Fairphone + vanPlestik | Turning trash into treasure

We all have electronics at home,
piling up in drawers. And even if we recovered all those electronics not all materials could be recycled. An example of that is plastic. Plastics are very often burned. So we recover energy, but we don’t recover
the material itself. So we were thinking, what can we do
with all the old cases that we have. And we were looking and looking
for collaborations that could do something very cool
with those plastics… And we found it! I think the collaboration between us
and Fairphone is a perfect example. At vanPlestik we’re focusing on materials:
recycled materials and how to upcycle them into new
high-value products. Fairphone is also focused on materials.
Using materials in a sustainable, fair way. Sourcing them in a sustainable way,
but also designing modular so pieces can be taken apart,
to recycle or reuse. This also made this collaboration possible.
Because Fairphone is designed modular, the backend of the phone could be taken apart
and upcycled into a high-value new product. So together with Miquel, we designed a range
of different products that are high value and that can be used by Fairphone. The process that we use is really quite simple. Fairphone collected and separated the phone
cases by color and dropped them off here. The phone cases first have to be
shredded in our shredder. After that, we put the tiny flakes
in our 3D printer. The 3D printer melts the plastic and creates
a thick long wire. Layer by layer our new objects are being made. So we are able to create valuable objects
out of material that is otherwise thrown away. We’re not going to solve the problem by ourselves.
We have to show by example, that you can do it differently,
and maybe inspire others to do the same.

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