(Exposed) YNW Melly Sacrificed Friends For The Industry!!

welcome back – hi Recife man it's me Emily fat seven one three and we're back with another episode man yeah I seen by the title man we're talking about ynw manly man he was arrested on multiple murder charges so he turned himself in this past couple of days because they were looking for a man on a fucking warrant charge for first-degree murder man and apparently he just didn't murder anybody he murdered his homeboys the one that he grew up with ynw juvie and ynw Sanchez we're gonna talk about that a little bit but a lot of shit has just fucking upsetting me and just brought me down to make this one video and just like bring everything into context and try to tell you a song man that needs to be said about this industry man it's only been a month a month and a half of 2019 all these artists are starting to get locked up man are they being locked up for murder snitch nine to car six knives apparently about to be freeing a little bit because he snitched out everybody started working with the government even though he was talking all that shit and fucking you know creating violence within communities and just starting all this bullshit and all that talk shit talking that he did and now he snitched out everybody man and now his China you know saying he's probably gonna get away with it all these industry plasmon like Blueface – man I'm pretty sure he was equipping while he was wearing this fucking hairdo you know saying I don't think he would get any kind of respect with this fucking hairstyle by any fucking create he was fucking JAMA to by Chemical Romance he was on some rocker shit back in the day man it's just crazy man so we're gonna let's get into this Jamel – this ynw many things like 37 – men are in jail this morning including an up-and-coming Florida rapper both men are charged in a double murder police are saying the two staged a crime scene to make it look like a drive-by shooting CBS 4s Carly Barnett is live at the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale with more warning they are each charged with two counts of first-degree murder and they're also accused of as you said staging this crime scene to appear as though it was a drive-by shooting Courtland Henry and Jamel de mons who is better known as Y&W Melly are sitting in jail charged with shooting and killing Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr now this happened back in October we actually have aerial footage of the scene at Memorial Miramar Hospital the victims Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas jr. were dropped off at the hospital but they say through forensic evidence they were able to determine that this crime scene was staged and Y&W Meli he took his homeboys to the hospital in the front of the hospital this is actually a video man let me show you a little bit of video it's kind of like a riffing yeah I wanna watch this Jessica skip a little bit you know he probably went to their funeral like in front of their whole family's faces and uh you know saying it's just like a whole nother level of fucking being a snake man where's his Scarface Frank jinora huh says Frank that's a pig that don't fly straight neither do you Frappuccino analogies and anybody that fucking rocks with white NW Melly if he gets convicted of killing both of his friends y'all some fucking fake his weasels I would never rock with anybody that will fucking snake their homeboys and kill him I believe he but there were just sacrifices for the industry you know st. just researching this is there's a bunch of hints you know lead to this shit man he made a song murder on my mind of him actually confessing the lyrics that he murdered him and that he had no choice industry there's also subliminal message man of sacrifice you know why they had a fucking show bunch of chickens sacrifice chickens you know and on this video of him talking about his friends getting murdered there's chickens dead chickens man just screams sacrifice you know this is played in front of people's eyes man with their blind to see it is sad man a lot of people are just gonna dismiss it you'll say I'm crazy more trippy conspiracy theories but it's just in front of your faces man it's a big fucking mess right now y'all can't deny that shit it all comes down to the fucking industries where are they targeting all these rappers that are trying to come up and they're betting on the come-up they have a lot of influence on the young ones why are they getting locked up and in jail because they're trying to normalize that all right it's just a big fucking setup man tell me why the industry fucking signs these rappers all right I'm gonna tell you one thing these rappers blue-faced 6-9 YN w Mele also NBA young boy he just got arrested a police a young boy whose real name is Kenneth gaulden and star Thigpen became angry when the housekeeping staff entered their room at the Hyatt House Hotel according to police called him then encouraged Thigpen to punch the housekeeper and think men assaulted her gaulden and Thigpen are charged with disorderly conduct act of violence toward another physical obstruction of another and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for fucking fighting a fucking maid because he stayed too long inside of a hotel room and they don't want to fucking leave and then they fight with the fucking maid tell me that's not crashed on me shit right there man uh what is all that all relate man all these rappers are fucking spineless tweezers they're fucking young ones that could be manipulated man basically just crashed on me and they could be used by by the real industry puppet masters as a ploy because they're fucking gullible as motherfuckers that don't have a spine and don't have a real fucking voice and don't have morals and it's just spreads out like fucking cancer in this shit man and there's a fucking reason why real rappers with a real voice with a real message that one convey and probably change the communities they will never get signed that's why I only listen to underground hip-hop you know say underground hip-hop from anybody city is where it's popping I don't care where ever you from right now your city I don't care if you're from your UK you know saying out-of-state anywhere in any country in the world there's underground rappers that you respect and they're not settle out saying there just is actually good music the ones that that have been grinding for years and years that are well over deserve to be no come up and fucking making in this music industry because they got bars they got your lyrical they got you don't say they got talent they never come up because they got a spine you know they'll stand up and you know saying be real body and I sell out you know say they got an opinion the English is gonna fucking bend over and spread over their fucking booty hole and let the fucking industry just fuck them hell no they got a voice that's why this industry goes out for these young spineless fucking wannabe gangbangers at some point and wannabe fucking hood killers and crash dummies to fucking use them as a ploy fucking destroy the community and also fucking divide because as you fucking you see in the media now all these white folks are looking at the rappers like and looking at all the minorities stupid okay these fucking wild fucking animals just killing each other and that's what other people don't respect us as minorities and don't respect blacks or Mexicans and it's just a big divide you know because at the end of the day you know we all want the same thing man it's just to be successful and and live a better life you know be live a better life for our families but at some point we're all get divided and just bullshit that doesn't really matter at the end of the day man now what's gonna happen to this Y&W Melly all right so now he's got arrested what I think shit will just happen with 21 sandwich the inner she's gonna come to to the rescue it just proves it that these fucking people are brainwashed man because they're still gonna support this guy ynw Melly even if he gets fuckin a convicted of first-degree murder or if he gets a lesser sentence of manslaughter they're still gonna be people saying free Y&W man yeah the streets that heard this and that this will just kill his homeboys man he's a fuckin snake he's a weasel he's a hawk well they say uh Al Pacino you fuckin a pig that don't fly straight the young generation ain't gonna give a damn you know they fuckin spineless fuckin followers as well and I forgot one last thing man one last thing to add the industry plan was probably going through all these rappers seeing who's the next fuckin demonic young upcoming martyrs day we're gonna use for a puppet you know what this guy's name is his name is Joe male demons his last name is demons all right fuckin industry probably busted a nut if we father God your male demons isn't that ironic he's our next target it's just a little bit ironic that his last name is fuckin demons demonic shit sacrificed his homeboys for the music industry and for the come-up well uh that's my opinion man yeah let me know what y'all think man this is just my my thoughts yeah let me know down in the comments if I'm trippin man it's just my opinion tell me which I think about all this whole situation and yeah man is that more we shall say on three I'll see you on the next fucking episode

29 thoughts on “(Exposed) YNW Melly Sacrificed Friends For The Industry!!

  1. Truth …
    Kanye sacrificed his mother and look at him now.. it’s eating him alive.. Also, everyone keeps saying oh ‘ it was a song that he wrote 2years ago..
    well how do we know that That it was written two years ago ???
    Did he really write it two years ago is the question?
    That’s is just what they push to u lost idiots who don’t have critical thinking skills to question anything. Show me proof it was written two years ago ??
    Why are all celebrities rap videos so dark and demonic ?? This was definitely planned.

  2. You rite with what you saying all these thristy ass kids do anything 4 a dollar get used and abused thinking they on top world smh they ain't got no heart no spine no balls fronting like they some hardcore thug hood mf lol sad mf do anything 4 fame& money 2 brag on IG and FB doing most 4 name brand shit that everyone got be own person following ass lames 2 funny how they all got 2 show stacks of $$ other stupid thristy mf get impressed but real ones real hood mf real ballers real hustlers real solid mf dont need 2 do all that bs or be thristy shit where I'm from all that do is let mf noe you gone get got you paying taxes so good looking on yo stupid thristy ass worse then thristy females hoe ass tricks

  3. Sorry left something out, he made the song before the shootings. So many of the past comments seem like people are trying to say that this can not be an admission of guilt. Bucause song was writen two years ago. Thats not the point. Point is more like premeditated disposition towards doing something like that. Seems like so many people in the comments are trying to imply he's not guilty because the song was two years old. I'm like that makes no sense. The song was about doing something like that, writen before he actualy did something like that.

  4. Ok maybe I missed something. The whole point is yes he did make the song " murder on .. mind" thats the hole point.
    Its like forshadowing in a movie. Like intent & desire to ….willingness to do, or at the very least pramote such acts.

  5. First video of yours I've seen. Like that you think for yourself. Thug life glamorizations, the words, the attitudes , the conduct ,basicly from the destroyer. Satan would have them kill their spirit mind & body. Music like that & " puppets" for the industry as you call it, are there helping, showing people how to destroy themselves. That kind of "music" is soul killing. I forget where I came across this..but if you wanted to exsploit or destroy a group of people, get them to do it to themselves. The power of life or death is of the tongue. Of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Garbage in garbage out.

  6. omg this is all fake ynw melly is innocent i can be singing that i ate my siblings that doesnt mean i ate my siblings

  7. Them rappers that speak the truth and stay in there on lane wont ever get signed up u right but like montana of 300 hopsin all them said the industry sign u but they make all the money the best way to go is solo facts

  8. Dont make me get the🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  9. Blue face is a fake bitch..these days u can just wake up and claim a gang with no puttin in work or anything…how u go from a straight A student and football player to next day u a crip…fuck that pussy

  10. You dont understand hood life we grow up the hard way you just assume that he killed the guy, do research. Have respect😶

  11. The news lying they know they lying they let those boys die. Something had to happen before anything happen to them. Muder on my nind is not proof not shit.

  12. Big up Yr speaking the truth people black people shud be ashamed listening looking making music white birnging fagbag 69,his name talks raps like he shoved something up his ass wat da fuck, reason why are music is fagbag people who listen buy this rap fag shit music r not 2 me people who u wud have any time for right wrong'ons if u get me, but u can't stop people buy the music this it's gone nasty shit bunch of gaylord 😂🤣😂🤣😂🖕🏿😈

  13. The damn government got the community out doin they damn job. Agenda 21, purge 90% of the populations so that a remaining 10% is under mass control. Fuckin sheeple. How you kill your friend. I see this in life everyday now. I used to have an abundance of friends they all fuckin mindless killers now. What goes around comes around. That's why I dont have no friends I dont fuck with people sad existence of a human beings.

  14. It's not a such thing as Satan it's just stupid people that became lost in this small world. The word evil has been misspelled the correct way is LIVE nothing more

  15. if you threaten my mother and my family lives. friend or not imma knock you off. He messed up by staging the crime scene? he should've invited them over to his house and put that stand your ground law to his advantage? like I said, you cant threaten a man's family, and expect to live happy while my family is living in fear.

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