Exponential growth and Franchising – The Power of Network Marketing

so hey everybody this is Mike del cobre CEO continuously and probably others I'm recording the stream for YouTube but I'm also streaming live on Facebook so if you see my eyes dart over to the right here I'm reading Jamila Muhammad's text messages or daling as they're or Eugene Arnold and they're collaborating with me you're commenting in the chat room and so if they say something I think adds even more value to the information I'm going to share today then I'm gonna say it and give them the credit one time and that is all my but I wanted to make sure that I'm adding value to you guys and some attaboy to you guys does not go through the strings so I entitled the stream I believe it's entitled something like exponential growth and exponential growth and franchising exponential growth and France has got my trusty little whiteboard here because I'm gonna try to break some things down to help people that are brand new to the whole concept of networking why don't we do what we do I also want to kind of break in Smither to smithereens the whole adage of the skepticism and cynicism that surrounds the model the business model of networking but I'm gonna start with franchising I think this will be a good place to start because franchising is a powerful business model and it creates a lot of millionaires with people who have the money to invest to get a franchise for a lot of specific reasons and if you just to give you some history of franchising franchising came within one vote in the Congress in the Senate of being an illegal business model let me say it one more time the whole business model of franchising like McDonald's you know you go to McDonald's you go to Starbucks you got a Burger King you go to Ruby Tuesday's all the restaurants that you see or Home Depot franchising I don't know if that's a franchise model or not but any business that you see multiple outlets of some franchise business and that business model came within one congressional vote one senatorial vote of being illegal I mean they fought it out in the Senate in the United States now that doesn't bode well for our lawmakers but they do what they do is feel I think the United States system is the best system in the world that's my opinion but I haven't lived anywhere else yet so how would I know right but the point being that business model of franchising became within one vote of being illegal because it extended opportunity to regular people now regular people with some high net worth and I've saved up some money enough to get a franchise for example back in the day it cost you one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to get a McDonald's franchise today because one and a half million however if a person was wise enough with their money and saved their money they would purchase a franchise and the benefits of the franchise modernized recognition brand brand recognition I'm just going to put recognition and brand in other words when you see those golden arches excuse me these are black I don't have a gold pin but when you see those golden arches he says value that says quality you know what the burgers going to taste like and so the franchise owner didn't have to think a lot to help to make that successful all you had to do was find a good location as a matter of fact McDonald's Corporation is more in the real-estate business than they are in the hamburger business because they won't let you have their franchise just anywhere they do serious demographic studies to find out what the traffic is like how many people will pass by that location they do a lot of things before they'll let you have your old McDonald's franchise and so I asked a question on the stream I did last year about McDonald's I said what does a McDonald's sell and y'all can type in what does McDonald's sell and people have all these different answers you know so you type it in to what do they sell well they sell cheeseburgers Big Macs chocolate shakes french fries apple pies Happy Meals you know these are all the answers that I got cleanse you but no that's actually not the truth McDonald's franchise owners sell those items make donald's easy Pamela Davis here we go soda McDonald's is in real estate I like that I like that miss McGee burgers see real estate mints Muhammad exactly McDonald's Corporation a little put here MC they sell franchises that's what they sell they sell franchises okay that is called the franchise they sell opportunity Mark Byers yes my brother okay in toys that's absolutely true you know McDonald's is the largest distributor of small toys to children in the Happy Meals they sell more toys than anybody and that's because they have multiple distribution outlets so McDonald's Corporation sells franchises and as an owner you can buy multiple franchises all right so that's the franchise model the corporation sells franchises to owners owners may purchase multiple franchises from McDonald's Corporation what you cannot do in a franchise model is you have to hire something called mark personal love this employees to run your McDonald's whether they be manager employees grill chief employees fry machine employees drive-thru cashiers employees sanitation people people are cleaning up no matter what employees they are you have employees to run your McDonald's while you manage the day-to-day operations in and the accounting and the legalities of the franchise but you have the protection of the corporation so you don't have to worry about the brand the recognition the quality there would be legalese you don't worry about this stuff the corporation takes care of all that the admin stuff you just have to get the word out keep a clean facility hire the right workers protect against theft to do all the day-to-day local things in McDonald's takes care of the brain when McDonald's does advertisement on TV it helps your franchise great model just takes a lot to get in it a lot of money to get in it yes mr. Comey it's a proven system that's great mr. Alfonso Kobe you just stole the show it's a proven system so people buy franchises because they don't want to guess at success they want to buy into a successful business model from the gate but yes again mr. Kobe they have lots of over here and they have employee theft and employees sickness and in unemployment benefits and all these things to pay they say the average McDonald's owner earns about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year net take-home they go through all this just to take home one hundred and fifty grand and then they get another gonna take home another hundred fifty grand so multiple franchises can make you very wealthy in this franchise model now no one you know is gonna call disappear me you don't know anybody in your life in your circle of influence that's going to call I can replace that in with an S for Starbucks and it's the exact same model there's no difference and nobody calls Starbucks the pyramid it's because we get brainwashed and programmed to believe certain things are true that are just not choose this business model was almost made illegal by our government one vote made it legal and now we have all the precedent and we've seen the success of this model and it has a lot of integrity and now the whole population accepts it as of a viable and legitimate business model the one thing that where it stops though it right that's right nothing now here's where it stops as an employee you cannot go and hire other employees oh yeah if you're a manager you can do interviews with other employees but you can't as an employee hire other employees to give you the efforts of other people like McDonald's has franchises and the owners have other franchises that they purchased and employees they have employee leverage and franchise leverage for the owners and McDonald's Corporation has owner leverage and everybody else inside this structure that's all it is a structure all right but you as an employee you can't extend it to another level for generation of referrals to make money off of other employees you're stuck having a job so now I want to talk about exponential growth why does mcdonald's corporation do this because if you watch that story about the McDonald's brothers the real family McDonald's brothers had a McDonald's helped Midwest somewhere and people came to make knodel's from miles around to buy their burgers fries and shakes and that's the only way they made money that's the only way they did and so Ray Kroc came to them he said we need to put another McDonald's over here in the next town and another one over here the next thing and man they just blew them off and long story short McDonald's all over the world right it's all over the world it's all in Japan it's in everywhere China everywhere it's hard to go anywhere not see McDonald's they spread it all over the world because they need multiple distribution outlets and their cash register is ringing in every two seconds and that's how you build massive wealth and that's why I make donald's corporation is one of the wealthiest companies in the world corporations in the world is because they have leverage as Minister Jamil Mohammed says leverage is used but a successful linear income is never going to be sufficient and that is correct so the McDonald's brothers had linear income Ray Kroc however he did it and however they feel about ray and whether they feel like he bemble diamonite he took McDonald's and turn it into a global and he created multiple distribution outlets and that's how you get rich so now exponential growth instead of having one McDonald's he opened it up for wealthy people around the world to buy a franchise anywhere they live and now he's got multiple distribution outlets all over the world and he sold them on the fact that as he advertises for the corporation globally they benefit from the advertising and the brand that was created by the corporation without having to recreate the wheel now that's so brilliant and everybody understands that because we we all know people or we all have gone McDonald's at one time under their eyes and they have the name recognition from the corporate structure versus people just having to do their own advertisement now because that business model makes sense yeah they came another model and it was called the networking model now all network he is his franchise models and there you go mark priors the IRS call network marketing a viable business in publication 5:19 of the 5:19 of the IRS code you can go on the IRAs website and go to publication 519 it's in the IRS code it's a viable business model now and I'm not coming to fight that battle thank you my clients for helping me bring that value to the people that may see this stream so all our networking is is there as a company and in this and in this case I'm going to call it karatbars because that's the company I'm with and it's the most fabulous networking company in the world and then what the company does is instead of sell franchises to wealthy individuals it opens up opportunity for anyone who can pay this is going to be heavy the thought hit my brain I cannot wait to say it it opens up the opportunity for anybody who's willing to pay with the currency of belief the currency of belief yes you can share this on your page Lenny that's what we do share it right now and people that go to Lenny's page and see this get back with Lenny tell you more about what we're talking about yes it's probably all of my poster public I learned this information most of it from mr. time best I learned it freely from Charlene Goldberg doctor dentist Agarwal Tammy Morris and these millionaires I learned it from them they gave it to me for free I'm passing it on the use for free it's just knowledge okay it's more than you gonna learn in school but it's just not much so the company paid with the currency of belief and so I believe in karatbars I sign up for a free account now I know some people go well nothing's free well you're looking at me right now over free Facebook you may invite somebody over free email account you may view this on my free youtube account you said well it's not free date selling your they selling your ideas to advertisers well great that's a beautiful business model they're using the free platform to acquire more advertisers to sell their advertising to us that's great and if you're shallow enough to only buy stuff because somebody advertises it to you then I need to pray for you and stretch your hand towards the screen look don't be so shallow that's the bargain thing anybody advertisers buy what you want and if it's at a discount get it right but if that's how Mark Zuckerberg makes his living by selling advertising because he's using our information god bless him I'm thankful that he's given me this platform where I can talk to all of you today 104 people right in our live on the stream and thousands more than will view it by YouTube now I pay with the currency of my own belief and my sweat equity and my time I'm going to invest in the characters they don't charge me anything and then they sell another franchise to another person Dante Taylor and he pays his currency I believe and he signs up just like I mean I didn't took all to the franchise model just this amazing model of networking she's they sell a franchise to tie beds and they saw the franchise – who else is only a Jacqueline Smith and they sell it franchise – Kevin the länder million I hope you said his name right so all of us just like me those multiple distribution outlets for characters rather than Herald sites run around and try to show people how to save gold a bit at a time by himself he allows us to the party he would rather have 1% of 100 people's efforts or in this case a million people's entries he rather have 1% of a million people's efforts then a million percent of his own effort why that's called leverage that's called building massive wealth without your own effort and the wealthy say the wealthy say like mr. Warren Buffett he says if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die and it doesn't matter who you are guys look they doesn't matter my mother was a an amazing pastor she's retired now god bless her I'm going to see her in a minute and she gave her life to the church and to God until she couldn't anymore and guess what happened to her income when she stopped pastoring somebody tell me yeah I know the church saying we're gonna take care of you pastor we love you you're awesome you're a woman of God I know they said that and I know they meant it unbelievable I don't believe they were being cynical or a negative or a nefarious at all when they made the statement I know they said pastors you founded this church you brought me to Christ you have changed my life you woke up and answer the phone and one o'clock in the morning when I was sick when my kids were sick Pastor Lawrence I know you laid hands on him you prayed for me they recovered and I think you're a woman of faith but let me tell you what happens when me and my brother and thank God for my older brother I just saw a cop on the stream that's right on time when my my older brother moved back here from New Orleans a world-famous musician you got to see his stuff he moved back to take care of my mom because I can I'm too busy but I'm going see her in a minute but he will tell you that when that church as pure as I believe their heart was towards my mom for digging him out of the gutter whatever they went to a getting their life on track and dusting them off and telling them they're great and short of what God has in store for when my mother retired when me and my brother retired my mother and he came here to take care of my mom when she was no longer able to carry him passing that church when she didn't have the full of fervor of spirit and mind to really take care of that church do you know what that you know what happened went to her income I'm not gonna I'm not gonna get all into the other stuff but Christopher John I said hey cheer up and spit you out you know I don't think they mean to Christopher but that's the investor-owned results her income went to zero thank God for my brother and his wife that sustained her and take care of her because they said they would take care of her progress in life but maybe they will or they won't if you don't find a way to create residual income without your own personal effort you will work until you die or you will retire depending upon Social Security family and friends okay you must find a money system that keeps the money coming with or without your own effort now so in the networking model is just like a McDonald's Corporation or just like a Starbucks corporation except it extends the opportunity to anyone who's willing to pay with the currency of belief now I know sometimes it's hard to believe I know that the naysayers under and the news cynics they try to call it a pyramid but it's simply a franchise model for regular folks and then what it does that's far above and beyond the franchising model which is the franchisee once he buys one and he hires an employee the employee is stuck they have no leverage in this model when I'm able Mike Darko is able to get a virtual franchise from Harold sites I can also pass this on to my brother Tony dunk oh I can pass it to Roger Williams I can pass it to Kimberly Oh Tony I can pass it to sherrod Brown and now I've got the leverage of other people assisting in building my wells but it's better franchise because I'm not employing them I'm offering them opportunity the same one I have and people say things like it's just uneducated they say only the people at the top make all the money well I mean let me just tell you that's just absolutely not true mr. Harold size off let me let me let me erase this now this is getting good but let me let me give you another little bird's-eye view of what literally happened to me in real time this happened in real time mr. Harold Spanx and karatbars international off of the opportunity to a lady named Shirley Ann Goldberg okay and Shirley offered it to a lady named Tammy Morrison who offered it to a gentleman named what's my guy's name former football player all right his her sponsor I'll think of it in a moment I love that good who in any – boomer had boomer on my mind and so I'm just Jo Norman so she she ended it – Jo know my former Seattle Seahawks now he was a very wealthy successful business lady who hands it to a very successful sales lady who hands it to a professional football player who handed to a tow truck driver y'all with me y'all ready yet – thank you thank you Tori for trying to help me but I got it okay so thank you for helping me I couldn't remember that for a moment but Bolin was a tow truck driver now notice all these diversities of of career paths and networking appeal to all of them and it made these folks millionaires and there were 300,000 people in the company before I joined so if it was true that only the people at the top make all the money I would not be sitting here talking to you so fervently and so earnestly about networking because I retired up to 103 days I haven't worked in five years because of networking why I thought only the people at the top make the money well that's true how did it go from boomer to this other guy who's a sponsor dr. Dennis Steiner Wall who sponsored this guy who sponsored Todd best who sponsored my sponsor who sponsored me Hilda made our way down here at the bottom of his totem I'm at the bottom of the pyramid I let the whole bottom of the pyramid there's no way I can make money well let me just tell you something that's true I earned my sponsor and I'll earn hundreds of thousands of people in this network because a networking business is a 100% meritocracy you do the work you get paid it is not oh my gosh Valley Smith you just drop the mic you drop them massive golden mic you are your own CEO and the reason why that is is because when you join only you are at the top of your sphere of influence only you know your people more than I know your people look here's another real example this is a real example when I got in the company I was fortunate to sponsor a guy named Johnny Smith so here's me I'm not direct to the company by the way 300,000 people were in before me and I sponsored Johnny Johnny praise and Johnny sponsored his sister and his sister sponsored Valerie smitten now I knew Valerie but I didn't sponsor Valerie Johnny was up at the top of Valerie because Valerie's is in Johnny's sphere of influence she wasn't in my sphere of influence I'm benefit from Valerie's sphere of influence because I paint with the courtesy of belief and I got in what happens to people is they analyze until they're paralyzed and they miss the fortunes that come from positioning themselves in a networking business especially a karatbars networking business that you get in for free you just get in and get positioned for free and you and serendipity begins to take place and you benefit from things that you could have never done on your own I didn't know Demi sonyae but Valerie it's so dim he is in Valerie's sphere of influence but dimming new Frank Mohammed and Frank Muhammad new Kevin Thompson I would have never met a person as dynamic as Kevin Thompson without Frank Muhammad whom I didn't know without gimme whom I didn't know with our Valley whom I did know but I hadn't talked to in years I would have never met Kevin Thompson kevin has put thousands of people in this business I would have never met Christopher Chabris he is a beast he responds by Dante who was sponsored by a whole another line of sponsorship you cannot do anything in your life that will ever compare to a networking business model there's nothing on the planet close yes you can invest in a stock and yes that stock can explode and make you a millionaire but all Rings Bros lead to karatbars because what are you gonna do with the cash you gotta put some other banking in gold well why not have a gold Network to increase and create an additional stream of income and 95% of the people in the stock market lose money in the by losing a trade or by their asset losing value in the stock market guys I'm telling you exponential growth now let me talk about this last thing that makes networking just hands-down you know it's not perfect actually I heard our glorious a network is not perfect networking actually is perfect but because it's a people business this psychology this psychosis of psychology is what's imperfect and because the business model is going to work just like I'm about to show you but because of human beings analyzed and they got to pray about it and then they got a fast about it then they got to go to church and get their pastor to lay hands on they got a befriend meeting about and then they got to go and talk to their spouse and them in their spouse got a fast 30 days and then they got to hear from God and then they got a google it and then somebody says one thing negative on google about it and then they blow their belief not realizing that we get paid on our own MasterCard that the product is gold right and the gold comes from the LBMA good refiners in and mint and that we're doing business in 125 countries that researched us and let us do business there and that the products being delivered by FedEx who has infinitely more resources than you and Google so just throw away your little google lawyer degree and trust the pillars of credibility FedEx MasterCard the Vatican 125 countries the billionaire Harold cites who's an economic senator in Europe you don't have to do all that research what you need to do is get your free account and take all right I am I got so fired up they almost forgot what I was about to say but the numbers work exactly like I'm about to show you but people don't so don't get hung up on the numbers look see the numbers so you can lose sleep like I do and turn gray in your hair like I do because you see the magnitude of this opportunity but just understand it's only not perfect because humans are in perfect and we have the psychosis of psychology we overanalyze stuff if people didn't overanalyze this would create millionaires every 60 days I'll show you what I mean so inside of karatbars we have this awesome incentive called 5 + 5 and mr. Christopher chopped a hill you guys seen chatting in the stream he hit the 5 & 5 5 & 5 means whichever business package you choose if you get 5 business partners at your business package or higher in your first 5 weeks Jamil Mohammed filing 5 twice oh my god if you get 5 people at your business package in the first 5 weeks or higher you get the higher the next highest package for free what do I mean let's say you started silver Oh Betty let's do it let's do it mr. Jamil did you start at bronze you don't have to start at the higher package did you know you're a beast and you're gonna go to work mr. Jamil Mohammed Christopher Chaubey I think they both started at bronze and Christopher got 5 business partners in 5 weeks at bronze or higher which moved him to a silver mr. Jamil got 5 in 5 weeks which moved both of them to silver mr. Jamil said you know what I don't like that Christopher child made me and then I got a differentiate myself from him he went and got five more in the same five-week period and they moved him up to gold alright and both of these brothers now VIPs so it's all good the point is that the system let him do father's well why is that so powerful let me use this number 5 for me and I'm gonna break down exponential growth and then I'll let you guys off the stream those of you that haven't checked out already look there's another thing I want to drop this bill nigut you don't have to have an aneurysm about this you don't have to have a stroke hypertension high blood pressure no you don't need to do that if this is not for you you just log off you know it pains me when people have to be so overly critical of some information they're not gonna take advantage of anyway if you don't like it you don't have to comment on my youtube channel don't do that just love me you don't like it just love me and just go go get on it the stream where the little ducks and you know the cat is chasing the Ducks go don't do something else you don't have to stress yourself out because you don't agree with what I'm saying if you want to work the rest your life you don't have to listen to this but if you want to be free if you want to wake up when you get tired of sleep and if you want to eat breakfast and lunch family lunch at dinnertime and stay up late because you don't have to get up tomorrow to go to work listen in because that's the lifestyle of me and my wife both or full-time in this business doing alright this works I see my mentor on the stream I'm gonna pause for a half a second but you ought to give them millionaire mentor himself mr. Todd best some hearts and some thumbs up lowering that brother because if it wasn't for him I would not be talking this bodacious Lee I would not be this very most about this information he taught me minute by minute day by day exactly what I'm teaching you now so five and five well what was it important what they did thank you for those hearts and phones for mr. ty best network-marketing hall of fame but that man is amazing he'll be in Atlanta in two weeks we can five days all right let's go we can calm somebody type that in the chat room WWE let's go we can calm meet table is in person you gotta take a picture on the red carpet with him he's life-changing and I got another secret of suppressed you guys about five just a minute not in a minute but later on so stay on the protocol okay so now watch this let's use Jamil Mohammed since he did this father fine he's faucet fired in five weeks what if he got one dollar per month in commission when each of his five people saved one gram of gold which is all we do he karatbars is accountable all presentation training pep talk alright check this out we only save gold we say go and we get paid when we share with all those how to do the same that's the whole business save go over yourself tell a lot of people make a lot of money this whole business yeah we got cryptocurrency we got a bunch of stuff but that's the crux of the business you saying go for yourself tell other people who say go for themselves make a lot of money save save a lot of go tell other people make a lot of money a business everything else is just excellent it's just extra it's just bonus all right so now he tells five people in five weeks his five people tell five people in five weeks that's a month so I sent one month in one month he's wants of five people and he gets one dollar one dollar for every gram of gold 101 one dollar for every gram of gold that anybody he personally sponsor he's making a whopping five dollars a month and people say boy are you stupid like who would go through all of that talking to people getting all that rejection people telling you no calling it appear man who would go through that to get five people to make $5 a month you're right that wouldn't make any sense if that's what we were doing but it's not so he teaches his father to get fired never need a calculator because it's gonna get ugly and just a few minutes it's gonna get real ugly in a good way all right he tells fine and each of those five get $1 each from each person that they personally sponsored they making $5 a month but now mr. Jamil is getting $1 a month on each of those 25 I'm not saying those are the numbers I'm showing you exponential growth and duplications thank you Krista cherubic so now he's getting another $25 a month if it was just a dollar it's actually more than that boy y'all make friends with me and I will open my back up and print out my activity report and I'll show you when you become an affiliate I can show you I will show you my theory point this is not a game this is the most powerful business model on the planet and it's really as simple as these numbers if human beings would think like I'm writing and stop thinking like skeptics and cynics if they actually thought like this exactly Jeff Thomas compound interest ate one of the world so third month those 25 smiles at five each it would be 125 and Minister Jamil which is the big baller shot caller that you're talking about right now he would get 125 dollars a month from that month they still getting their grand a month and all they're doing is saving gold they're not buying anything all right so now that five dollars a month turn into $30 a month turn it to 155 dollars a month huh $155 a month but that K uh water bill it'll pay something a cable bill right add to your lifestyle 125 if a hundred dollar bill blew up on your leg at the park would you step on it and look around and hope nobody saw it okay don't tell me 120 bottles a month residual $150 a month residual is not significant it is but it gets better fourth month those 125 people till five weeks that be 625 new people getting the grandma month and he's getting a dollar month now we talking so we at 625 plus 125 plus 25 plus 5 now mr. Jamil Mohammed is making seven hundred and eighty dollars a month will that pay a phone bill right with that paid a little rent in a studio apartment how would it be like to have three week tour as long as you're in the business and active okay well how about the fifth month Oh 625 people sponsor five each now you got 3,100 I tell you is about to get ugly did me and see the thing about anything okay and and the thing about it is if you got a dollar a month and it actually kind of works like this it maybe not being exactly a dollar it could be three dollars five dollars eight dollars 65 cents thirty-two cents three hundred dollars it buries your job doesn't vary but you gonna work til you die – right mr. Bell told me he said I loved in my income bears they keeps me on the edge of my chair it makes me stay focused on the mission all right so 3125 am I giving absolute numbers don't nobody say he make an income protection I'm showing you a hypothetical of what happens in a networking exponentially growing organization that's like franchising but with no levels because in karatbars this activity continues to infinity there I know levels so it's not a multi-level business there are no levels it's infinite it's an infinity business did I just teach you a word oh right so about the six months those 325 people he taught them who talked and we talked and we talked and we taught them you say but everybody's not as good as him I know that's why we have a training mechanism where everybody can plug in to the same training 24/7 come to the same live event and get 100% of the information simultaneously nobody has an unfair advantage like the person in the next cubicle all right I know I fell out the screen right there but I'm still here I'm still here all right so that's 15,000 time I will start right here because my brain is not prepared to take you down this journey but I just got to make you understand some stuff that that's an extra 15,000 if we were doing this scenario of $1.00 per affiliate who saves a gram of gold that will be an extra fifteen thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars per month plus the 3125 plus the 625 plus the 125 plus the 25 plus the pine that y'all are laughing at this man is at 19 thousand five hundred $30 a month now is that a lot hmm if your Oprah cheap Bob to commit suicide she was only making 20 grand a month but if you're 99 percent of the people in the world you running around in the street naked darn you're running around naked with 20 grand a month right here's a beautiful part you can get paid that in a week because in karatbars there are no levels it's just time and effort it is a meritocracy you do the work you get the Commission's right and there's no expenses Thank You Trish Mitchell our websites four or five six different websites all the tracking software everything is done for you so you say well why won't everybody do it kosis of psychology that's why this is just expose natural growth networking exposes you to exponential growth karatbars exposes you to exponential growth oh man about losses karatbars exposes you to exponential growth and our product is an appreciating asset so you've got exponential growth with appreciating asset and then you're building relationships and helping people find freedom from the current system of debt there is not one and oh oh and by the way we have the best price caius asset class gold in the world you can't even find a better price so we're getting the gold at a premium price with hologram security and you get paid to refer others to do the same there is no what type of documents i need to get approved for kyc does a photo ID can be a passport or a driver's license and anything that's mailed to your house on a monthly basis a credit card statement cell phone bill bank statement you can have a sign stamp and a to go to your bank and get it they'll approve it and your up and roll it in your global business in about five minutes there is not one if anybody can think of one logical reason I know people used to say stuff like all the gold is 30% overpriced no it's not give me a call that's gonna be on my youtube channel call me I'll break it down for you but don't be cynical just don't view it don't comment negative because there's enough negative in the world we need to pull together and be a force for change and a force for good so if you don't have anything good to say I'm telling you just don't I'm gonna put this on youtube but I'm only gonna prove positive comments we don't need negativity the whole world's negative alright networking is positive people coming together to do something positive help lift each other up alright people struggle and go to work work is negative traffic is negative the bosses name your check you get your check in cash is negative all right everything is down networking we lift people up I root for people who are not even on my team because a rising tide lifts all boats as I've been on the stream long enough this is Mike Delco the CEO encouraging you to get back with one of these people on the stream amazing people here I don't have the time to really call them out by name but you see them if you're looking Facebook live if you're on YouTube and somebody shared this with you don't contact me contact them because everything is about energy and when you try to thwart how things are supposed to work the person I share this with you is the person it should be the beneficiary of helping you grow your business stop don't try to circumvent the system the universe is watching everything is about energy so this might be I'll call the CEO continuously empowering others now have a great evening we'll see you on the next lab string

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