Exhibitor Experience – B2B Marketing Expo 2018

when you come to events like this you see what everyone else is working and what everyone else is working on not only keeps you up to date and sync but it also gives you ideas for other things which should be working well for my TVs perspective it's always good to talk about what it is that we're doing from a marketing and creative and research perspective so actually what this b2b marketing Expo allows us to do it's actually get in front of lots of people from the marketing industry talk about all the good things that are pretty latina to doing throughout the year if you're in the market for b2b marketers I think you have to be here you have to show up because if you're not then there's a bit of a question mark of whether you're serious and your competition will definitely be here and a number of our members are exhibiting here so as a partner it's very important for us to support them as well as reaching out to end-users we get a number of leads from here that we find various amounts that come out we obviously get value from the show because we keep coming back I think it's a very good way through to developing new business opportunities and it's certainly something we recommend leading up to the event to all of our business members and I would recommend it to people coming to the event have a look around and book a place for next year to this particular event we've had over 25,000 party managers marketing directors register there is so much changing in the world of marketing and technology today it's great to be able to come to one place where you can see so many different vendors in one spot here's so many different speakers just a very efficient way to go about it I think it's vital for businesses to know about the expo and come to Expo because all this great technology is sitting here and you know you can walk around and get a sense of exactly where b2b market is heading the direction the trends where we've been where we're heading is and meet some great people network and find out where the coolest newest thing is you

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