Episode 1: SFGoodwill at Home with Alex Bollinger

Hi everyone Welcome to my apartment. Let me show you around. So when I first moved in I knew I wanted
to find thrifted items because I was on a tight budget so I really love shopping
at Goodwill because I can find all the pieces I need at a fraction of the cost. So I was super excited when I found this couch because it really fit into the library
aesthetic we were going for in our living room it’s really low to the
ground it has a plush blue velvet fabric and it’s a backless couch that
features our French doors. So these chairs I was really drawn to the caning detailing on the side because caning is a really delicate detail and the fact that
it was intact meant that it had been really well cared for I had also
stumbled upon these on a walk past Goodwill and I couldn’t take them home
with me immediately but don’t let that scare you away usually you can come back
within one or two days to pick up your items. Throw pillows are a great way to
add color to any room and I always find really really interesting and beautiful
ones at Goodwill. I like to look for ones that have a removable cover so you
can care for them however you want or replace the insert if necessary. Welcome to my favorite part of the apartment my bedroom. So for my bedroom I have most of
the large furniture pieces that I needed so I was really looking for decor items
that would fit my boho eclectic vibe. I was super impressed when I found this
picture frame because it was a square frame perfect for an Instagram and it
also had this really beautiful beading that again was perfectly intact so I
know it had been cared for really well so I really loved the rose gold top and
the marble base of these candlesticks but it wasn’t until I picked them up
that I realized how valuable they were they’re incredibly heavy and a general
rule of thumb is the heavier the item the more expensive it is because it’s
made out of high quality material so then I googled it and found out that
this was 95 percent off with the Goodwill price. This peacock chair is probably one of my favorite things that I’ve thrifted at Goodwill. I like to call it my throne and this is
where I get ready every morning and to accompany it I was looking for something
to kind of rest my feet on and I was definitely looking at baskets and other
woven textures but a really great idea to reinvent the basket look is to flip
it upside down and turn it into a footstool. So this is my thrifted record
collection which is very near and dear to my heart and they were kind of just
strewn all over the place so I was looking for something that could house
them I’m not really sure what this item was originally used for but it really
gave me like urban outfitter vibes so really liked it and I decided to
repurpose it to keep my records Seating was probably the hardest thing to
find because chairs can be really expensive so I was super excited when I
found these for $9.99 each at Goodwill. They’re more mid-century modern and
have kind of a metal leg accent to balance out the dark wood in the room. I think fancy dishware is one of the most luxurious things that you can have
so I was really excited when I found these forest green plates they’re
Crate and Barrel and I looked them up online when I was in the store and they’re
about six dollars each but at Goodwill they’re only 50 cents a piece and these
cups I found in a set of 10 and I thought the detailing was super
beautiful and they’re just a crystal tea cup that I love using. So most of the furniture items in this room are kind of mid-century modern so I
wanted to inject more of that boho aesthetic that I really love into the
room I found this piece for 20 dollars on my first trip to the Bayview goodwill
and it’s also one of my favorite things that I found I loved the woven detailing
and that it’s a really really great sturdy condition. So this is my favorite record player that I’ve owned I loved the pop of color that it brought
to the room and it was an incredible find because this is typically about
$100 record player but I found it a Goodwill for $15 so electronics are really
amazing to look for if you’re thrifting at Goodwill. Thank you so much for
joining me on my tour of my apartment I hope this shows you that well loved
and unique pieces that you find it Goodwill can add a really beautiful vibe to
your apartment. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Episode 1: SFGoodwill at Home with Alex Bollinger

  1. That's bullshit, there are no plates for $0.50 a piece, it's at least $1.99 a piece. They also do not have nice furniture, these items must have been handpicked before they went for sale.

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