EP 6: I AM NOT MY FATHER, Season Two, Legal Enterprise, the web series

what the fuck are you doing in you can't be seen here are you fucking crazy yeah it is this one so man I'm fucking serious if me and you were to be seen together I could lose my license and your whole plan will fall apart shut up I'm here now alright summer I need you to handle for me you could have called what is it I need you to put up for my late Nikki I set her up already she good no not her I need you to put off mother lately no no I can't get myself involved with someone I don't even know besides Nikki is your lady and she's about to have your child man she know damn well I want no children she should have took care of that when I was locked up you can't be serious that girl has been in love with you since you were a teenager and you're talking about playing her she started playing me a long time ago and she was hanging out with Demetrius even after he left the quarter joinder good guys listen I already told her if you're now with us you're against us she told you that she did that to have inside information inside the police department she did that for you everything she does is for you why can't you see that why can't I see that you know what I see right now I see somebody that's not taking my order now you tell me is that what I see no no I don't feel comfortable besides how do we know this woman will not bring us down because I am vouching for her that doesn't know what the same type of weight that it used to what and why is that because once your daddy's jeans started taking over you you were never the same fuck my old man got a doulas are you dumb a plan dumb you know it your mama know it the whole goddamn City knew it your father was off my father it's one of the most successful drug dealers in this goddamn City he made your father got their million didn't he yes indeed he did and indeed he was but soon as your father turned 25 he was never the same I cannot hey listen man I didn't mean someone Sochi I'm there for you the same way your father was there for mine it's been like that for several years question is how do I contact her I have a contact you I'm assuming you want her out of the city right no actually I won her a couple blocks away from where Niki and the baby's gonna be at okay boss whatever you say I'll call it text she wants everything is set up yeah you do that thanks family no doubt bro I made a promise to my father and I intend to keep it I reviewed the papers she sent over mr. Oliver and they have nothing really that's what we agreed mr. McWilliams it's exactly what we agreed to I suggest that you read it again I did read them several times so no I don't need to read it again fine exactly what is it that you think is missing everything my client is to have full immunity from any type of prosecution for any of his dealings with Markham Jacobs in addition he and his family are to get witness protection in a location of their choice a location of his choice okay I get it it's better in the Bahamas look around the office you see the posters of the Galapagos Tahiti Cancun no BS this is the United States government we are not a travel agency besides mr. McWilliams Earl you haven't given me any assurances that your clients have been coming back he will be back to the States as soon as you agree to this deal okay and you cannot stick this family in some country town where the population is 2,500 on just the two of them are black oh I think rule America will do your client as family some good you know that can help make America great again anyway you still haven't told me that he's coming back mr. Oliver enough of these games are you going to agree to the deal we made verbally or not this is the deal take it or leave it you leave it Earl you'll be back hello hey Big Mike No No Deal yet now but I know him all too well he will give us what we want yeah so you just stay put now let you know when it's time to return home stuff Oh

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