Ep. 25: 7 Benefits Of Joining A Real Estate Team

Hello, Robert Rico here at California Realty
Training. Thank you so much for visiting our video blog
this week. So glad to see you. We’re hoping that today we give you some great
real estate information that goes along with your plan on getting into this real estate
career, plus for those who already have a career in real estate and just need some more
knowledge. Today we’re going to talk about joining a
team in real estate or you going out there and doing it yourself. Now you do have that option. You have your real estate license now what
should I do? Should I become a trail blazer and go out
and do my own thing? Of course under a brokerage, or should I
go join a brokerage and join a team within that brokerage? Now those are two great options and which
one will be best for you? We’re hoping that this video here will clarify
a few things for you. Now, get your license, join a brokerage, you
decide you want to go it your own. You’re committed, it’s going to be all about
you, you’re an independent contractor. It’s time to make it happen. You must of course be diligent. You must be dedicated. You must be sociable. You must discuss all of these, you’re new
career with your sphere of influence. That’s people who love you, people who know
you. You must get into the marketing and advertising
world. All that good stuff. But when you get involved in real estate as
an independent contractor and you want to do this on your own, your sphere of influence,
your leads, are all up to you. Your sphere of influence and your leads is
all up to you. The eminent game in this world is prospects. Prospecting is going to be completely up to
you. Now, some of you don’t have that ability to
prospect very well. Or, you don’t have the confidence of prospecting
very well. Or, your sphere of influence is very small,
that’s where the team comes in. Teams are under the umbrella of the brokerage. Now, think of a brokerage, and under the umbrella of a brokerage, every now and then you will see a team. Now within that team there is a group leader. But a team, let’s assume this office here,
is a team and I am the leader of this team. Now my job, of course, would be to come in
to this team and see all of my, all of the realtors here, and all of the agents here,
and I say “How did everybody’s weekend go?”, “Great!”. Now my team knows that I was the group leader. I’m a very busy person, I’ve been in the real
estate for quite a long time and I get tons of leads. Now I can’t handle of these leads myself. In fact, if I don’t handle all of these leads
I’m going to lose them. Now if I lose leads, I’m losing money. I’m losing commissions. So for me to avoid that, for me to avoid having
money fall through my hands because I didn’t have enough time, I share this lead with who? … That’s right; with my team members … with
my team. So I’ll do all of my leads for the weekend
and I’ll say, “Hello everybody! How you doing? Here’s more work for you. Here’s some leads for you. Here’s some leads for you. Please give them a call, follow up with them,
see if they want to buy or sell real estate. That’s pretty exciting for a leader, because
now all of his leads are taken care of. That’s exciting for the realtor because now
they have a lead that they didn’t have before. They feel active, they feel motivated, they
feel like they are a part of something special. They build their confidence, become comfortable,
and will eventually when they go out on their own they know exactly what they are doing. That’s a great reason why you want to join
a team. Those who lack sphere of influence, those
who lack confidence, those who need the support of others, a team would be perfect for you. Now let’s talk about the finance that comes
through real estate. And let’s go back to my example. “Hello everybody. Thank you for coming here. All of you are my team. Here’s a lead for you, here’s a lead for you,
and here are some leads for you.” It doesn’t stop there. “Don’t forget that when you close a deal on
any of these leads that I gave you, if you happen to put any of these leads in escrow,
close the deal. Don’t forget I am the group leader, and when
you close those deals I get a huge piece of the pie. After all, it was my initial lead. That’s how it works. Now of course those leads and those commissions
can be negotiable, when it comes to the leader and the team member. But it’s a great way to start for some individuals
that lack sphere of influence, and lack confidence, and lack direction. Most people do have that discipline, that
direction, and want to do it themselves; don’t do a team. And some want to do it with a team, the team
spirit, that exists within a group. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s up to you to decide. You real estate license will get you either
an independent contractor or you can do it on your own, be the trailblazer, or you go
on and be a team member. Hopefully the team helps you out. Thank you for coming to our video blog, hope
you learned something. If you have any questions or concerns, please
don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or questions down below, and don’t forget to subscribe
to our page. Hope to you see you next week, have a beautiful

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