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  1. So uh… I'm not subscribed to you, and this was released in 2009… Why did it pop up as a new upload just now?

  2. There should be a "dry dock" in space so the US could build its rockets & ships of the future. I think it would be easier then launching the way we currently do.

  3. Saucer oversized and elongated the wrong way, engineering and nacelles too small…meh I still would take the previous and following iterations over this bulky thing.

  4. No this was a great recreation of the Enterprise D I like how you could hear the ships systems and engine startup not a lot of videos would do that well done

  5. What a great design the galaxy class is. This giganting saucer which itself is bigger than most other ships, those curves and round shapes and this flattened deflector dish – its just so futuristic, far off from the simplistic shapes many other space ships in many other francises (and the real world) are made of.

    One of my favorite ships in all of sci-fi, although the Sovereign is even a little bit better.

  6. It is a good one BUT it could be better by adding something as little as a lighting sequence like take this as a example
    Go to 3:41 to see what I'm talking about.
    The Enterprise has lights that shine on the name and registration number take advantage of that it makes for a more ecstatic feeling given the right music.
    Personally I would have used the music from Star Trek the motion picture.

  7. TASHA: Will this be your first time on a Galaxy class starship? Are you all right, sir? Sir?
    PICARD: I'm sorry, Lieutenant. My mind must have wandered. What were you saying?
    TASHA: I was asking if you'd ever been aboard a Galaxy class starship before.
    PICARD: No. Of course, I'm familiar with the blueprints and specifications, but this will be my first time aboard.
    TASHA: Well then, if I may be so bold, sir, you're in for a treat. The Enterprise is quite a ship.
    PICARD: I'm sure she is.
    TASHA: Have I done something wrong, sir?
    PICARD: No. It's just that you look very familiar.
    CREWMAN [OC]: Enterprise to shuttlecraft Galileo. You are cleared for arrival in shuttlebay two.
    TASHA: Acknowledged, Enterprise. And there she is.

  8. The one thing I never liked about Star Trek "Dry Docks" is that they don't really fit the definition. A ship sails in water, they removed the water to make a dry dock. A space ship travels in vacuum, so they should put air in these dry docks to make it where people can walk across it and work without using cumbersome space suits and bulky gloves.

  9. i want to work for nasa in the future and design a ship anything is possible. in 2020 the mission for mars will happen if anything goes according to plan. but by the time comes the ships will be built either with the power of 15 percent the speed light or 26  percent the speed of light think of 30 years from 2020 either it will be 60 70 or 80 percent the speed of light or even faster than light it self but thats still years to wait

  10. You got one teensy thing wrong. The Enterprise-D was built in the Utopia Planitia fleet yards, orbiting MARS.

  11. There's a big Whoops here; the Nebula class made it's debut After the Galaxy class was proven and si nce the Enterprise was the Second ship in the class; the U.S.S. Galaxy being the first the Nebula class came 3-5 years later as with captain Maxwell against cardassians and the Sutherland during the Klingon civil war. Watch a tv show before convoluting facts people, Grr! 😠😾

  12. ncc 1701 a in full hd and ncc 1701 d only in 360p ? lol , the "A" with crew from the "A" is only the best

  13. Strange, I always thought they made a few enterprise d's but it turns out there is only one. You would think they would make multiple.

  14. Nice work. But TBH, that's never been my favorite Enterprise. Great series mind you, but ugly af ship.

  15. Very nicely made film, I'M impressed. Excellent showcase for the Galaxy class. Do you know that some Galaxy class ships were refit with heavier shields,  ablative armor and heavier weapons and better systems during the dominion war and reclassified as dreadnaughts? they were true beasts in battle that could bring it and bring it hard, take massive amounts of damage and keep on fighting. The U.S.S. Galaxy herself stands as the prime example of what a Galaxy class can do.

  16. Very nice piece! That is truly THE BEST Enterprise of all-time! I am a huge fanatic of The Enterprise D! Such a magnificent and glorious starship, and and elegant design both inside and out! I will ALWAYS hate Star Trek Generations for destroying the greatest Enterprise, especially in such a stupid way…….a damaged and limping Klingon Bird of Prey taking out a Galaxy Class Starship was so badly done…..and I DO NOT like the Enterprise E.

  17. Good video and great use of the First Contact suite on the Star Trek theme. Always loved that version of it.  Not a critique on you, as it's something they did in the shows a lot, but I always found it interesting that the ships banked into their turns.  Because, you know, space.

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