28 thoughts on “Enterprise D crash landing

  1. I hated this moment in the theater. The saucer section crash had it moments, but the writers casual destruction of the Enterprise D like it was a empty beer can was awful. Even though I really like the Enterprise E, I would have preferred the D survive. (And Generations has enough plot and technical holes in it that you could fly a starship through it)

  2. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one! Also, though it's been said before, how come they're better at crashing the Enterprise in 1994 than in 2016?

  3. Raises a glass of scotch To the Enterprise 1701-D a mighty fine ship, a fine crew, and the best memories a nerd could ask for.

  4. Always felt this was an underrated sequence since the film isn't well-regarded among Star Trek fans. The special effects here are so top-notch that I fully believed an object that size crash-landed on a planet.

  5. Something always kind of bugged me about this scene- it doesn't feel "linear." You can tell when originally storyboarded and shot that the ground impacts were supposed to happen in a certain order that got all chopped up in editing trying to drag the scene out. The impact at 3:06 should have been the first impact, followed by the first and second impacts (same impact) and then settling into the trees as the ship came to a stop. Also the constant cutting back and forth between the crew and the exterior shots is jarring and takes you out of the moment. That said, I got to see it on a Cinema 150 screen so it was still pretty cool.

  6. Why did they insist on mixing in the few DS9 uniforms they had, especially with Riker's bad-fitting sleeves? Just keep using the TNG uniforms and say the update hadn't reached the Enterprise yet.

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