Enterprise Backup How-to: Mobile Restore with CrashPlan PROe

CrashPlan PROe gives your users access to
their entire backup anywhere they go, restoring files directly to their phone or tablet. In
this example, one of your users on the road needs to email a memo back to the office from
his iPhone. He’ll install the CrashPlan PROe app from
the App Store. He opens the app, then enters the publicly accessible domain of your server.
He signs in and sees a list of all computers on his account. He taps the computer the file
was backed up from, and the destination to restore from to see a list of all of the files
and folders in the backup. Tapping on the memo once downloads it to his iPhone, tapping
again opens it in the CrashPlan app. Your users can open docs, spreadsheets, pdfs, videos,
audio and many other kinds of files directly in the CrashPlan mobile app, or send to other
apps on their device using the “Share” feature. To email this doc, your user taps on the “Share”
icon and selects email. He then enters his co-worker’s address and a short message, then
sends. The memo stays on his iPhone, so if he needs
to send it again, he just selects it from the “downloaded files” section in the application. The mobile app is available for iPhones and
iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Windows Phone from each device’s app marketplace.

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