EDU in 90: G Suite Enterprise for Education

welcome back to “EDU in 90.” This week, we’re back to talk
about a powerful offering for schools, G Suite
Enterprise for Education. Around the globe, more than 90
million educators and students use G Suite tools for
teaching and learning. We know that many districts
have complex needs, and we’ve incorporated your
feedback into the development of this offering. MORGAN WEISMAN: That’s right. To complement the free
products and tools that you know and love, G
Suite Enterprise for Education is a set of paid,
premium features that support your school’s
unique needs and priorities. On this episode, we’ll
share an overview of the growing set of tools
that are part of G Suite Enterprise for
Education, including security management, advanced
collaboration, and data analytics. Let’s get started. JILLI MOORE: Providing a robust
security management system is a top priority for Google
because we know that security is a top priority for you. G Suite Enterprise for Education
includes a centralized security dashboard so that your
faculty and students can stay protected from
threats like malware or spam. MORGAN WEISMAN: The
Security Management Center provides you with greater
visibility into your school or district’s security
health, and also includes an investigation tool for you to
prevent, detect, and remediate security incidents. For instance, our dashboards
can detect within Gmail whether emails contain
images, links, or content that are potential phishing risks. When suspicious
activity is detected, you can leverage
customized recommendations to find the source
of the breach, identify who has been
affected, and triage support to remove the threat. JILLI MOORE: In addition to
advanced security management capabilities, G Suite
Enterprise for Education offers robust options for
Hangouts collaboration. Need to host a
promote presentation? Hangouts Meet allows
live broadcast of up to 100,000 people for
presentations, athletic events, or lectures. Meetings can also be
recorded and then later saved and accessed in Google Drive. This functionality
also enables students to participate in remote
learning opportunities at flexible times. MORGAN WEISMAN: We
also heard from you that data management and
analysis were top-of-mind, so G Suite Enterprise
for Education supports the ability to export
data for analytical deep dives. One example of an
application for exported data is BigQuery, a
cloud-based data analytics service that allows you
to interact and manage large data sets. With data analytics, you
can see how educators are adopting and using G Suite
applications at a district level in order to identify
areas for continued growth. JILLI MOORE: That’s a
wrap for this episode, but these are just
a few of the G Suite Enterprise for
Education features that can support your
schools in addressing your unique challenges. Check out the links
below to learn about other features, such as
Cloud Search across G Suite and additional
specialist support. MORGAN WEISMAN: Our
team is continuing to grow the set of tools, so
let us know in the comments below what other
features you’d like to see as a part of G Suite
Enterprise for Education. We’ll be back next week with
another episode “EDU in 90,” and be sure to keep up-to-date
with all of our episodes by subscribing to the Google
for Education YouTube channel. SPEAKER: Trying to keep
track of your resources? Check out our last episode
for the best Chrome extensions to stay organized.

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