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here in the US when you think of the post-office you probably think about the USPS all reliable red and blue now not only do they have snazzy trucks but they're also responsible for delivering approximately half of all the world's mill not too shabby but with the growth of e-commerce they've got a lot of challenges and things to figure out so today we're welcoming in an expert to help us understand USPS how to use a free Commerce and other changes going on welcome Laura Behrens whoo from ship oh hi so how is USPS different from the other major carriers that are out there so there are a bunch of differences but I think for this episode what's most interesting is that the USPS is really an expert at last mile delivery so that's what they're best at and there is also a law that requires them to deliver to every single household in the US without any surcharges some of the other carriers there are certain surcharges for remote destinations that makes sense it's kind of different seen a private company and something that's part of the government and so last mile is that is the moment in time from like after a package has traveled it's big distance maybe across the ocean or in a plane across the country and it's in the city and these actually get to its final doorstep yeah and that's incredibly hard to do because it requires a lot of density you yeah you have to stop along the way you have to figure out where the address is it's really difficult to figure that out and the USPS is super great at that so what sometimes happens is there are certain service levels where a carrier like the UPS or FedEx is using the USPS for their last mail delivery so you get a UPS label but then the last mail is being done by USPS wow that's a true collaboration okay so the USPS is really great at last mile delivery when I'm shipping stateside but what happens when they need my package to go overseas to somewhere else well the USPS stands for United States Postal Service so when you ship overseas what happens is that the USPS has partnered with all different Postal Service's internationally and then they hand over the package to the other postal service to do the dual delivery interesting okay so my package still gets to his destination but it's a collaboration and I probably lose tracking transparency along the way yeah there is not gonna be entrant tracking bummer let's talk about money if actually more than a few shipments a month should I be trying to negotiate my rates with USPS yeah for sure if you're shipping packages consistently and yes some sort of volume you should for sure try to negotiate with the USPS or other shipping providers but you can also work with a platform a partner that does that for you and at Teahupoo we negotiate on behalf of our customers so we've got the combined volume of everyone shipping through the platform and we're able to get better discounts and pass that back on to the customer Roz researching rates I feel like I've noticed that the USPS up their rates in January but I researched more and they upped their weights last January and then January before that what's going on here no you're completely right the USPS did increase their raise for three point nine percent this year all right but to be fair like every other shipping provider has been doing the same it's not just the USPS what makes them increase their rates like why can't they just keep it flat for me so I can run my business effectively yeah I know that's not what people want to hear but when you ship a package like it's going to require space and it's going to require a fuel and because of market costs because of inflation like the the shipping providers just have to make a living and if if the costs go up the prices have to go up it's a real facts of life situation you're really laying it down for me all right so USPS teams have a lot of different like classes and things going on there's like priority priority Express first class mail medium mail is this is the what I need to know or like what are the most important factor to think about before I start shipping and understanding my costs it's really not that complicated so you don't need to know all these names what you really need to know is like what you're trying to ship how big is it what are the dimensions and then how fast you want to ship it okay because the USPS is using the dimensional weight system for charging yeah for sure they use dimensional weights and every every shipping provider calculates dimensional weights differently so you can look into that yeah but you also need to figure out where you're shipping it to so the USPS has different zones they're dividing the country into like zones one two and then like depending on what zone it's going into the same box can cost a different amount okay so it's really the two factors of like the dimensionally and then how far it's going like how many zones and his bigger numbers mean further away yeah okay all right doesn't sound too hard so let's say for instance that I've gotten 18 by 18 inch package but I'm trying to ship something super lightweight how does it affect my USPS rates yeah so that would call for balloon what is gonna balloon so a balloon the balloon rates are for shipments that are like a big box but they're very lightweight so as an example shipping toilet paper could likely call for balloon weight it's like a newer problem that the world's experienced rates been like a thing forever I guess like not a lot of people used to ship toilet paper before you know I feel like I've learned so much about usps shipping like maybe I deserve some sort of like metal or some kind how about this for me yeah for you

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  1. I have the issue with balloon weight. I ship life-size crepe paper flowers. They weigh maybe a pound at most but they're anywhere from 16" to 24" wide. The cost of shipping is killing me. It would've been great to hear suggestions about balloon weight. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the video!

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