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  1. Depending on where you are, pavers may be a bad idea for a long term home. In canada at least, a lot of the older homes will have green growth over time in the creases between the pavers regardless of how well the underlayer is loaded. Hopefully that won't be an issue for you.

  2. we have pavers in our our driveway . our house is 3.1 million home in great falls va. Pavers make the entire house look amazing and different .

  3. Here in South Africa pavers is pretty much the norm. no one really does concrete driveways, you'll find aspalt yes, but pavers is pretty cheap here you can buy about 8 pavers for 1 dollar here

  4. Big question here. I will probably know the answer before it is answered on here. Is this massive house funded through YouTube income??

  5. Here is a big difference between Americans and eurpoean people. Americans tend to build their houses very cheap (wood, sheetrock, carpets as well as conrete entrances etc.) just to build a bigger house and live big for the moment they live. Whereas european people build for the long run and generations ahead. That's also reflected in the current global warming issue. Americans don't care because they want to live big now whereas eupoeans care about the effect for the long run.

  6. Does it freeze where you live because if it does pavers aren't that great of an idea. The reason being in the winter if it snows or rains and it goes below zero at night, that water beneath your pavers will freeze and expand causing the pavers to move out of place. Just an FYI.

  7. You waste money, you are unscientific you should have reduced your carbon print.

    Trust me you are working for likes and approval for your video

    Work for a change.

  8. Lol in Europe (in Germany where I live e.g.) almost everyone has “Pavers”. So crazy and nice to see how houses are built so different around the world!

  9. My dad has 2 lines of pavers only for the car tires and grass in between. Looks perfect – both practical and grassy beautiful.

  10. Pavers are very common tese days. I have all the ways to the hose used Pavers..they are great in rains, and also good traction.

  11. Advise on pavers… you are going to want to seal the pavers once a year. Pavers starts to stain and grow weeds between the pavers… seal seal seal!!

  12. 5x more than concrete. And concrete is 50% more expensive than asphalt😬😮. That’s is one expensive driveway/house, and boy is it going to be amazing when it done!!

  13. I do concrete for a living and it won’t crack if the sub base is done right and if it’s cut right and poured at the correct thickness for what it is being used for. And as for the finish, it won’t get ruined if it is cared for, the main thing is DO NOT salt concrete it ruins it

  14. I dont get it. How do you prevent all the moisture from the soil to raise through the slab to the wood frame of the house? I dont see any reasonable isolation between the terrain and the slab or between the slab and the wood frame…
    Also regarding the pavers, usually you use a mix of sand and cement compacted mechanically (the first rain will turn the mix on a hard layer) to lay the pavers on. From what I can see, they are using just sand. A loaded truck will damage our driveway easilly ….

  15. Funny how women have all the ideas for what they want…and males do the paying……mgtow is a good option…the entitled women need a lesson in you pay if you want !!!

  16. Here in iceland you see both pavers and concrete, but there is one thing i'm wondering why you didn't get hot water pipes under the paver since you have snow in Utah, you see heated pavers and concrete driveways all over Iceland so then you don't have to plow the snow off the driveway!

  17. Pretty much the whole Europe is covered in pavers. Since I skate, its bad for me… wish to get softer wheel of my board so i can ride better..🙏🏼

  18. Who cares dude, either way you paid for it with this 7 minute video, which is why you made the video in the first place. Next time you should release “Why I chose the gym instead of the indoor rock climbing wall”. Then you can have enough money for both

  19. Don't like oil spills …. but this is OK for natural gas lines to charge your EV? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/16/climate/methane-leak-satellite.html

  20. Make sure you order and extra pallet of bricks and keep them in the sun so if one breaks you can replace them with the dame look.

  21. In germany we use pavers everywhere. Yours do look a little bit too thin. For a driveway you should better use some with at least 3 inch thickness. especially with your heavy cars. and i guess your sub-ground will be too soft. btw sand has to be washed in with water.

  22. Most of the time unwanted plants will grow through the joins in the pavers so you can get a liquid mixture that you pour all over the pavers and it eventually goes into the joins and solidifies after a few hours, that will stop all unwanted plants

  23. In India, we too have pavers all over my city!
    Helps to give a better view!
    You must have added hollow drain pipes below the pavers for the rain water to exit to the following ground that isn't compacted and hardened…that way the water can easily get recharged…
    In my city we do compact but till a limit and loosen the ground a bit so that the water can be recycled in ground

  24. The paving money is going to come from this video. That is the whole point of this video. There's no other reason for this video to exist.

  25. https://www.warmzone.com/snow-melting/heated-driveway/clearzone.php?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=sep&utm_term=Heated%20Driveway%20Systems&utm_campaign=nett

  26. I will be doing pavers in my backyard eventually, thats been the plan for a while. The options are endless, and even seating walls around a fireplace.

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