Dota Underlords’ BEST BUILD! I’ve not lost using this strategy!

Hey guys, Alex here, and as most of you guys
know, Dota Underlords has really taken a hold of me, and I did a video the other day where
I kind of came up with this idea of using lifesteal with the warrior alliance and it
honestly did not pan out very well. And so I did a whole bunch of theory-crafting and
a whole bunch of testing and I came up with something! Here’s the result. This is a legitimate,
100% win rate deck, I’ve not lost with it yet, I’ve played on iPad, on my phone, on
my PC, I recorded one of the games because I could not believe the amount of success
I was having so I’m going to break it down for you, I’m going to give you the strategy
step by step so you guys too can be successful as well. So right off the bat, first round doesn’t
even really matter. Pick whatever you want. If a Batrider is there, take him, but realistically,
you can take anything you want. One thing you want to do is you wanna find knights if
you can. One in particular is the Chaos Knight. You’ll be able to find him nice and early,
grab the Chaos Knight if you can. Before you guys know it, some trolls will
start showing up. You’re going to want to grab them. The trolls are the basis of this
entire strategy! Their alliance bonus, especially when you get four trolls on the board, is
going to make this strategy unbelievable. It’s going to be unstoppable. So grab them!
No one takes the witch doctor and the shadow shamans, grab them! In the early game, you’re going to lose a
lot. That’s okay! This strategy does not require you to win in the early game. In fact, losing
can even be beneficial with the loss streak bonus. What you want to do is save your gold
and you want to buy trolls and knights whenever they come across. Do not reroll. If you see coordinated assault, take it, even
if you don’t have trolls yet. It’s vital to the strategy. In the late game, Luna is a
great pick, and if you see a Batrider, take him. Keep upgrading your units while you can,
but do not reroll. Get the knights and the trolls whenever you can. The heart of this strategy begins when you
get to 50 gold. Now that you’ve saved all that, you’re going to get extra interest.
You’re going to invest every single gold past 50 into leveling up. You need the level advantage. Now, as you level up, let the losses come.
They still do not hurt you. The losses do not matter, let them come in, honestly, they
don’t make a difference at all. Now I know it’s disheartening to watch your
troops lose over and over again, but they are going to have their chance to shine. You
just gotta be patient. You have to keep investing in leveling up because before you know it,
you’re going to have one or two levels over your opposition, and that’s when this strategy
really starts to snowball. Remember, you’re playing the long game here,
so keep in mind where your units are positioned and do not be worried about the losses. Once
you get within one lost battle away from getting kicked out of the entire thing, that’s when
you strike. You’re going to take all of the gold you’ve been saving. You’re going to reroll
over and over and over again until you have nothing left, and what you’re going to do
is you’re going to pick up every troll, every knight, you’re going to pick up the Troll
Warlords and the Necros specifically. The Troll Warlords are going to be hard to come
by because a lot of people try to take them, but you have a level advantage, so you’re
going to see them much more commonly than the other players. Necro? No one is taking
him right now, take him, especially in the late game when you get to level 10 and you
get to apply the lifesteal effect to the troll bonus to the entire team. Your team is going
to have so much sustained healing, no one is going to stand a chance. Now that your troll and lifesteal bonuses
are active, you are going to absolutely steamroll guys that were beating you previously. You’ll
face guys running meta heroes like Tidehunter, Drow, and Kunkka, and you’re gonna absolutely
steamroll them, because you’re alliance bonuses are working together to make your team so
sustained in healing and damage that they simply cannot keep up in the fight. Your Troll
Warlord can tank and dish out more damage than any other troop on the battlefield. In
the end, if you stuck with the plan and you’ve had a little bit of luck, you’re gonna win.
And it’s crazy because even in this game, I didn’t pick one of the items in time and
I got assigned something that was totally useless. It was like, the warrior bonus. I
couldn’t even use it! And still I absolutely steamrolled everyone. I did not lose a single
match until I won the game. I went to seven health and went undefeated until I won. That
is the key to this game. You’re going to do a ton of damage. I hope this video helped, try the strategy
out. Valve is constantly tweaking the alliances so, who knows how long you have until this
gets knocked off the top, but it is a unique strategy that is working excellent. Try it!
Let me know in the comments how it works for you, and you know what? Some of you guys,
if you find ways to even improve it further, let me know, I wanna hear it! Take care, and
bye bye!

70 thoughts on “Dota Underlords’ BEST BUILD! I’ve not lost using this strategy!

  1. I hate this strats so much LMAO… its sooooo good. and everyone trying to get this pieces in my game which make the hero pool kinda off..
    Thanks for sharing the strats man, +1 Sub .

  2. Hey everyone! A lot has changed since I posted this, so here's a link to my latest weekly guide for the Underlords builds of the week:

  3. Axe 7k health is the best. just him. that is all. Maybe 9 other healers might work I need a strategy guide alex make the 7k axe 9 healer strat

  4. Was a bit skeptical going into this video but I tried it and it does exactly what you say! Gg ez win

  5. Sry for the stupid comment before, I played around a bit more and it really is an AMAZING strategy…
    Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Please delete this video now that I know it. Everyone will be using this once they tried it once!

  7. I mean, cmon dude – this build has been used in the game since original auto-chess and right now it isn't even top tier since it relies on tier4 units to do any substantial damage (either troll warlord or DK). Troll Warlord is usually heavily contested (since it's also being played as a core in warriors) which makes the DK route much more reliable (although it kinda sucks before you get him to 2 stars). If you play in high ranks 2 out of 3 games on knights are gonna end up as DK line over troll line (especially since it has more flex slots – much easier to slot in enigma if you face against mirror or nagas if you face mages, 4 undead for anything else assuming you have fallen from grace)

    Here's a list of builds that can beat knights:
    1) Anything that has a flex slot for tier2 enigma (pure damage from eclipse melts knights despite shields and you have to clump them due to how knight mechanic works)
    2) 3 Warriors 6 Hunters (assuming tier2 tide and tier2 dusa are reached which isn't always the case)
    3) Demon Hunters, pure damage melts knights and neither knight comp runs any CC to contest TB that 2-shots every knight unit
    4) Mages (assuming you don't have age of chivalry to protect your non-knight core in the troll line of play and even then the knights will rush forward leaving your troll with only 2 stacks from luna and bat)

  8. It still kinda works even with warlock alliance effect patched. knights damage reduction is just damn good. the work arround for the missing lifesteal can be replaced with MoM for troll, some mekans or any healing to mitigate nukes. but i think any tier 4/5 weapon at late game is good enough. i just won a game even with 1 star troll with everybody else 2 star and a 3 star omni. but my account is still low level tho, might be different on higher levels.

  9. Only tried it once so far but it panned out almost exactly like this march. Lost almost all my health then went on an endless winning streak til victory

  10. The strat worked, almost failed many times, especially at the re-roll part. Was stuck at level 9 with 2hp and every player started grabbing doom and blink dagger. Very intense games this strat brings. Still won 😀 . Ppl are smart :O , or I just have very bad luck lmao.

  11. work with warrior troll and warlock too if you have no luck on knight for frontline btw 🙂 PS: octorine on necro is nutty healing on alchimist enjoy!

  12. Hello this is underlord manager. Delet dis.

    Jokes aside, holyshit dude I got 1st place 3 games straight with your strats.

  13. yes, the knight alliance is really powerful. I won from last to first, with full knight army 8v10 the top 1 player. I won without knowing the synergy with troll.

  14. delete this shit now lol I just won the first game using this strategy, and I didn't dip below 95 health. also, does anyone know if "coordinated assault" stacks? cause I was offered it after neutral rounds 3 times and I picked it up every time.

    Update: proceeded to getting my dick slapped and knocked out in 7th place the next round. just bad RNG, right? RIGHT?!

  15. Simple and easy to learn no need more times to watching, its really headache watching and hearing more than 30mnt and still dont understand.. +1 subcribe..

  16. I tried it yesterday and it was an easy win, but unfortunately everyone uses this now because almost 5/8 people in a game uses the same kit and I can’t upgrade my heroes

  17. Well now that they fixed the troll global perk( busted OP before) this build certainly took a big punch but it is still strong. The only problem is how much you will get countered at high rank games. Not only are your core units a high contest but players will also just buy troll warlords and dragon knights and bench block you.

  18. I tried this build, 2 times got the first place, in my third try my trolls wont show up until 36, so i ended up using my 3 star abbadon and 2 star DK as my main dps. At the end i got 2nd place, loses by 2 star of level 5 heroes build.

  19. I am a noob in this game or should I say I was. Got from bottom to top in final rounds and won everytime. 😂🙌

  20. One of my favorites, but i prefer the primordial/warlocks/and the trolls 😀 its the most monster build i ever made ^^

  21. 11 games trying to do this build, never once did get a warlord. Is it just me or when i starting to do crazy reroll like what he did near the end of the vid troll warlord never appear

  22. playing that strat for more then 2 mounths now, that is pretty strong but in this new meta I think its little bit better to get 6 knights, viper, necro, witch doctor, and you can get troll if you get it buts its ok to duplicate any knight, on the end if you have Dragon knight lvl 2 with any tier 4+ dmg item he will deal more then 10k dmg in every fight

  23. Only have 1 life left and won the last 7 rounds with this strategy. Its my first win lol. Thank you sir!

  24. Such a beautiful video, thank you dude. I had like three warlords. One had mask of madness while the other two had moon shards.

  25. is this strategy still works until now? because I just lost multiple times.
    I don't know if anyone else is the same as me or maybe it's just me who is wrong on doing this

    *btw I'm sorry if my English is bad <:D

  26. I really hate losing in this game, got unlucky choices. I don't even know when to level up and what heroes should be picked I know there's an update and this strategy might not work.

  27. it use to work really good, but it got nerfed or something, if you try this tactic now its rare to get a win, its possible but u need to be lucky

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