[…] I needed a third business not dependent upon my genius. my personality and this was the first business that could run by itself. It was real. It was apartments. Unlike what you have here. You don’t really have what I buy.- -Okay- -…In the UK, so these are large apartment complexes: fifty units, a hundred, three hundred units, five hundred units where people rent. Where they live. -Okay, right. Not these tall size scrapers. So most people buy individual- No, no, no. Those are one… those are single units and a big building right then a bunch of people share. These are… these are… I want the renter. I don’t want to sell the unit right? I want the inn. I want the cash flow. That was the third business.- -Okay, and why real estate why that asset class for you? You said before you only invest in things you can see.- -Yeah, you know… I’ve just always loved real estate. I think I think most people resonate… real property resonates with people. Unfortunately, most people just buy the wrong kind of real estate. You know, again, it’s a selfish decision to have a home…- -Okay. Most people shouldn’t buy a home.- -No one should buy a home.- -Interesting, which is the opposite of the American…- -Homes were not built for people. Homes were built for banks. The bank created that product. To sell money you can’t just loan people money you need a product in between. Like when people start really understanding when I’m telling they’re like “Wait, what did you say?”. The bank can’t lend money for just money. Like you need a reason to borrow money. “Oh, you’re starting a business. That’s a reason.” But it’s really risky for the bank. What if a bunch of bankers sitting around drinking bourbon: “Do we need to lend more money? We got to lend money? Oh, man, that’s how we make money! We get people to give us a dollar we lend it out in nine times.” I read that book when I was a kid, man. When I was 16 years old. So… “We lend it out nine times! We need something to lend the money on”. So back in the 50s are like “Everybody should have a home!” They grinned. Everybody should have a home, right? “Oh, man, that’s pretty goodness. We should call it something like the ‘American Dream’.” Can’t just call it a house, right? Everyone should have one, right? They got the politicians on it. “Yes, everyone should have one.” And then, what they did was, basically, those homes were built for banks because, who made all the money on the homes? Wasn’t even the builder. Certainly not the homeowner. It was always the banks. Colleges? Was another scheme by the bank.- -Okay.- -Everyone SHOULD have a proper education! But they don’t have the money for it… but they SHOULD have it. And it as they offer debt, as they offered free loans to college students and families those tuitions went up…- -Right. So we’ve been sold a big old fat lie…- And what do people say when you tell them that? You’re crushing everything they’ve been told their whole life. They’re like: “No, Grant, that’s not true. I want to own my home.”- -Most people are gonna write me after this interview and say “can you explain that again?” [ chuckling ] Should not…? Oh, no. No, no, you should never own one door.- -Right. And you had a horrible experience with your first single family home by…- -Boy, what you’ve done, man? Nobody’s done their research as close as you.- -Oh, come on…- -No one.- -You’ve been hanging with the wrong people, Grant.- -Probably.- -So that taught you a lesson: stay away from single-family homes. I want a certain type of person with a certain type of income that wants a rental property, who doesn’t win by… and I’m in this asset class and I know how to do it in a word…- -I mean we can do it… Look, I could come here and we can do four hours on real estate.- -Yeah. No, I just wanted to cover it. So…- -Yeah, yeah, yeah…- -But it’s interesting cause like I don’t think most people know that you’re like “I do this thing”. I mean most people never heard a “real estate guy”, which you’re not.- -Yeah- -…talk, say “don’t buy a home”.- -Yeah.- -I mean, that’s a fascinating statement right there…- [ outro music, English subs by “Dani e Idiomas” ]

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  1. sorry but this is not correct, example( true fact) my client in 2 year pocketed 35k. explain how renting the renter will make that money in an apartment paying to a landlord instead of creating their very own investment.

  2. Yeah he's right. Banks own us. So to counter that, you get an education so that you can get a good job. Or you could be a sleazeball like him and manipulate people in giving him money.

    Don't listen to this guy. He may be spouting some truth here, but it's to manipulate you into thinking that you are doing the wrong thing. His main objective is to make you give him all your money. Why do you think he spends so much time and energy in promoting his stuff? It's people like this I just want to throw off a cliff

  3. I pay 600 a month for my home on 4 acres. The average rent in jax is 1000 a month. If I pay the same on my mortgage I'll pay it half in 15 years. Ofcourse the guy making money off renters will tell u not to buy

  4. Can’t believe how many people here missing what he’s saying.

    He’s saying don’t buy a home if it involves a loan from the bank.

    Second thing he’s saying, rent out your property to make more money. Owning something means you have full control over what happens with it. Not the banks. Keep them out of the equation.

  5. Great interview. Call Borodich, let him talk about his 95 projects, especially about the Universe. Apparently, he sent all his forces to this project.

  6. Everyone should rent an suffer with hiking rent whilst landlords become richer, you pay for something you will never own or pass on to your kids, I own a home cashed 200k il give it to by kids when am not around.

  7. Not everyone wants to make money Grant Cardone! Some of us just want to own a piece of property so we can stop throwing away money.

  8. Grant is saying: DO NOT BUY A HOME/HOUSE BY TAKING OUT A LOAN FROM THE BANK. If you can buy a home without taking out a loan and paying fees and interest, then this is the best option to take. We are all in different situations. Do your research and see what option is best for you.

  9. Buy a smaller townhome. No one needs all that space in the giant houses that are in the suburbs. It’s great to own the property that you are living in. No one said it has to be 400,000 dollars though. I’d rather live in a 1000 square foot townhome for 180,000 and have 50,000 worth of the best appliances money can buy. Space is useless if it isn’t used. How about investing in things you use everyday, washer/dryer, hot water heater, microwave, fridge, etc.

  10. So before the 50’s no one bought cribs?? He’s spitting out real talk but I’m not sure about everyone he’s saying…

  11. If you plan to rent for life, I'll love to have you for a tenant. I say this (sorry about it) because I am a landlord.

  12. Real estate agent and investor here. There is some truth to what he is saying but I would word it like this. The idea that “your home is your greatest investment” isn’t necessarily true. If you don’t have the mind of an investor going into a home purchase, with or without a loan, you will most definitely not make any money off it. At best, it will be a store of value but you will have paid almost double the home cost due to interest and repairs. Home ownership does create better neighborhoods though so there is a psychological aspect to it that can be very positive. Grant does a lot of business here in Houston. If he were to buy out an entire neighborhood and rent them out, it would turn to shit. Apartments are great investments but there’s a reason why people tend to not stay in them forever, it doesn’t always produce the best lifestyle especially when you’re so close to other people. In conclusion, if you want to really make money, have the mind of an investor before going into a home purchase.

  13. My three bedroom 1700 square foot home is $1,100 per month for my mortgage. A three bedroom apartment where I used to live is over $1,200.00 per month.

    This video is just to make renters that can’t get a home feel better.

  14. Have fun being 65, worn out, unable to hustle… and paying this ass-hole $4500 a month rent for a roach infested apartment "home." BTW, maintenance will need access to your unit tomorrow- there will be a $90 fine if you aren't present. Oh and the parking lot is closed all next week for repaving– all cars will be towed if not removed by 6AM.

  15. Why wouldn't you want to own your own place? The repayments are money in your own pocket minus the interest.

    Renting is all your payments going to some arrogant prick like this.

    ''Dont give the banks your money, give your money to me''

    What a fuckwit..

  16. The greatest advice on earth! LMFAO! I own houses, so renting off me is your best option! Hahahahaha FUCKING GOLD!

  17. When you rent, you will always rent forever and Rental bubble makes people poor, Landlord start Rent Gouging since 2012 in California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Washington and Denver etc, like the Hotels and Gas Prices… it can make you homeless and cause so much stress to where you start having heart disease due to high Rent will never have a chance to ever save enough because Landlords abuse the rental rates sky high….RENT A HOME IS LIKE RENTING A HOTEL ROOM, THEY CAN CHANGE THE RATES ON YOU ANYTIME.

  18. I had a buddy who, while owning his own home, was at the same time telling his tenants this SAME advice. Right or wrong.


  20. Y’all are stupid lol he says don’t get a loan not don’t get a house. Research Uncle G before you make yourself sound dumb. Smh

  21. he's doing exactly what he says he doesnt like banks doing.
    except he's putting people into a permanent debt.

  22. Jesus!!! TPTB are really pushing rent vs own. If you have no assets you have nothing. Baby boomers worked their ass off for a house, the lake house, RV, the fun car or motorcycle so on and so on. If you have no incentive to work so you can’t buy and own things. Then bring in socialism and give us all these material things. And provide enough jobs for everyone to equally participate in the economy!

  23. Always buy a home if you can afford it and are around enough to maintain it when needed. It’s a slow growth asset. The rich de regulated lending so they could buy up all the real estate. Then turn around and rent it for 3x the mortgage. The earth is not producing more land. Therefore land and real estate is still a wonderful investment for the right price

  24. This guy says don’t own a home but own a bunch of homes to rent out or apartment/condo complexes. I hope everyone sees right threw this horse shit. If real estate was bad investment we would not be in the situation we are with housing/real estate. And they would not of bought so many houses when the bottom fell. Seriously now!

  25. This is just propaganda to condition you/us to what’s inevitable. Full blown totalitarian dictator ship. Young millennials don’t know cursive, they won’t be able to defend our constitution or read it. Hard to defend a document you can’t read. If we don’t teach them about hunting or any self reliance skills and teach them the real reason we have the right to own guns. They will give up all our rights and sovereignty. Millennials have the biggest population to manipulate and control. It’s everyone’s duty to educate anyone willing to listen our four fathers principals and why America came to be. And what WW2 was all about.

  26. Have the Jews seriously forgotten that every time they gain a lot of power and control that some faction takes them out? Since our DNA was engineered and we were created and empire building began, the result is always the same. You can’t control people with free will. You can make them toe the line for so long. But if things are not fair they have lost control each and every time. We can still get their gold and they can have most of it. But we still need enough to be happy and have our needs met. There is enough room and resources on the planet to sustain us all.

  27. I can sum up everything from this dudes videos.
    Do you want to throw money away every month? Or do you want your money to pay for something that increases in value and will be yours one day. A 3rd grader will answer correctly.

  28. What demographic is the aimed at? If you don’t have much income you should rent. If you have a abundance of income or money laying around. You should buy a lot of dwellings. Total hypocrite!

  29. This guy is a liar!!! Period! The rich do In fact buy single family homes, no person with a abundance of money would ever spend a nickel if that money could not yield a higher return. The Chinese real estate firms along with a whole lot of Canadians bought up our land and houses when the bottom fell out. No to mention our fresh water rights.

  30. TPTB can do whatever they want. Eventually the folks protecting them and their assets will be affected and they will turn on them.

  31. This is the most dumbass advice I heard… i already brought my first home at 20 years old and was able to take 20% equity and using that to invest in more properties, you save so much fucking more when you buy a home than rent and it feels better because either your going to paying off your own mortgage or someone else mortgage… This guy is full of shit…

  32. >>Reading comments made me laugh how ignorant people are. Grant is dead on but you don't get it which is fine, its your brain capacity!<<
    Banks now are targeting:
    Millennials will be in their late 20's early 30's by 2018-2019 . (notice Real Estate is at its peak = most profit for banks)
    GenerationZ will be in their late 20's early 30's by 2030-2035 . (Real Estate that time will be at its peak = most profit for banks)
    ~In the next few years (2019-2023) market crash will happen then it will climb back up to reach all time high during 2030'-2035 ~

    Most people buy homes in this exact age. Banks know that! Young dumb and just started their career saved few thousands of dollars which will be down payment for a loan! lol

    If you are a millennial like me and reading this. DONT get a fucking loan. Wait be fucking patient. You got $50K itching you? double it bitch, make it $100K.

    Now you know why some people are successful. Because they don't follow the mass. They follow the class, cheers!

  33. I like 99% of his advice but this one makes no sense. If the interests were high, sure. And they have been in the past but since many mortgages have been barely above inflation for 20 years, you leverage the bank's money to have a place that you own and ha grows in value, your "rent" is stabilized in that 20 years from now you should be paying about the same monthly while rents will have doubled, and on and on.
    Edit: it might not be THE best investment one can make and for most middle class people it's often the only significant one, but it's still a good idea.

  34. Sorry but Renting is literally just throwing money down the drain…you’ll never see that money again. Whereas owning real property is tangible and you have s real asset that’s appreciating. Yes obviously a mortgage sucks but your rent could easily be more than a typical mortgage.

  35. This guy is 100% correct…..and 90% of people are not going to get it…. The house will never be yours period. After 30 years a 300,000 home Will cost you almost $1000,000 dollars. When you add taxes, Insurance, maintenance, mortgage, repairs…a home is like a Pac-Man character….it just eats your money

  36. What if rent in your area cost more than a mortgage payment?? I prefer to rent but the rent in my area is substantially higher than the buying a house and having a mortgage

  37. Well I'm sitting pretty, because I bought my house for 150K 3 years ago, and it is now worth 300K. I'm going to use some of the equity to buy a four-plex.

  38. I paid my house off after 3 years. After 5 it's appreciated by 50%. Not too bad of an investment but after property taxes and fees if I sell it, it's not that great of an investment. I always thought it would great to own it outright but the tax man and insurance is still about 35% of the total cost and every month and I still owe that. Doesn't feel like I actually own it.

  39. To make his point understandable he is saying don’t get a loan for a home if you have the cash buy the home other than that rent. Never get a loan for a home

  40. You need to own a home to borrow btl money in the UK outside of a company structure!! If one is a multi-millionaire then there is no need to buy but I see no problem in owning a home!!

  41. I get it. It's a much better return renting out units to people instead of using that money to get your home to live in. No cash flow coming in, paying interest from your own pocket, a lot of hassle for when you want to move, with big homes in the UK rents are way cheaper than mortgage repayments and you don't have to worry about paying for repairs you can just keep saving for down payments on good investments 💪🤜

  42. If you don't have a home, you can't have a garden, and you're dependent on the world outside of you for food–and you can see how that's going. Soylent Green

  43. everyone is so confused still😂 he said don't buy a home but instead invest in a property so you can become a businessman and than buy another and another and so on👏🏻

  44. "The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding." basically sums up this entire comment section

  45. TRUTH! I have only figured this out in the last few years. It caused me to think back to the ONE person who told me when I was in my early twenties, NOT TO EVER go to college. Americans have been fed lies! We were never meant to go into debt purchasing homes and going to school. People in other countries build their own homes and have no mortgage; the older generation teaches the younger generation various skills. People live more simply, and they're happier and healthier than we are!

  46. I bought my home from the bank for pennies on the dollar during the mortgage meltdown. I paid for it in cash. I retired early and just pay utilities! Worked for me!

  47. Little nuance needed here. In the Us the propetry taxes and insurances are high. You pay easy 400 Dollar/month taxes/Insurance as a owner. Mortgage intrest are minimum 4.5% and average 6%.
    In my country (Belgium) i pay 450 Euro propertytax/year and morgage intrest is 1.19%(fixed) for 15 Years. In most of Europe it still is better to buy your home.
    The 400 units multifamily Property's (gated community) that Grant Cardone buy doenst exist in Europe.

  48. Don't buy home
    Do the right thing
    Just help your landlord
    Paid his/her mortgage the rest of your life's .. lol

  49. His opening statement to his argument for not owning property is "the bank can't lend money for just money" I turned off my computer and went to sleep.

  50. but it's the politicians that screw up the financial services industry by doing things like subsidizing mortgages or student loans and guaranteeing your bank deposits, which is a big moral hazard for banks.
    And Grant is saying that the banks have conspired against the American people, except what good is it if your bank fails, like what happened in 08.

  51. Homes are fine, the problem is the cost. What ever happened to 20% down payments and overall lower home prices? Today all asset classes have been inflated by easy credit from the Fed…

  52. He's definitely right about education. Not sure I agree with his stance against home ownership unless he's just against mortgages.

  53. Amo' no me jodas. The property is a main right, the problem with prices and access to home , at least in Spain, is the State declares in which zones you could build or not. If the acquisition and use of land was not determined by State the prices will decrease and people will afford cheapiest homes

  54. Makes so much sense. People need to get out of this “ American dream” bullshit society tries to keep us on

  55. I hate when people say rent, but after renting for 20 years, the owner say "get out" even though you've been paying him $1000 a month.

  56. Stop paying your taxes on "you're " home and see who really owns "you're" home. I rent so I can have the freedom to pack and go when ever I want to. I lease my cars so if I get bored of it I can get another one.

  57. Even if your house is paid don’t pay property tax for a few months and then watch the real owner show up

  58. I agree with the speaker. A Mortgage = engagement until death. Suffice it to say, any time you sign a mortgage contract you tacitly agree to be deceived. To that end, if you are successful in purchasing a home you are simply the proud owner of a liability. A Liability that you will be responsible for and never own. When you sign a Promissory Note and DOT you have just agreed to lease the property.Truth be told, the powers that be long ago abolished 'The Allodial Title," (ie; Land Patent) hence, resulting in non-existent homeownership. Further, we live in a paper world where Title is King in commerce and without the Allodial Title your "American Dream" is merely a fantasy. People will never be opposed to the fact that they are NOT a homeowner if they think they are. Lastly, In the Bankster Industry, anything can happen in a cartoon! They simply taught us a few words, Mortgage, Homeowner, foreclosure, and each of us made a conscious choice whether or not to believe them. It costs NOTHING to think critically, stop following the follower and start asking questions.

  59. Food for thought. Questions: To all the PRETENDER LENDERS!!!

    1. Is the “today Dollar” (FRN) a piece of paper?

    2. If so……..Then can you explain why 100 Pennies, 20 Nickels, 10 Dimes, 4 Quarters, 2 Halves also = One Dollar????

    3. Is a Salmon a fish?

    4. If so………..Then, is a Salmon with a number 10 written on it ten fish??

    5. Is an Apple a RED fruit?

    6. If so……is all RED fruit an Apple?

    7. If not…….can you explain why? Probably NOT!

    Well………..since an FRN (Federal Reserve Note), is nothing more than a piece of paper, and

    a mere “Promise to Pay” (ie; FRN=Promissory Note)…(money = debt & debt = money)..And “Promises” are made to be broken…….Which is why most Banking and financial institution contracts have only one signature, “YOURS.” Otherwise known as a unilateral contract/adhesion contract which = unconscionable contract. People give up their freedom of independence every day and fail realize it.

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