100 thoughts on “Digitex Futures Exchange — In Development

  1. I was having a shitty day! No lie, this lifted my spirit. Proud to be an ICO investor on this project. Great work team👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Well congratulations to the whole Digitex Team for putting this idea to a reality. Waiting eagerly for our product launch. Great job Adam by staying in touch with all of us. I like this video

  3. Great energy and awesome team! This is what the crypto world needs, authenticity like this. Excellent video. Cant wait for Q4

  4. can we get an update on the new website adam said it was coiming out last week .. we know it takes time but an update would be nice ..thank you looking forward to the project

  5. This is a amazing project. It gives the community a very interesting experience, while also offering great value

  6. Thanks for the opportunities you bring into the crypto market! We've reviewed your project with pleasure) https://cryptoinfobase.com/digitex-futures-dgtx-price-prediction-2018-2019-and-project-review/

  7. Hey Adam, how are you going to handle the whales who will always try to game the system?There need to be some safeguards in place because greed will always rear its ugly head.

  8. Всем привет ! Надеюсь что нибудь получится на этом проекте, хотя сам ничего не понял.

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