Digital infrastructure … What’s it all about?

85% percent of German households use the Internet. The
digital world can be accessed with various devices, such as laptops, smartphones or
Internet-enabled television sets. Being mobile is becoming increasingly important. We want
the population of German cities and towns to benefit even more from local networks
better known as WiFi. The quality of infrastructure is a key locational factor
for Germany’s industry and the basis for innovation and creative ideas. In rural areas, we want to reach universal broadband
deployment to bridge existing gaps in coverage. This will ensure opportunities for everybody while at the
same time making these regions more attractive. A small independent entrepreneur, for instance, should
be able to benefit from good connectivity even outside urban areas. After all, good business ideas can be
developed anywhere and our small and medium-sized enterprises, the driving force of our
economy, are at home everywhere. Hybrid technologies, that is the use of different types
of network access at the same time, are to make rapid data access in rural areas possible. Our plan is to ensure nationwide broadband coverage
of at least 50 Mbit/s in Germany by 2018. New ideas require new spectrums. A mixture of technologies will
ensure the local supply of Internet services. Laying conduits for fibre optic networks provides forward-looking
and cost-efficient opportunities for broadband roll-out. This can be done at the same time as
rehabilitation work or when motorways, roads, footways and cycle paths are upgraded or constructed. In cases where upgrading the cable network is not
possible, broadband transmitters can be installed on supporting poles. Smart networks can also
strengthen our education system as well as modern health care. A sound digital infrastructure
can promote creative ideas, thereby accommodating individual and economic interests. Access to the
digital world will secure future opportunities for the generations to come.

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