Developing Cost-Effective Solar Manufacturing

son chad has helped a number of startups with great opportunities for solar cost reductions that have not been explored before those high-risk opportunities are a great match to Sun shots objectives and sunshine help support that early work we’re able to help innovations become commercial reality in the case of 1366 we’ve been able to integrate a couple of manufacturing steps into one energy is the lifeblood of our civilization bringing down the cost so it’s affordable and clean that is the big challenge so we start with refined silicon then this is melted and what’s created is a massive ingot that’s then cut into bricks the brick then goes into a wire saw to cut this into a series of thin wafers in the process half of the precious silicon is being wasted now what we do is and cut out that song step and we go directly from hyper pure silicon to the wavering one step one machine no waste today we have full size manufacturing machines operating in an engineering environment the next step is to build the commercial factory but other logistics are streamlined to minimize costs I think there is a real path to making solar two cents per kilowatt hour solar can become the cheapest form of energy that mankind has ever seen and we’re on track to achieve that the work that sunshine funds with 1366 enables the opportunity for getting to our three sent a kilowatt-hour goal to be accelerated in this case by taking costs out of the manufacturing of solar wafers

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